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									MINUTES July 16, 2008
The regular meeting of the Warsaw Village Council was held on Wednesday July 16, 2008. The
meeting was called to order by Mayor Ron Davis who led the Pledge of Allegiance and Ed Kent
who led the prayer

Roll Call: Jerry Funk- P; Dan Secrest -P; Brenda Davis-P; Ed Kent-P Kris Ringwalt- P; Jesse

Administrator Ed Robinette and Solicitor Todd Drown were also present.

Resident Scott Helms was in attendance to discuss the zoning of his property. He recently
purchased the Warsaw Service Center and is building a new structure on the site to house his wife’s
business. He did receive a building permit from the Village but wondered if he needed to contact
the Mid Ohio building inspectors. He checked at the Coshocton County Auditors office and was
told that his property is zoned residential and would not require a commercial building permit.
Solicitor Drown stated that he felt that the property was definitely a commercial property and has
been for many years. He advised that Mr. Helms contact the Mid Ohio Building Inspectors for a
Virginia Lee was in attendance to voice her concerns about the new Burning Ban. Her property
backs up to the river. When the water comes up, it deposits debris like trees, limbs etc, and she has
to clean it up. She used to burn it. Now that she can’t she does not know what she can do. Mayor
Davis explained that she would have to hire someone to haul it away for her. She stated that as a
widow, she doesn’t have the income to do this. Solicitor Drown explained that the Ohio EPA
mandates that municipalities prohibit burning. She also inquired as to the village’s curfew. Mayor
Davis said the Villages curfew is 11:00pm. She is concerned that there are many teens out after
hours. She was instructed to contact the Sheriffs Office in the future to voice her complaints and
they would contact Deputy Wagner if he is on duty.

A motion to approve the minutes of the June 18, 2008 meeting was made by Ed Kent and seconded
by Dan Secrest. Motion carried.

Council discussed the upcoming levy that is due to expire. A renewal of the 2 mil levy would
generate approximately $4400, a replacement levy would generate approximately $14,000. After
much discussion, Dan Secrest made a motion to put a 2mil renewal levy on the ballot in November,
seconded by Jesse Fischer. Roll call vote for 2mil renewal levy as follows: Secrest- Yes, Fischer-
Yes, Funk- Yes, Kent- Yes, Ringwalt- Yes, Davis- Yes.

Council members have received numerous complaints concerning the burning ban. Elizabeth
Warschauer of 4th Street complained that folks are dumping yard debris, etc at the end of her street
near her property. She used to burn it, but she no longer can. Administrator Robinette will place a
No Dumping sign at the site.

ORDINANCE 2008-05 Village of Warsaw Zoning & Map

Motion to accept 3rd reading of Ordinance 2008-05
1st Ed Kent 2nd Jerry Funk Motion carried.
ORDINANCE 2008-06 Sign Lease with Commissioners for EMS Building

Motion to read by title only Ordinance 2008-06
1stJesse Fischer 2 nd Brenda Davis

Motion to waive three readings Ordinance 2008-06
1stJerry Funk 2 ndEd Kent

Motion to accept Ordinance 2008-06
1st Dan Secrest 2 nd Ed Kent

ORDINANCE 2008-07 Water/Sewer Increase

Motion to read by title only Ordinance 2008-07
1st Brenda Davis 2 ndJesse Fischer

Motion to waive three readings Ordinance 2008-07
1stKris Ringwalt 2 ndJerry Funk

Motion to accept Ordinance 2008-07
1st Dan Secrest 2 nd Ed Kent

Motion to approve
1stEd Kent     2nd Jesse Fischer

Motion to approve
1st Dan Secrest   2 nd Jesse Fischer
Roll call vote
Secrest Y            Funk Y          Kent Y                     Fischer Y
Davis Y              Ringwalt Y


The Fiscal Officer went over the financial statements for the month of June 2008. The following
reports were distributed to the council: Fund Status, Bank reconciliation, Investment status,
Payment register and Receipt register. Appropriation Status report was also distributed.
The Outstanding Water/ Sewer report was also distributed. The balance outstanding as of
06/24/2008 was $3751.62

Jerry Funk made a motion to approve the payroll report for June 2008, seconded by Dan Secrest.
Motion carried.

Kris Ringwalt made a motion to approve the June 2008 Finance report, seconded by Dan Secrest.
Motion carried.

Ed Kent made a motion to approve the 2009 Annual Budget to be submitted to the County Auditor,
seconded by Jerry Funk. Roll call vote as follows: Secrest –Y, Funk-Y, Kent-Y, Fischer-Y, Davis-
Y, Ringwalt-Y
Fund Status as of 06/30/2008
Fund      Fund Name                    Fund Cash       Investment Bal     Checking Bal
Number                                 Bal
1000      General                        47,087.77         5302.45           41,785.32
2011      Street Const. & Main            16,083.89           0              16,083.89
2021      State Highway                    6799.06            0                6799.06
2031      Cemetery                         1232.89            0                1232.89
2041      Parks                           29,010.61           0              29,010.61
2042      Recreation                       2798.09            0               2798.09
2901      Resurfacing                      3141.71            0               3141.71
2902      Oil & Gas Royalties             17278.18          17278.18            0
4951      Cemetery Endowment              32,067.75         32,067.75            0
5101      Water Operating                38,178.49         17,142.68         21,035.81
5201      Sewer Operating               154,758.05        105,462.13          49,295.92
9901      Health Care                     2742.96             0               2742.96
          All Funds Total                351,179.45       177,156.73         174,022.72

The following is a list of activities for the month of June 2008. 10- Motorists assists, 31 complaints,
2 county assists, 8 village assists, 9- follow-up investigations, 1- accident without injury, 741 miles
driven, $296.04 in fuel, 11-day/afternoon, 5 afternoon late

Mayor Davis dropped off a zoning permit to the Manager of the Church Camp and they will return
it with a check as soon as possible.

Sexton Cullison was in attendance to present the estimates for materials to fix the two roofs on the
storage buildings at the cemetery. The materials will cost $463 for the small building and $ 1391 for
the larger building. After much discussion, Brenda Davis made a motion to purchase the materials
to fix both roofs and pay for them from the General Fund, seconded by Jesse Fischer. Motion
Mowing at the cemetery was discussed and it was decided to to cut the mowing down to 36 hours
per month. Jerry Funk made a motion to have Administrator Robinette monitor the mowing at the
cemetery, seconded by Brenda Davis. Motion carried.
Sexton Cullsion reported that the older tractor was leaking oil and he would look into fixing it
The Fiscal Officer reported that as of this meeting, there was $368.00 in the cemetery fund. Ed Kent
made a motion to authorize the Fiscal Officer to transfer up to $2000 from the Cemetery
Endowment Fund to the Cemetery Fund to pay the monthly bills, seconded by Kris Ringwalt.
Motion carried.

The Mosquito Control Program is in full swing. Have spent approximately $2700 on chemicals so

Installation has begun of the unit that will solve the problems we have had with the altitude
controller. Should be completed soon. Hydrant flushing will continue thru the summer months.
We have completed 80 hours of grounds work and 20 hours of maintenance work at the sewer plant
this month. Mostly removing weeds from the sand filters and lagoons. We are still waiting to have
the south fence repaired from a fallen tree.

Due to loosing a couple of lifeguards, the Park Board is recommending hiring two replacements,
Christine Gallwitz & Natalie Scardis. Ed Kent made a motion to accept the Park Boards
recommendation to hire Christine Gallwitz & Natalie Scardis, seconded by Kris Ringwalt. Motion
carried. The Park Board authorized Manager Asire to purchase another microwave for the
concession. Jesse announced that they would be making ice cream on July 24 at 10pm. The Park
Social will be August 3rd .


Mayor Davis announced that he 175 th Anniversary Committee will be meeting soon to start
planning the celebration events. He asked if the Fiscal Officer would look for the Village Charter.
Solicitor Drown suggested that Village Council adopt the “Ohio Code”. The Fiscal Officer asked
the solicitor to prepare a Public Records Policy ordinance for the Village. She will be attending
training on Public Records on July 25, 2008. She will be the designee for Mayor Davis, Council
member’s Kris Ringwalt and Jesse Fischer.

Dan Secrest reported on the recent WBA meeting. There was will be no meetings until September.

Jerry Funk reported on the recent WVFD meeting. Fire district is running normal operations

 Jerry Funk reported on the Regional Planning Commission meeting this month. They are
running normal operations.

Jesse Fischer made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss litigation, seconded by Ed
Kent. Roll call: Dan Secrest Y, Jerry Funk Y, Ed Kent Y, Jesse Fischer Y, Brenda Davis Y, Kris
Ringwalt Y.

Council came out of Executive Session. Brenda Davis made a motion to refund $2000 to Marilyn
Dusenberry for reason that she had sufficient documentation that she deserved a partial refund of
monies contributed to the Urn Program, seconded by Jerry Funk. Motion carried.

Next meeting of the Warsaw Village Council is August 20, 2008 at 7:00pm

Motion to adjourn was made by Dan Secrest seconded by Jesse Fischer. Motion carried.

________________________________              _______________________________
Mayor Ron Davis                                    Clerk Cheryl L Jones

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