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									Experience of renown look forward to, restful,

Make the same score security risk:
With the wolf in all dance

Experience of renown look forward to, restful, Make the same
score security risk: With the wolf in all dance

As the company that pays attention to consumptive finance likewise,
collect abundant and restful or to become a family, or is in old
later directly is touched on. It is latter that Ma Mingzhe hopes, but
now however must with the wolf in all dance.

"Restful target, it is to build the China like group of flag of
beautiful national flower's top-ranking diversity finance to serve a
group. Prospective insurance will experience gross structure to
recombine, between financial service line of business of business be
eroded each other and compete, will make insurance must more thorough
ground participates in other finance to serve industry in. " this is
restful insurance president hold CEO Ma Mingzhe concurrently after
thinking 56 years, the first time that charges a pattern to restful
finance is whole elaborate.

Although Ma Mingzhe says is beautiful banner bank, but familiar and
restful know with Ma Mingzhe's person, giving what make
internationalization brand in safety is to collect abundant. In a few
years when rise abruptly in safety, mix course of study and the
element that collecting abundant is two perforative meantime.

Cooperate? Confuse property

On July 6, 2005, restful bank headquarters holds practice ceremony in
Shanghai, this makes the same score president of security risk group
to hold CEO Ma Mingzhe concurrently in China " big finance " a
crucial castle that falls again on chess bureau. In protecting the
finance of danger to mix domain of course of study in safety, restful
bank occupies significant position. 2004, the gross income of restful
bank is a RMB only 10 million yuan, but the target is very grand:
Before using banking of inland of China of body of ascend of 10 years
of time 10. After owning restful bank, restful group this year

Active still in August attempt buys Guangdong to develop a bank, hope
with one action is finished from insurance group to financial group

As restful bank hang out one's shingle, restful group also became
afterwards the 3rd furniture has negotiable securities, safe, bank,
fiducial the large banking group that waits for a variety of business.
Restful group is subordinate already compose is built rose to produce
restful and danger, safe life danger, fiducial, restful negotiable
securities, restful bank to wait in safety child, Sun Gong manages,
already extended antenna to all financial business.

Winter of king of the general manager that collect abundant,
executive trustee gets the better of the practice ceremonially that
also appears in restful bank. Mix to restful insurance group collect
abundant and character, real significance is, after restful bank
holds water, both sides had the platform that undertakes materiality
cooperates eventually. Wang Dongsheng expresses: "It is the strategic
partner with collect abundant main in safety, pass bilateral and
joint-stock restful bank, both sides has a lot of collaboration
opportunities. Both sides has a lot of collaboration opportunities..

Cross the bridge? Collect abundant
"Insurance career of China starts later, start is inferior, also let
our at every turn feeling stone to cross a river without how many
time. If there has been the bridge on the river, we need not take a
risk ford, pay a few fee crossing the bridge

Can go. The risk is little, also won time. " Ma Mingzhe is pursued
all the time take doctrine, continuous study international is
advanced experience.

Collecting abundant is the mainest bridge on restful development
route undoubtedly, expanding the zero hour of suffocate suffocate in
safety, it is to collect abundant to extend aid, help Ma Mingzhe
finish appear on the market, mix course of study twice to break

By 1999, corner of deficient of restful deep-set at that time capital.
Make what excitement rises depressed safe high level is new, it is
the story of a capital that visits Zheng of restful Hong Kong magnate
to make rich red brings: 20 centuries 90 time, financial group of red
of abundant of Hong Kong Zheng marchs in a large-scale outback estate
market, be badly in need of raising money huge fund becomes backup
force. Collect abundant group to measured a body to have something
made to order for its then a financing plan that is as long as 4
years, be in respectively 1995, mixed 1997 1999, through illicit
collect, issue can change bond and appear on the market 3 kinds of
means, make Zheng Yutong successful financing exceeds 1.4 billion

Then olive of pitching of restful very fast Xiang Huifeng.
Subsequently, collect abundant framework of the solvency at that time,
proxy to restful insurance government, risk management, investment
management, company undertake be assessmented in the round. After
serious survey, collect abundant to put forward to become a
shareholder with the identity of strategic investor restful, promise
to assist the issue that handles solvency inadequacy in safety, in
appropriate when the help is restful and abroad appear on the market.

On October 8, collect abundant to lift endowment the message with
restful share of 600 million dollar comes out to draw global look.
Pay close attention to restful personage to think all the time: The
share that collects abundant can give the profit that brings the side
such as management, capital, technology in safety apparently, will
raise restful actual strength and management level further, provide
richer financial product and more excellent service for broad client,
in order to achieve the target that its become China's best
integrated finance to be sure to serve group company. Did not
understand restful personage to think in the past: Price of the Gao
Yi that collect abundant becomes a shareholder restful, expressed to
collect abundant to be opposite China, right restful confidence, it
is one of China's most preeminent insurance company in safety. On
such foundation, restful insurance appears on the market at be in
Hong Kong smoothly in June 2004.

And right now Ma Mingzhe, put the view finance to mix course of study
to go up already: "When People's Republic of China is lawful, collect
abundant general and it is in safety inside limits of individual
banking service, establish the politic collaboration of many sided
and allied relationship. Establish the politic collaboration of many
sided and allied relationship..

6 years ago absorb that collect abundant 600 million dollar, it is to
be brought in safety not only endowment, the move that makes a head,
it is a when borrow force to collect abundant to try to confuse
already run in safety important step more.

In all dance? Perform a sword-dance

Did not bring 6 years ago probably endowment collect abundant, with
respect to

Won't have today's restful. However, collect abundant to won't foster
adversary for oneself of course, eat off the force that is in China
with expanding in safety, it is the ambition that collects abundant
to be concealed hard all the time.

On May 9, 2005, the bank that collect abundant is added again
endowment restful, become restful the largest single stockholder with
the share of 19.9 % . Collect abundant to accuse a general manager
congratulate to earth up (TonyHope) Hong Kong tells media after two
days, if outback code is concessional, unified exam Lv is added keep
balance to install and reach an equity. Law of China of be confined
to, 19.9 % are to collect abundant at present can the highest equity
scale with restful hold. Of afford for thought is, although collect
high level of abundant Asia-Pacific area to make known his position
to will be added time and again,keep balance how, but area of the
China that collect abundant and restful government become the
description that collect abundant however a real investor.

Observer of industry of a banking thinks, as the company that pays
attention to consumptive finance likewise, collect abundant and
restful or to become a family, or is in old later directly is touched

It is latter that Ma Mingzhe hopes, restful insurance becomes the
mate of the beautiful banner bank, bank that collect abundant on
international arena. Restful company interior circulates a story:
Annual meeting collected abundant to invite global correlation
company to be in charge of high 2004, ma Mingzhe is gone to meeting,
when playing a ball game ask the chairman that collect abundant can
be denied technically buy restful, in Ma Mingzhe look gaze at below,
sir Pang Yaohan shakes his head eventually.

Restful already with collect abundant to come to an agreement, the
acceptance that collect abundant won't send a person to enter restful
management layer, in be like prospective policy to allow foreign
capital hold endowment insurance company is higher when equity scale,
collect abundant to whether be added hold restful equity to will
depend on restful one party. This basically ensured Ma Mingzhe
controls right to restful management.

Be in in safety with Hua Qi, collect abundant race of such tycoon of
the finance that cross a state; Ma Mingzhe is in with collect
abundant in all dance, dance implement it is sharp sword however.
Restful even from collect abundant " dig horn " in order to expand
its group, 2004 second half of the year, inc. of restful endowment
insurance holds water, ceng Ren collects Feng Renshou Ms. Li Yiqun of
vise general manager takes up the post of emeritus welfare arrange
standing vise general manager.

Confusing property is the hasten of general trends place of financial
industry, restful president holds CEO Ma Mingzhe concurrently to see
this clearly. The help completes this one overall arrangement in
safety, it is to collect abundant; And the biggest rival of restful
internationalization, also be to collect abundant; Eat off restful
adversary the most possibly, return be already thorough and restful
interior to collect abundant. What Ma Mingzhe control falls is
restful, be in just about with collect abundant in all in the process
of dance, march toward international arena stage by stage, become the
mate that collects abundant.

Experience of renown look forward to, restful,
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