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					Brand sale, lg,

LG electron: Of hasten different
times " chocolate " course

Brand sale, lg, LG electron: Of hasten different times "
chocolate " course

 With " hasten different " the cornerstone with the successful person
that the principle makes a brand had become a person of foresight, LG
electron is bypassing former some of line of business of home
appliance, newsletter spells the function, times that spells the
price, him open poor dissimilation does not have competitive

       "If you hope your company can long and survive happily, '
developmental ' your brand to in an attempt to wins competition and
insufficient. You must search an opportunity to put in new product to
be gotten in order to occupy ' hasten dissimilation ' the market. You
must search an opportunity to put in new product to be gotten in
order to occupy ' hasten dissimilation ' the market..
This is expert of strategy of international authority sale Lai Ci of
moxa Er · about " hasten different " achievement brand is discussed
theoretically, with be the rage " blue sea strategy " happen to have
the same view, also be the Yu Najun of president of LG electron China
that the beginning of the year just assumes office, of the LG
electron that carrying out stoutly " China is politic " .

Chocolate mobile phone: "Hasten different " make new class
   "Develop the class that rise as separate category, can make the
category of diversification in order to develop finally and end,
inside the category of these development, any one is gifted to
produce the likelihood of a new brand. " LG electron is in of global
sweep " chocolate tornado " be Lai Ci of moxa Er · the newest case
of this one theory.
   At the beginning of this year April, have Korea " perfect lover "
the Jin Taixi that say and have " affection emperor " the LG
chocolate mobile phone of the Xuan Bin Dai Yan that say considerably
outdoors advertisement, a large number of in Beijing occurrence on
each main traffic circuitry. The chocolate sweetness offensive of an
unprecedented, roll out formally in the round in China. Meanwhile,
afterwards " chocolate " after the mobile phone is being released of
Beijing first, subsequently ground of without a stop is in LG
electron the force that country and the area such as the Taiwan of
England, Russia, Mexico, Singapore and our country, Hong Kong
developed to release. The point that reachs, this product all causes
tremendous sensation in the person that vogue leads and public figure,
formed to sweep across the world " chocolate " agitation. Be in a
hair station -- China, only " 51 golden weeks " between 7 climate,
chocolate already sold madly in the whole nation exceed 10 thousand,
publish the title page of a thread-bound book of Mobil of magazine of
major of Swedish mobile phone, can be broken through by another whole
world after it holds the Razr series of the Motolora that it is
afterwards the mobile phone series of 1 million sale.
   Regard sale of out of the first place on LG history as the CEO of
a gleam of, LG electron whole world presiding apparitor Jin Shuangxiu
thinks, the product had finished the consumptive electron that
includes a mobile telephone inside to give priority to what give
priority to to the design to change by the function. However, wait in
consumer and mobile phone, MP3 digital product more and more " cent
does not leave " today, the relation between consumer and electronic
product has become more and more " close " , the design of digital
product and brand cannot have stayed purely in exterior work
Husband, still must can establish formula of a kind of spouse with
consumer " close feeling " . Who can take the lead in building this
to plant " close feeling " the client concerns, who can go in the
front that the market grows, win market support.
   In this kind of thought how-to below, LG electron was rolled out "
chocolate " mobile phone. It was in target crowd assemble " chocolate
generation " . "Chocolate generation " it is the generation that
having chocolate to be brought up namely. LG considers to discover,
"Chocolate generation " the crowd feature that having their typical
case, they pursue style, pay close attention to and longing is
respected, have show off psychology strongly, the hope becomes the
admiring target of others. If can cater to their be fond of, obtain
their acknowledgement and self-identity, "Chocolate generation "
showing the consumptive desire that come subsequently will be
   Then, around move " build Korea the most fashionable symbol " and
" build consumer to feel intimately " the LG of these two targets "
chocolate " perceptual sale battle spreads out at this point. Design
group is bold use " chocolate " as name of mobile phone series, the
inviting exterior of chocolate of have the aid of and affection
element establish the close move of consumer, special invited Korea
super giant star " my name calls Jin Sanshun " hero Xuan Bin and "
celestial a flight of stairs " heroine Jin Taixi is chocolate Dai Yan,
the love story of keep sb at an arm's length was designed for two
people in advertisement and network conduct propaganda.
   For end, of new generation " chocolate " the mobile phone has the
following to differ:
   1, extend the consumer fractionize that is not emulative market
space, mentally -- " chocolate generation " .
   2, avoid function sex competes, create unique affection value.
   3, create and grab new requirement (create a kind of love and the
sense that are loved, offer customer) .
   4, at the same time pursuit differs dissimilation and low cost, it
is company action conformity one individual department (create a kind
of demand to be ultimate goal) .
Be this is planted " hasten dissimilation " fixed position, LG
electron kept away from successfully the competition of the price and
function, opened a new class, hopeful the brand that makes oneself in
this category.

Change: Arrive from product, framework channel
   In fact, "Chocolate " of the mobile phone roll out, a prelude that
is poor dissimilation of LG electron brand only just, bigger movement
still is probably behind its.
   On the press conference April 19, LG electron with one action
rolls out 43 high end to be tasted newly, include TV of TV of 50
inches of high-definition plasma, 55 inches of 71 inches of aureate
PDP, liquid crystal among them, 40 wait with LW40 of jotter of 80
series LCD, wide screen.
   "Chinese market is in the strategy of LG, already from

Onefold manufacturing base, to ' sell the market + manufacturing base
' transition. " a variety of act that are in China in recent years
about LG electron, liu Buchen evaluates expert of sale of senior home
appliance so.
   This year in January, the Yu Najun that comes from experience of
Korea headquarters, Euramerican operation more than 10 years holds
the position of president of division of LG electron China formally,
finishing pair of Chinese market by a definite date of 3 months after
making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, yu Najun announces
formally to want to specialization through carrying out in China,
centralized strategy, the difference that drives career pattern in
the round is changed, march to high end quickly. Change is as follows:
   In product side, LG apparent high end is changed, put the emphasis
in appeal to with affection beg product of TV of flat of the mobile
phone that give priority to, PDP, LCD and high-end home appliance to
go up. Go up from product figure and character, the Li Ying of high
grace loves to depend on the tremendous influence in Asian country,
this year the beginning of the year took up the post of the figure
spokesman of LG electron, begin to be LG electron the battle of Asian
integrated sale this year is aided blast, the prospective brand image
with LG and " Life's Good " ultimate goal special agree.
   In framework respect, LG China does business information
communication business branch and home appliance the department is
separate, those who strengthen business branch is professional; In
the meantime, each career branch will part advocate make high-end
   On current channel, LG masses main force in the big city that can
sell a high end the product, with the key big city is a center,
undertake choose and be centralizeded according to item
characteristics. The change with significant another is, LG electron
changes before " agent + specific city " the branch is made, turn and
execute large area to make, chinese area cent is China north, Hua
Dong, Hua Na, China on the west, 5 large area undertake northeast
centralized management. The key city in each area namely and other
places of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang builds big
branch system. The 5 big branches of new reorganize regard Chinese
sale in domestic market as the main body of the career, will be built
to be the independent management system that owns attributive and
responsibility at the same time. This kind of change makes in
accusing ability to return LG hand afresh to the palm of channel,
"Improved brand image " .
   To be being called by industry " the the most acuteness, most
complete " change this, yu Najun thinks, this is to ensure LG
electron establishs the high-end brand image, necessary step that
shows itself from inside intense market competition in China. These
changing, just about " hasten dissimilation " the strong support that
category brand builds.

Fixed position difference: Open up does not have competitive market
   "All the time since, LG electron China resembles foreign brand
medium additional kind. " Liu Buchen to " successful sale " introduce,
"The price of its product is the lowest in product of all foreign
capital, the sense that gives a person also is compared

Relatively ' earth ' . Relatively ' earth ' ..
   According to Introduction Liu Buchen, in last few years, LG
electron takes Chinese market seriously even more, yu Najun ever
alleged, "The most advanced product should put in in China " ; At the
same time they already also realized the inadequacy of oneself figure.
Can't pull when the brand when using the market, the change was
become inevitable.
   But the brutal competition that already had particular market,
home appliance market in competitive brand causes a trade when
average profit margin drops ceaselessly, how to obtain a breakthrough?
   "In the Chinese market with intense competition, the competitive
advantage that the career pattern that changes without the difference
and product give priority to, cannot live. " Yu Najun of president of
division of LG electron China expresses so.
    "Hasten different " is the choice of LG. Before, mobile phone
conduct propaganda emphasizes a function, emphasize photographing for
example wait a moment like function of function, MP3, game; However
chocolate mobile phone was broken before exquisite function concept.
"We everybody thinks a make it of this mobile phone have, and to the
product with pretentious others. " this created new class --
affection mobile phone.
   This special also the theory that accords with Lai Ci of moxa
Er · . In his theory, if be publicized purely " sweet area "
advantage, the hope is held the biggest influence crowd and market,
it is not actual. "Of the market ' sweet area ' just be kind of
idolum, will give way very quickly at many ' sweet area ' . Do you
hope which area your brand occupies? Do you hope which area your
brand occupies??
   LG electron chose prospective way sturdily, choose oneself target
crowd, open up do not have competitive battlefield newly. This also
is the way that a lot of successful companies had taken, no matter be
open up low end the Dai Er of computer market beginning, or with high
end " hasten different " Leikesasi is in the brand the Feng Tian of
American market bring the dying back to life, it is such.
   Regard a mobile phone as the market chocolate the most perceptual
the new requirement that change, melt in consumer heart, this is
afraid is LG electron gives this year turn white-hot the sweetest
biff that the market competes.

Brand sale, lg,

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