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									Project plan,

Invest the course that the project

Project plan, Invest the course that the project plots

Invest the course that the project plots
One, programming of investment project plan reachs his to ask

Apply mental manage sexual behavior as a kind, investment project
plan must follow due process. Scientific concoctive program is the
crucial question in investing a project to engineer, how to
differentiate to engineering the research of the program to just
study not only level and the task of each phase, more important is
the thinking way that studies the project plots this course, discover
the invests project plan rule that contains common direct sense then.
   According to achievement of the theory that domestic and
international project engineers and research, combinative our country
invests the particular case that the project engineers, project of OK
and certain investment engineers the design premise of flow and main
demand. Above all, "The plan is one kind applies mental manage sexual
behavior " . Engineering flow basically is the intellectual activity
before report invests and intellective investment. Next, "The plan is
the thing about future " , it is the thing that has not produce,
although the project is carried out hind also need information
feedback, but right now overall situation already was decided. Again,
plotting a course must be the law that has common direct sense. The
4th, the project is engineered and engineering flow basically put
forward in the light of investment. The 5th, concoctive program wants
already complete, comprehensive, reflect whole scheme process
systematically, want concise, compendious ground to reflect this one
process again. The 6th, how is concoctive plan made, it is the core
of a successful plan, a lot of well-known companies on international
are right this one core secret and not announce, try to protect as
know-how of a kind of technology. The concoctive program that offers
here, it is to should announce those who engineer plan is specific
establish a procedure.

   2, investment project plots a course

   The design premise that engineers flow from afore-mentioned
projects and main demand set out, according to the means that
systematic project place provides, draw lessons from domestic and
international all sorts of plan flow, the investment project that
joins our country engineers practice, the program that can design
investment project to engineer is:

  1. Make company strategy develop a target

   Target of company strategy development is company foundation
development direction mixes the long-term strategy that place of
environment of the resource economy actual strength of oneself,
socioeconomy formulates expect an end. The strategy that establishs a
company develops a target, it is a kind of new method, and becoming
the more and more useful tool in modern business management.
Investment project plan should develop a target to set out from
company strategy, investment is decision-making crucial to the
success of the enterprise, and when the fund that requires investment
is quite big, it matters to the life and death of the enterprise to
live or die even. After the strategy of the enterprise develops a
target to decide, the investment activity of the enterprise should be
mixed according to the strategic direction of the enterprise
development target will engineer and be carried out. Of course, when
this does not eliminate to produce major change in socioeconomy
environment, look forward to

When course of study faces the good luck that expect is less than or
crisis, revise in time adjust company strategy to develop a target,
engineer new investment project.

  2. Gather environmental information

(1) the content that information collects. The foundation that
invests project plan is to gather information, if do not have
information, concoctive activity becomes water without a source,
without this wood. Successful investment project is engineered, rely
on sufficient information natural resources. Information is investing
a project to the plan is delivered mediumly and feedback, have the
effect that governs function and technical function, this kind of
action is perforative all the time the whole process that works in
the plan. Invest the mutual depend on sb or sth for existence of
project and environment, behave above all in the enterprise (investor)
must know investment climate news in time; The 2nd, investment
project must at any time and place the change of acclimatization; The
3rd, investment project must try to affect or control these change;
The 4th, the environment that investment project must try to deal
tomorrow changes. Accordingly, the environment with mere current
knowledge and information are insufficient, still must analyse those
active force in metabolic process, decide namely and monitor
potential or crucial environmental factor. When undertaking the
project is engineered investing, must collect around what invest
opportunity information, gather the pertinent information of micro-
environment and macroscopical environment in the round.

   (2) the order that information collects. The program that invests
machinator to gather information includes commonly the following 3
phase: One of, it is the level that gets information. The collection
that includes pair of information, record, collect and arrange wait
for content; Secondly, it is the level that handles information. the
information that place of the first phase gets, open the way such as
sift out choosing, classification, differentiate and analyse,
treatment, integrated, abstraction, achieve discard the dross and
select the essential, eliminate the false and retain the true, reach
the other from this, by watch and the purpose in. Thirdly, it is the
level that information keep in storage uses. the information data of
the 2nd stepped treating, write into the file, make card or wait for
books, recording and video tape, photograph all sorts of data
classify archives, provide valuable information quickly to investment
machinator, regard investment as the basis that the project engineers.

  3. The experience of the machinator that start and ruse

   The principal part that invests project plan is investment
machinator, no matter investment machinator is the process that
handles information, sieve to select project product in the analysis,
still be in process of whole investment plan, always use the
experience that oneself accumulate automatically, at the same time
the ruse of machinator also plots process happening action to
investment first and last. Experience and ruse are the manpower sth
used to one's own advantage that investment machinator has, say on
particular significance, it is the crucial factor that decides to
invest project success or failure. However, experience comes from the
understanding in the past, and be groovy thinking commonly,
consequently experience knowledge often is become again

The habitual force that block up innovates. Above place mentions "
experience is known " the experience knowledge that is common sense,
the experience that gains through oneself practice namely is known.
Still have knowledge of a kind of experience, it is to pass study,
look around, make an on-the-spot investigation, communication, get
the experience of others is known. This kind of study and the
experience that use another person are known, in current economy life,
more and more important already. The experience knowledge that
accumulates because of the individual is finite, study, derive, draw
lessons from, the experience knowledge of digestive others, oneself
become enterprise and individual to give birth to the only way that
puts evolution. On the other hand, want those who achieve sth used to
one's own advantage to optimize combination, must get all sorts of
information, the resource of the resource of oneself and society
organic union rises, this has strategy with respect to need, include
to persuade another person and obtain supportive ruse.

  4. The identifying to the opportunity and catch

   What develop a target in company strategy is how-to below, the
experience of machinator knows as confluent as environmental
information, communication and collision, discover investment
opportunity from which, identify, catch and create market opportunity.
In reality, the development research organization of the news channel
that investor always has from him, enterprise, socially investment
studies stimulative orgnaization obtains investment information, from
investor (enterprise) in experience of life of socioeconomy, culture,
produce scintilla of original investment originality, be known
according to oneself experience again next and environmental
information, produce project conception. As the occurrence of
conception, machinator began abecedarian market research and market
to forecast, according to investigation and the result that forecast,
choose and perfect project conception, in order to obtain reliable
investment basis.

  5. Premise and hypothesis

   Machinator invests an opportunity to be analysed further to the
market of discovery, use oneself experience knowledge, introduce the
experience knowledge of other, more comprehensive ground analyses
environmental information, take out series premise from inside the
opportunity, produce series hypothesis from inside ruse and courage
and insight next, a series of premise and hypothesis gradually
assemble, arrange and combine, formed project outline in machinator

  6. Project outline

   Project outline is the frame tentative plan with an investment
original project, this tentative idea likes a coarse semifinished
product, need further perfect treatment. Of course, if discover this
semifinished product had not machined value, be about to be abandoned,
lest cost needless energy, manpower, financial capacity,go doing "
cannot succeed " thing.

  7. Product idea

   Project outline passes farther mining, gradually Anacreontic,
incorporate, turn project product into the concept. In the
development plan of the product, the concept of the product is having
important place. The conception of the product is company itself
hopes to provide the market merely likelihood the tentative idea of
the product,

Sift out chooses these tentative idea classics to make product
concept with respect to development, product idea is the elaborates
meticulously conception that conveys with significant consumptive
technical terms. Hazy tentative idea classics is dug, after ideate,
indicate the intention of manufacturer can clearly. Product idea, it
is concoctive footing, it is the most essential thing in project plan.
An investment project whether move investor, whether attract consumer
to draw out money to buy its product, core depends on product idea
plan whether succeeding. Product idea is the core that invests
project plan, investment project plan spreads out around this one
core just about. When we are undertaking originality and conception,
what need most is creativity, and want a conception when us (specific
figure) when becoming a concept stage by stage, what need most is
analytic force. By creativity ponders over derivation, after deriving
a lot of idea, must pass an analysis, analysing a gender to think is
logical, it is derived onefold or the can implement plan of a few.
What ought to explain is, in the concoctive flow of above, from "
premise and hypothesis " arrive " project outline " , " product idea
" , arrangement of this kind of flow is reasonable, but need is
special point out, this kind of arrangement is not changeless.
Investment field is Protean, the initiative case that machinator wins
abstract information cannot be same, the different thinking kind that
invests machinator is different also, this makes the flow that the
project engineers cannot identical, won't have fixed order pattern.
If some consumable invest a project, carry market research namely,
had the product idea that accords with market need first, farewell
comes over to conceive project outline. And some culture invest a
project, it is to have a theme first, disentomb through profundity
next thematic connotation, unripe give out the conception that
reflects a theme, form project outline gradually.

  8. Theme

   Thematic scheme, the effect in social activity and economic
activity is bigger and bigger, the theme is the soul of successful
plan. Concoctive theme has two main effect. One of, when undertaking
the project is engineered investing, when still cannot engineering
participator, consumer to produce enough appeal or appeal to
investment when product idea, must abstract product idea further,
made sublimate is the theme of visualize. Corporeal elephant
conviction, dramatic, Promethean the theme with appeal, can evoke
concoctive participator and the interior resonance with the intense
person that accept, can arouse the enthusiasm of each respect, open
successful entrance door for the plan. Secondly, be permeated of the
element in great quantities as art of social element, culture and
affect, investment field also had major change, appear a lot of
culture invest a project (like travel theme park) , in these
investment projects, have a plenty of from the plan the theme leaves
Only then, arise again a series of specific conception, develop these
conception into product idea and specific plan again.

  9. Investment target

   After idea of product of investment project dominant, theme is
affirmatory, need fibrous root occupies the particular case of
project and product, invest a target certainly, so that develop a
plan further around investment target. In this one process, the most
important is the eye of machinator.

  10. Invest ruse and strategy

How does ability reflect a theme, achieve the investment goal in the
tentative idea? Project plan undertakes here, the plan thrash that
can reflect machinator most is smooth, and understand to thematic
profundity and to capital adept apply. Actually, from investment
project plan equalize begins, machinator begins to consider to invest
ruse and strategic question, some investment opportunity applies this
kind to think namely and obtain even, some projects conception also
is from this kind of generation in thinking. Right now, machinator
deepens level to investing the reflection of ruse and strategy to
should be entered stage by stage, do one's best makes engineer
participator or investment co-worker is attracted by this one plan,
be taken to be full of the state of the hope by machinator.

  11. Specific conception

   If the product idea investment project regards the root that is
large tree, the theme regards the main force of large tree, investing
a target is large tree up each outspread direction (namely the
position that the project should obtain in socioeconomy space) , so
the specific conception of the project is raised as large tree dry on
the lush and green leaf that grows.

  12. System of the safeguard that prop up

   Should make engineer conception to live in socioeconomy system
development, cannot leave each branch, of these branch a system of
the safeguard that prop up that working is a project -- the crown of
a tree that props up a luxuriantly green. The system of the safeguard
that prop up that invests a project basically ensures system,
resource to ensure system, technology to ensure system, management to
ensure the composition such as the system by capital. The system of
the safeguard that prop up of the project is reliable, matter to the
success or failure of the project.

  13. Arrange and choose of plan

   Project plan enters this one phase, conception should grow
specific plan, pass an analysis to evaluate, the sieve singles out
optimal program.

  14. Feasibility studies the report weaves

   Investment project plan undertakes at this moment, machinator just
can undertake feasibility study the work out of the report. And the
work that does before this, it is the opportunity research before
investment and preliminary feasibility research.

  15. Of initial plan book make

   Engineering a book is the program that investment machinator
coordinates concoctive participator to act, the concoctive book that
plan of whole investment operation should unite by will carry out.
Write engineer a book, it is the summary of before one paragraph of
job in be being carried out to investing a project to engineer flow.

Feasibility studies the report is the basis with decision-making
investment, the project supports the plan that guarantees a system is
the safeguard with decision-making investment, and book of investment
project plan is investment an investment that machinator makes for
investor implements a plan.

  16. Imitate rehearse is analysed

How within one's grasp of ability confidence in victory, make the
project scores a success, feasible method is to undertake imitate
rehearse. Alleged imitate rehearse is analysed, it is to point to
machinator to be in to self-ordained concoctive plan before be being
carried out formally, those who apply oneself and expert is mental,
modern technology economy analyses have the aid of method and
experiment method, draft through feeling, rehearse and analytic plan
plan, the phase that runs investment the process to may appear
(moving state, problem, difficult, risk, crisis) with ending, in
brains (include technology of character, chart, economy to analyse
data) show come out. The purpose that imitate rehearse analyses is
the feasibility that examines concoctive plan, dependability and
maneuverability, discover the problem of plan and inadequacy,
readjust, amend or abandon plan, reduce the blindness of investment
thereby, reduce investment risk, make engineer plan to be mixed more
scientificly close. Of course, imitate rehearse analysis is only
after all undertake below the condition of imitating test, with real
executive investment concoctive plan has certain difference,
accordingly imitate rehearse is analysed and cannot report of
complete bona fide invests those who engineer plan to carry out.
Accordingly, the capability of imitate rehearse analysis of project
machinator is stronger, the level is higher, the result that reach
and real difference are less; Conversely, difference is bigger.

Undertake imitate rehearse is analysed, basically include the
following method:

(1) expert opinion law. Choose and organize an expert, undertake for
many times evaluating to incident, amend its hypothesis and judgement
ceaselessly in having a process.

(2) rehearse law. The target object that yields the preliminary
positive result of originality the plan is used, use the circumstance
investigation of the process through them, understand the inadequacy
of originality itself or weakness, improve further thereby, make be
able to carry out smoothly.

(3) imitate law. Have abstract description to real world namely,
scientific design becomes certain model (the flow chart in be being
managed like production) , undertake pushing acting to this model
next, experiment, prove the feasibility of plan.

(4) dynamic model law. the plan plan makes the economic model that
depicts with a group of equation, equational coefficient is gotten
through statistical method, pass the computation of form of the other
side, undertake forecasting to investing a purpose to run.

(5) a variety of scenes represent a way. Establish all sorts of
pattern of prospective development, among them the oneness that
design of avery kind of puts interiorly and certain happening
probability. Depict to a variety of scenes next undertake integration


(6) imagine a way. Some plans are a kind of idea, more difficult
abstraction gives a model, very difficult also rehearse, can use
rehearse simulative method at this moment -- imaginary law, it is in
the brains of oneself or experts the whole executive process that
imagines a project, search give all sorts of possibilities, make plan
more hasten is perfect with reality.

(7) financial analysis law. The financial analysis of the project is
the market environment with factual basis and system of national
wealth tax, undertake calculating to the benefit of the project and
charge, the gain ability to the project, repay the each respect
financial standing such as income and expenses of ability, foreign
currency undertakes forecasting an analysis, the feasibility that
goes up in order to judge a project in finance affairs and

17. Feedback and improve

   Through rehearse imitate analysis, the problem that machinator can
exist to engineering plan has thorough research, adjust concoctive
plan further, make investment plan plan more reliable, have
maneuverability more. If the problem of concoctive plan existence is
very serious, although the course is adjusted, plan still is paid no
attention to want, ought to be laid aside decisively so or abandon
this plan.

  18. The work out engineers a book formally

The course engineers   the rehearse imitate analysis of plan to
investing a project,   adjust concoctive plan, with respect to the
phase that can enter   a work out to engineer a book formally. The
content that invests   a project to engineer a book includes:

(1) cover. Want to indicate commonly: ① invests project name; ②
machinator (company, branch or individual) ; Close class of ③ market
conditions (the confidential level of transaction) ; ④ date; ⑤

(2) introductive. It is to show the essentials of an investment plan
book tries to arrange, draw up word number is in crisply 400 - the
character that 500 words control, be clear at a glance letting a

(3) catalog. Make people understands investment to engineer the
panorama of the book, search specific content details in order to
(4) text. Include: ① project feasibility considers to report; ②
project implements plan; ③ plan carries out medium fundamental the
way to deal with a situation. Be like human concern the way to deal
with a situation, have the way to deal with a situation of interests
organization or organization, capital countermeasure, with the way to
deal with a situation of concern of mass communication intermediary,
sale countermeasure, risk obstacle element and eliminate
countermeasure, concerned governmental orgnaization the way to deal
with a situation, concerned legal issue is waited a moment.

(5) concoctive schedule. Engineer investment whole process of the
activity, plan to make concoctive schedule, so that undertake by the
plan, often check, adjust plan, ensure whole investment plan
undertakes in order.

(6) watch of task allocation of concerned personnel responsibility.
whole investment concoctive task fulfils specific personnel body to
go up, clear and relevant right, responsibility, compulsory, ensure
the plan falls to real point.

(7) things of the field that engineers need, office

With the tool.

(8) concoctive budget. The cost items of expenditure that the respect
such as space of the member that the basis engineers the task,
organizer, office and things needs to pay looks, have careful
consideration, make research expenses and organization expenses
control early days to go up in reasonable dimensions as far as

(9) relevant data. State investment to plot the relevant data of a
need, study the detailed list of data, policy data, competitor data
like market research, for investor and investment co-worker tone is

  19. Promote with carry out

   After formal plan book is finished, want to carry out this
successfully to engineer plan, must get the approval of investor is
approbated; Win social support, those who acquire concerned branch
cooperate to assist. Want to accomplish this, carry the conviction of
machinator with respect to need, sell concoctive plan. Project plan
plan is machinator production makes product of yield a wisdom, this
special product whether the market admittance evidence that obtains a
society to award, whether be accepted by investor, the quality
besides this commodity and be saleable outside the element such as
satisfy the need, the sale ability of machinator also is crucial
factor. The character that because this kind of commodity has
concoctive plan,confidential sex and blame offer publicly (unless sex
of forestall of the technology of this project, intellectual property,
market, resource is extremely strong, investor wants to go up to this
project keeps away from very hard or bypass machinator, someone else
is impossible also to go up again congener project causes occurrence
competition. Accordingly, general concoctive program sells publicly
lesser in the market) . Carry out smoothly to make engineer plan,
reduce outside interference, avoid information information to divulge,
a lot of plan plan keep secret external as far as possible. So, those
who engineer plan promote the conviction that basically relies on

Project plan,

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