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                                 TINGKAT :
                          SEKOLAH MENENGAH PERTAMA

                               MATA PELAJARAN
                               BAHASA INGGRIS
14.   There are …….. students in this classroom.
      a. none
      b. no
      c. nothing
      d. not

15. Sandra         : I don’t like onion.
    Udin           : ………..
      a.   So don’t I
      b.   So do I
      c.   I don’t either
      d.   Either do I

16. I like playing chess …….. than playing
    a. more than
    b. better
    c. best
    d. than

17. Doorman : May I help you to bring those
    luggage madam ?
    Mrs. Ariana     : ………….
      a.   I am sorry to hear that, you can bring
      b.   Yes please, that could be wonderful
      c.   I am sorry, I can’t
      d.   You have to do that

18. ……….. you like hot or cold drink ?
    a. should
    b. Will
    c. Would
    d. Could

19. This computer costs 6 millions, I have got 4
    millions. I don’t have ……… money to buy.
    a. no
    b. none
    c. enough
    d. nothing

20. X : Look, she is Siti Nurhaliza, …….. ?
    Y : Yes, that’s right.
      a.   is she
      b.   she is
      c.   isn’t she
      d.   does she

                                                    27. Tony        : Can I borrow your pen, please ?
                                                        Bima        : ……………
                                                    a.   Sure, here you are
                                                    b.   No, I can’t
                                                    c.   You can buy it
                                                    d.   I am okey, thank you

28. 1. No Sir, I haven’t made the bed yet, but I   35. Is there …….. milk in the fridge ?
       cleaned the carpet.                             a. some
    2. Good morning Didi, what are you doing?          b. any
    3. Have you made the bed?                          c. much
    4. I am cleaning Room 22, Sir.                     d. many
    5. Have you put new towels in the bathroom?
    6. Yes sir, I have changed them all.           36. He normally drives at a ………… of 80 kmph.
                                                       a. measure
   The correct arrangement of the sentences is
                                                       b. capacity
                                                       c. rate
   a. 2 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 3 – 6
                                                       d. speed
   b. 2 – 4 – 3 – 5 – 1 – 6
   c. 2 – 4 – 3 – 1 – 5 – 6
                                                   37. The police is investigating the ………. of the
   d. 2 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 5 – 6
                                                       a. reason
29. Mr. Erikson swims very …………
                                                       b. result
    a. quick
                                                       c. cause
    b. quickly
                                                       d. excuse
    c. quicker
    d. too quick
                                                   38. The football match ……….. over. All the fans
                                                       are leaving the ground.
30. You can train a ………. To talk.
                                                       a. can’t be
    a. monkey
                                                       b. should be
    b. elephant
                                                       c. must be
    c. parrot
                                                       d. might be
    d. rhino
                                                   Read the following text to answer questions 39 to
31. I think MU ………. Win the league this year.
    a. will
    b. should
                                                   Friends, I’d like to introduce you to my lovely pet
    c. must
                                                   Kenchi. Kenchi comes from Sukabumi. I bought
    d. shouldn’t
                                                   her mother there. Kenchi was born in my house
                                                   on December 2, 2006. Her hobbies are jumping
32. Dad, you ……….. smoke so much. It’s bad for
                                                   and sneezing. She also likes eating carrots and
    your health.
                                                   playing with a ballon. She has a brother named
    a. must
                                                   Ke Ling. Ke Ling’s hobby is only hiding. It’s so
    b. should
                                                   strange right? Since their mother died Kenchi
    c. can
                                                   only lives together with Ke Ling. And both of them
    d. shouldn’t
                                                   love each other.
33. Artika Sari Devi ……….. to the Miss Universe
                                                   39. What’s the writer’s pet ?
    election on June 2005.
                                                       a. cat
    a. have joined
                                                       b. rabbit
    b. has joined
                                                       c. dog
    c. joined
                                                       d. hamster
    d. joining
                                                   40. Kechi is about ……… year(s) old.
34. Have you ……….. any prizes ?
                                                       a. 4
    a. win
                                                       b. 3
    b. won
                                                       c. 2
    c. winned
                                                       d. 1
    d. wint

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