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					Help advance somebody's career technology,

Drumstick stay of proceedings is
high grade high yield helps
advance somebody's career

Help advance somebody's career technology, Drumstick stay of
proceedings is high grade high yield helps advance somebody's
career technology

Drumstick stay of proceedings is bacterium of a kind of a kind of
edible that loves by people. It not only delicious, have higher
nutrient value and officinal value again. But at present its help
advance somebody's career a lot of problems still exist on the
technology, create crop and quality standard not tall. The author is
aimed at these problems, obtained certain breakthrough through with
great concentration studies and fumbling, economic benefits is very
considerable. Introduce technical point everybody now, the hope is
right broad stay of proceedings farming help somewhat.

  1, biology is characteristic

    The foundation that the biologic character since that understands
drumstick stay of proceedings helps advance somebody's career is
crucial. Drumstick stay of proceedings is fungus of the one low
temperature in planting saprophytic. Hypha grows the most comfortable
temperature 22, 28 ℃ ; Seed bodily form is become need 9, 20 ℃ low
temperature is exciting, grow with 16, 19 ℃ are optimal. Prep above
30 ℃ , seed body is formed hard, and hypha Yi Zirong. Seed body
grows level humidity asks to achieve 85 % , the air relative
humidity of 95 % . Education makings acid-base value is worth with
PH 5.5, 6.5 for optimal. Hypha fosters level not to need light, seed
body grows need a few scattering light stimulus. Belong to good
temperament fungus.

  2, help advance somebody's career seasonal

   General choice is in autumn or spring. OK also ground temperature
falls to be to 20 ℃ left and right sides accurate.

  3, thoroughbred choice

   Bacterium of stay of proceedings plants drumstick to ask hypha
shows silver grey scene commonly and shocker, fight go against a
gender strong, adaptability is wide, should not be umbrella. Be like
especially white 33 etc.

  4, the caboodle that earths up nourishment is made, ferment

    Recipe: Smooth stay of proceedings or flotsam of apricot Bao stay
of proceedings carapace of 30 % , cottonseed core of 30 % , corn
30 % , bran 10 % , urea 1 % , calcium superphosphate 2 % , lime
3 % ; Notice flotsam wants to pass sufficient insolate antiseptic
kill insect. General first will advocate makings doing is mixed even,
make up all sorts of complementary makings solution to spray again at
advocate in makings. Adjust water content to be controlled in 60 %
finally. Namely: The hand grasps makings hind forcibly, water only
can from point to in seaming oozy and advisable. Make batch pile
echelon. Go up commonly wide 40, 60 centimeters, below wide 60, 80
centimeters, crowd is fast 80, 100 centimeters of length are not
restricted. Proper stiletto wants to assure to ferment on batch pile
even. Additional, makings ferment should accomplish " fully " . The
mark is: Color turns into palm black, and a large number of
actinomyces are caused. , kind need to search crowd 3, 4.

  5, farmland bed is built

    Should choose to approaching source of water commonly, ventilated
and convenient, the Tian Kuai of environmental cleanness or in
sunlight farmland bed is made inside lukewarm canopy. Farmland bed
thing is moved toward, wide 1.2, 1.3 meters, deep 20, 25 centimeters,
length is not restricted. Sufficient footpath stays between farmland
and farmland, farmland all around should pat solid. Before using,
should scatter 1 times with lime, gush 37 % formaldehyde 200 times
fluid or 50% DDVP 100 times fluid is antiseptic kill insect. At the
same time flood flooding 1, because earth works too,avoid to absorb
the moisture in makings.

  6, shop makings is vaccinal

   In the bed of means shop Yu Qi that expects the education that has
fermented to by a makings 1 is planted. General ground floor is
spread makings 5, 10 centimeters, the 2nd 10, 15 centimeters, three-
layer 5, 10 centimeters, each vaccinal quantity occupies the 15 %
left and right sides with heavy stuff roughly. Enclothe with ground
film in surface layer next, prevent miscellaneous bacterium to invade
with moisture be lost. Also but first bagging sends bacterium,
rectangular pieces of land in a field is entered after waiting for
hair sackful.

  7, management

    , kind classics 3, mycelial of 5 Queen of heaven begin to stir.
Can ensure through lifting the cover with a straw mat that build
grass the temperature inside canopy is in right now 22, 25 ℃ , the
makings to pollution piece should handle in time. General store
expects 20, 25 days of mycelial cover makings range. Wait for hypha
to eat " fully " undertake to earth up gives government of stay of
proceedings after makings: ① to earth up: The Sukhavati in taking
layer of 10 centimeters of the following earth or vegetable garden
earth use 37% formaldehyde 150, 200 times fluid and lime mix earth,
cover tightly with plastic film next two days undertake the
antiseptic processing that kill insect. After lay open air is basked
in, can use. To earth up is general 3, 60 % control 4 centimeters of
water content. Give period of stay of proceedings to manage early
days in order to add lukewarm " condole " bacterium is given priority
to, wait for hypha to bestrew above hind strengthen ventilated and
add wet. , kind 30 of to earth up, 35 days but squaring, right now
water of gush of avoid by all means, in order to protect wet for
earth. Squaring 7, can collect after 10 days receive stay of
proceedings of 7 ripe drumstick.

  8, plant diseases and insect pests prevents and cure

    In drumstick stay of proceedings help advance somebody's career
the disease in the process basically has: Umbrella of green mildew,
catenary Bao mildew, ghost, aspergillus. These are OK through using
spirit of 50 % much bacterium 200 times fluid mixes makings and
environmental disinfection are solved. And ungual to chicken
bacterium should undertake preventing and cure integratedly. Namely
disinfection of bed of edaphic processing, farmland, antiseptic mixes
makings, reduce the method such as edaphic humidity to solve. Insect
pest is given priority to with ground maggot, wireworm, mole cricket,
can use 50% DDVP 100 times fluid, ground bug one Bao Jing, one Sa
Ling mix earth or mix makings kill insect, the effect is better.

Help advance somebody's career technology,

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