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									Profitable wisdom, do poineering work,

Do poineering work the belief that
should have adamancy

Profitable wisdom, do poineering work, Do poineering work the
belief that should have adamancy

  Yang Xiaomei is the ethical native place with complete only
province -- person of countryside of the Hui nationality of pond   of
water chestnut of high post city, the Hui nationality, currently   hold
the post ofsilk of chrysalis of high post Su Hao limited company
general manager and Party branch secretary. Mail silk of Su Hao
chrysalis high limited company is the enterprise with form a
partnership of head office of group of international of province   Su
Hao, also be company of high post city's at present only bibcock   of
industrialization of agriculture of mulberry chrysalis silk, the
company has stuff 210 people.

  Do poineering work the belief that should have adamancy
   The person always should have bit of mind, everybody should hold
to his belief more. At the beginning of 2001, the enterprise that
Yang Xiaomei is in is executed fair retreat civilian into, yang
Xiaomei is the accountant of the enterprise in those days, face the
major choice of life, yang Xiaomei decides to buy outright at that
time the collective of the enterprise. Make however Yang Xiaomei only
then makings do not is, yang Xiaomei's decision causes to object
sound in the family, husband's father and mother says to Yang Xiaomei:
"Sericiculture filature is a bitter industry from of old, you spend
so much money to buy do this business too foolish, this reeling mill
is firm in that way without other factory, be sure, pod child
vicissitude of the market the risk is big, big, this cannot buy. The
state to sell family property this besides, be the what that do plays
after all meaning? Produced in all again when it is certain to
perhaps arrived, are you guessed! " the man says: "Father and mother
is aged, the body bad, doing a business is not simple, want all the
day outer many what run, the child is small, go to school also nobody
is taken care of, what a member becomes in family factory is male
comrade, you are fast female comrade of 40 years old, can you do a
business from physical strength, ability, do well enterprise? " the
view that he rejects Yang Xiaomei so not only, still lose the bank
savings in the home stealthily hid, accordingly, yang Xiaomei
quarrelled with the husband one, this can be Yang Xiaomei the two
first time since marrying quarrel, yang Xiaomei ran back to a married
woman's parents' home to live 8 days under stretch. Marital past is a
soldier, disposition disposition is very stubborn also, yang Xiaomei
knows he won't admit defeat, and the company changes control capital
fund fair the date that shows invite public bidding was gotten on for
again, how to do? Then, the close friends that Yang Xiaomei still
brings husband's father and mother finally and marital past the old
comrade-in-armses in army will help. Indeed, face a family at that
time all sorts of obstruction of main member, say one's innermost
thoughts and feelings, yang Xiaomei is right oneself at first belief
ever also had hesitated temporarily, had abandoned even. But Yang
Xiaomei is in from beginning to end him ask in reply: the thing that
male comrade can do, cannot be female comrade done? Am this I
achieved bad this course of study? Yang Xiaomei thinks, oneself after
all ability is many 30 years old, it is a high school is born, the
job in the past takes exercise, to mulberry chrysalis silk production
is managed it is certain to had base stand tall and upright final
Yang Xiaomei is sturdy still this belief, the ideology that becoming
good family member further works
下,于 2001 年 3 月份,联合 4 名同志共花了 70 多万元,买断了扬州市联谊丝


东、赶浙江,走了很多地方,也吃了很多苦。记得 2002 年 7 月份那次到了泗阳
也没睡好觉,差点在外病倒。那次不仅自己体重减少了 6 斤,而且最令杨晓妹
们了。那次的出差是杨晓妹最难忘的一次了,但是看到调回来的 30 多吨蚕茧


Want and scientific progress view is the power source that Yang
Xiaomei seeks true deal with concrete matters relating to work,
development innovation, it is Yang Xiaomei the beacon that advances
ceaselessly on poineering road. In a few years in doing poineering
work to work actually, yang Xiaomei insists to run cropland head
visits farmer, remember be in period formed a cluster on autumn
silkworm 2002, 3 farmer are afraid of beautiful capital, still want
to use gramineous basket bunch to provide battalion chrysalis, yang
Xiaomei goes coaching when the examination, they begin to pay no
attention to solution, still get on the door lock of silkworm room,
pointing to Yang Xiaomei to say: "We form a cluster without use pane,
pod does not sell good price to involve your what issue! It is the
dog draws mouse really, be officious! " Yang Xiaomei is done not have
crestfallen, however serious, patient ground explains to him
chrysalis of battalion of use pane bunch is right the profit that
improves pod quality, final this one method that they accepted Yang
Xiaomei, 3 door added up to to sell bright chrysalis of bunch of high
grade pane to the company nearly 600 jins, than grass basket
chrysalis price is added receive nearly 600 yuan, farmer of after the
event is very obliged Yang Xiaomei. Replacing reeling mill facility
is the important step that reduces worker labor intensity, it is the
key that raises business economic benefits. At the beginning of 2002,
yang Xiaomei is decisive the decision eliminates cost the device of
stale of machine establishing reel silk from cocoons with tall, small
efficiency, try every means plans market fund nearly 3 million yuan,
bold executive ability changes investment, the flying house that
purchased production of machinery plant of quadruplet Hangzhou spin
2000 actor type selecting is automatic reeling machine fetterses. But
many yuan 30 still are differred when facing pick up the goods, yang
Xiaomei did not sleep a few days good to become aware continuously,
the somniloquy in night says money is insufficient. The man says
afraidly, who does a business so like you, go down again be afraid in
our home add even insane child. Later, yang Xiaomei ran in the sister
home that sells motorcycle to borrow 300 thousand yuan, 50 thousand
yuan of fund that plan nephew of a married woman's parents' home to
marry again are taken entirely, just settled a pressing need. Now 5
times the crop of filature was in the past, trade supervision of raw
silk quality all amounts to 5A class. In October 2003 portion, yang
Xiaomei premonitions hasten of national coal energy resources is
close, to reduce plant cost, yang Xiaomei decides to burn boiler coal
instead to burn rice chaff. Disposition all through the ages of Yang
Xiaomei is to want to do, run then the market is proved with all
possible means, running to Li Yang when a manufacturer, they guard
boiler room not to let look, yang Xiaomei is being installed should
go up toilet, the holiday takes this chance, use according to picture
machine took his establishment, after coming back, spent 40 thousand
multivariate, build storeroom instantly, change boiler, finishing
November burn rice husk, annual boiler burned rice husk to did not
use a ton of coal 2004, it is a country not only managing the sources
of energy, and for the enterprise managing fuel cost 200 thousand
yuan of above.

   Do poineering work the responsibility consciousness that should
side civilian Fu Jimin is stranded

   Do poineering work to show life besides sufficient body self-worth

Ego becomes rich outside, regard industrialization bibcock as the
enterprise, should act on for civilian, the side civilian, tenet that
enrich the people, come a few years, the company carries out the pod
that visits town strictly to buy value policy not only, and annual in
the profit from the company, take out silkworm raiser of chunk
capital allowance, if prevention and cure of mulberry field ill bug,
silkworm is planted,allowance and pod price are executed " allocate 2
times " . Account face statistic, only 2003 and the company used
nearly 150 thousand yuan of valence at filling 2 times to silkworm
raiser 2004. Prevention and cure of ill to midge of farmer mulberry
wart bug sends expenses for medicine 60 thousand multivariate, to
whole country 15 need the small silkworm of maintenance in all Yo
room throws upkeep nearly 20 thousand yuan, still threw 3000 yuan to
build electrification small silkworm for sericiculture old village
2004 in all Yo room. Come to a company 4 years use many yuan 50 at
the capital accumulative total of allowance silkworm raiser.
Meanwhile, yang Xiaomei since since holding the position of company
branch secretary, party of ceaseless aggrandizement company builds
the job, foster new Party member of take in the fresh-take in new
Party members in all 6, guide all company Party member to be begun
deep " 6 sides 6 couplet " activity, maintain the advanced sex of the
communist from beginning to end. In helping deficient aid up to
strand the job, not be plain sailing at first, some partner and Party
member comrade think company ability changes investment so big,
benefit is not apparent also, everybody's income not tall, help what
deficient up, what strands aid? We do a business, socially our what
responsibility does difficulty door have? In the home Yang Xiaomei
encounters resistance again, domestic member says: "Buy a home for
you in still owing debt, is at that time you want come down to give
others a slap one's face until it's swollen in an effort to look
imposing! Say you are not officer secretary again, of politicize. "
be aimed at these circumstances, can go up in company branch, yang
Xiaomei represents the advanced sex of serious thought and Party
member to undertake iteration educational with 3, unite a thought. In
the home, yang Xiaomei is persuaded patiently, him for example lays
burden of a child more. It is contribute money of company difficulty
worker early or late so 11 thousand yuan, the contribution of widow
Yang Baimei that loses the sight for 3 lis of villages 1000 yuan, its
Yang Weilan takes nonprofessional daughter to go to work in him
factory, dropped insurance for its, now Yang Weilan year salary 9000
multivariate, not only already married to still give birth to a fat
boy. Yang Xiaomei is annual still to contribution of Qiao Lanying of
patient of cancer of 3 lis of villages 1200 yuan. The Xue Minglian
contribution that Yang Xiaomei was poverty of tall temple village to
give birth to village of Wang Dongxia, prepare against natural
disasters again 2004 1700 yuan, face before term begins, receive them
have a meal in the home, changed a new clothes and study articles for
use to them, make Wang Dongxia enters Shanghai training school
happily, at ordinary times Yang Xiaomei still maintains ceaseless
connection with them, care them to be in the life of school and study
circumstance. This is explicit 2003 first half of the year, high post
encounters hundred years do not encounter

especially big big damage caused by waterlogging is killed in, yang
Xiaomei urges a company above all to stricken be hit by a natural
adversity village in all contribution 4000 yuan, got of Party
committee government commend.

   Do poineering work should have science develops and be with the
person this strategic measure development is good sense, science and
technology is the first productivity also be good sense. The Yang
Xiaomei in poineering job insists to be forerunner with science and
technology from beginning to end, take the route of scientific
progress, outstanding it is with the person this. Come a few years,
chrysalis silk industry is shade arrives cloudy, prices persists low
fan, how to make the enterprise walks out of predicament, increase
market competition capacity, make silkworm raiser is added close,
enterprise synergism, yang Xiaomei wants to be with science and
technology rely on, whether begin from sericiculture foundation,
achieve bit of trait, accomplish a person to have without me. But
Yang Xiaomei's idea encountered company share however,manage the
opposition of personnel of a personnel and silkworm ability, what do
they say: "Achieving trait is a not easy thing, individual idea
differs Yu Nengcheng is reality, level of sericiculture of the area
austral family Hai Antong is so good, dare not do, yang Xiaomei
people such doing, if do not succeed, broad silkworm raiser reachs
whole country moment is to be able to come to those who look for
business do accounts wait a moment. " it is silent defends outmodel
conventions, craven not before, still break outmodel conventions,
development innovation, of course Yang Xiaomei still chose latter.
Summer 2002, pass hard, yang Xiaomei introduced item of national
level scientific research " fluorescence sentences sexual male
silkworm " new breed 7 pieces, the dot is set to try in whole country
raise. 2003 and a progressively promotion was chosen in whole country
2004, raise male silkworm breed in all many pieces 1600, however,
rough calm is on ongoing journey, in fumble Yang Xiaomei discovers
this breed and groovy silkworm are different, raise a technology the
demand is high, especially silkworm darling is not easy go up bunch,
pane bunch provides battalion chrysalis to be led into aperture
extremely low, yang Xiaomei observes seriously in, study an
experiment repeatedly, before using pane cluster, enclothe with Sang
Xie first cover, await pane to form a cluster piece on Sang Xie
tasted let silkworm go up again, this method is really effective, the
Yang Xiaomei after the test is successful starts development of
personnel of technology of silkworm mulberry station farmer of whole
country silkworm undertakes guidance. To raise new breed, yang
Xiaomei still invited Jiangsu to visit deputy office of former
aricultural hall early or late director of association of long,
silkworm mulberry Professor Zhu Zhuwen, Sun Zhaoyu's expert and
Suzhou waterside close silkworm to plant Comrade Gao Yinyun come, the
flower invites Suzhou university moustache nearly 40 thousand yuan to
ask for eaves to teach guidance coming to a factory, try hard through
each square care, this breed tries nurturance meritorious service in
Yang Xiaomei countryside, average Zhang Chan is produced than groovy
silkworm tower above 10 jins are controlled, pod price is on the
foundation of groovy pod price, every a unit of weight is 1 yuan tall,
silkworm raiser got material benefit, and the grade of raw silk
already reached level of top grade 6A, after the client is used
special satisfaction. 2004 this breed project already

Capture a province certificate of products of new and high technology,
be mailed high commend of city committee of science and technology.

   Pass difficult and indefatigable effort, the dimensions of the
enterprise expands ceaselessly, asset from many yuan 1000 when change
to expand many yuan to now, production value from change before
making 10 million yuan or so increase to now 20 million yuan or so

Before worker income is made than changing, broke up one time.
Accordingly Yang Xiaomei's individual also obtained a lot of honor,
be judged 2 years to be continuously " outstanding branch secretary
" , 2001 by Yangzhou city " Shuang Xueshuang is compared " mobile
group is judged for advanced individual, was judged to be Yangzhou
city 2003 " poineering star of 10 beautiful woman " with high post
city " the star that 10 beautiful youth does poineering work " ; Be
judged to be the aid that help deficient up to strand advanced
individual by countryside. Yang Xiaomei's enterprise also obtained
honor, 2001 by Yangzhou city " Shuang Xueshuang is compared " group
of agonistic activity leader names for " ' 38 ' bibcock project "
enterprise, was judged to be again 2003 " enterprise of bibcock of
industrialization of agriculture of high post city " etc.
Profitable wisdom, do poineering work,

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