Plan Of Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

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					Plan Of Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

The addiction to any drug should be treated by understanding the nature of illness and the response of the patient. We should not treat the addiction
like a disease by following a fixed protocol but by having an individual approach. The cocaine drug has such a strong hold on the addict that it
requires powerful tools for its annihilation. The cocaine addiction can be curbed easily if the person comes in the initial stage. In such cases treatment
can be initiated at home with the help of medical personnel.

Since the drug affects the physical, emotional and mental faculty of the body, the task of curing the patient requires a systematic approach. The
following steps are to be taken to treat the addict.

-The physical symptoms produced during the course of addiction make the person dependent on drugs. The cocaine detoxification process with the
help of the licensed medical personnel must be conducted at the earliest. This procedure requires medication to counter the physical illness produced
by the drug abuse. Initially there is exhibition of withdrawal symptoms, but to tide over the problem the addict should be strong willed.

Sudden withdrawal from caffeinated drinks is usually not advisable for people who are addicted for a considerable length of time. Such individuals
should resort to gradual tapering from addiction under the supervision of both physician and psychiatrist. The role of psychiatrist is important because
a person who is neck deep into addiction finds it difficult to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms and prefers to go back to addiction.

-The next aim is to strengthen the mental and emotional disturbances. This can be achieved by combined effort of relatives, physician, psychiatrist
and colleagues. Some people respond well to group counseling and discussions as they feel relieved to vent their frustration and gain solace by
sharing experiences. This method is followed at rehabilitation centre where patients are confined to prevent them from reverting to old habit of

-The help of psychiatrist is sought when the addict has undergone lot of psychologically inflicted injuries like sexual abuse, bereavement from loved
one etc. In such people one to one counseling is done on a regular basis. The thought process is primarily affected in case of drug addiction. Hence
our prime goal is to change the pattern of thinking of addicted person. The counseling of family simultaneously should be undertaken to prevent the
aggravation of problem once the addict returns home.

-Hospitalization may be required for some addicts who have developed the complication of cocaine addiction like HIV or are suffering from grave
symptoms of addiction like cardiac and respiratory failure.

-The adjuvant methods like exercise, meditation, music therapy and diet charting help a lot of addicts to keep the addiction at bay after the treatment
has been completed.


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