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									Snack bar, optional location,

civilian model snack bar optional

Snack bar, optional location, civilian model snack bar
optional location

civilian model snack bar optional location
Choose likely area
The mainest principle that optional location of set up shop of
general snack bar needs to abide by chooses person discharge namely
big or the area that stream of people collects. Want basically to be
optional location key with downtown, if leave,be in a suburb, should
choose the central place of this area, perhaps be the section that
municipal program wants future to develop mainly. Had better do not
have inside 500 meters of radius other the shop that is the same as a
      Business affairs building focuses section
White-collar of business affairs building is the passenger source
that can secure, business affairs building focuses section because
the advantage of cheap of its advantage price obtains good gains,the
civilian meal of type of general snack bar is met. White-collar lunch
is partly greatly very outside send, be in so optional location when
should wait for food considering wonton and noodle easy paste is
sodden, time sends outside wanting to had been controlled.
     The school

Set up shop also is met in the business near the school very good,
but be confined to school of university, duty commonly, because the
lunch of major middle and primary school is met,unite by the school
undertake arranging. For instance golden master wonton is in division
is old, hand in big, south open inside the campus that collects
college town and school of office of a few trade have a branch. But
when the cold summer vacation that is in the school, passenger source
is met at a draught a lot of less, need makes good idea preparation
to this, perhaps choose to be near the school of downtown, transient
perhaps passenger flow still can keep so circumjacent resident.

The snack bar near the hospital always is very lively appearance it
seems that. The person that visit the sick, want to improve the
patient of food, the hospital sees a doctor to want to discharge the
team of a long time more now, of the patient that queues up to see
examine also need to have a meal. After passenger source problem is
solved, around the hospital the food of set up shop and shop
sanitation must notice all the more.
     Sell greatly

Sell an inside and outside to always have many business berth place
greatly, sell a staff member and shopping person, and circumjacent
dweller is fixedder passenger source.
     Residential area

The optional location of residential area has each different.
Population of dragon cypress new residential quarter is very for
instance much, among them the taxi driver of Taiwanese, youth and
berth is more, it is the frequenter of snack bar, business nature
will be good, this residential area in a few maturity is feasible.
Although business spreads house of a few commodity to reject meal inn
commonly, inn of similar nevertheless wonton does not have lampblack
basically, do not have special requirement to water, report, coal, be
about to come some more easily than noodle inn on optional location.
Choose likely shop area and in-house establishment

What snack bar need not leave is very big, 30 - 70 square metre are
OK, bizygomatic breadth had better be in 3 meters of above. The
kitchen is set at the back of business shop, interior deserves to
have fluctuation water, gas etc, ventilated establishment also is
close friends. If conditional word, set a toilet also very be

Some moment are restricted because of capital, what shop chooses is
very small, in have dinner height period cannot accommodate a lot of
customers, can cause passenger source prediction of a person's luck
in a given year, this moment had better be chosen outer send raw
sense more area.

Other proposal

Before optional location, had better mix to oneself capital
anticipate make a program, choose a limits roughly, have thorough
market research again, although can spend not little time and energy,
but to can exact optional location, contradict and avoiding in the
future have very big effect accidentally.

After make choice of, want to do good propaganda work adequately
before open business, this moment, the information that when doing
market research, gets is OK the use on the clique. Chain snack bar
can distribute unified DM material, common snack bar also can be
printed a few outside sell sheet to undertake distributing. Plus the
control in be being managed daily cost, improve service quality, open
a snack bar to also can be accumulated slowly from small profit, gain
favorable market effect and sizable profit.

Snack bar, optional location,
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