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ERIC Transcripts - ERIC Thesauru


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									                       ERIC Thesaurus Video Tutorial Transcript

    •   ERIC: most comprehensive database in Education
    •   Provided by the United States Department of Education
    •   Citations and abstracts to journal articles, non-journal literature
    •   Before searching, check the online thesaurus for ERIC subject headings to
        represent the concepts of your research topic
    •   Speak to the database in the language it will recognize
    •   Find more precise and relevant results
    •   Literacy
    •   Browse
    •   Scope note: definition
    •   Broader terms: less precise subject heading
    •   Narrower terms: more precise subject heading
    •   Related terms: subject headings having something to do with your research topic

                         ERIC Articles Video Tutorial Transcript

    •   ERIC advanced search
    •   Emergent literacy
    •   Select a field matches search terms anywhere in the item record
    •   Not very precise, far more results than needed
    •   Search by subject descriptors using terms found in thesaurus
    •   Add second concept: academic achievement for more precise and relevant search
    •   AND connects concepts, both are present in results
    •   Place limits on search
    •   Journal article
    •   Peer reviewed: research validated by experts in that subject area
    •   50 results
    •   Results are sorted by relevance: best match to search terms and limitations
    •   Sort by date descending order
    •   Same number of results, most current articles at top of list
    •   Click full text then update
    •   26 are full text articles

Library Reference Desk: 667-3233                                    http://library.csustan.edu
                ERIC Record Screen Video Tutorial Transcript

•   ERIC record screen
•   Citation: author, title, publication
•   Descriptors (subject headings) : use to revise your search to find additional
    relevant articles
•   Abstract: summary
•   Accession number: uniquely identifying number in ERIC database: EJ plus six
•   Print, e-mail, save, cite icons
•   Click Find It! to determine if the library has access to the full text article in print
    or electronic format

                  ERIC Documents Video Tutorial Transcript

•   ERIC advanced search
•   Emergent literacy and academic achievement
•   Place limits on search
•   Document
•   Full text: most documents from 1993 to the present available online as pdf files
•   Documents from 1966-present not available online may be available on
    microfiche in ERIC file cabinets in library’s reference section
•   20 results are full text
•   Click the Full Text from ERIC link for pdf file
•   Revise limits on search
•   Available on microfiche
•   Use the ERIC accession number (ED plus six digits) to locate


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