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									Alpharma, brightness luck,

Alpharma challenges brightness

Alpharma, brightness luck, Alpharma challenges brightness

A business of little known copy pharmacy pharmacy unexpectedly to the
whole world the biggest pharmacy company brightness luck (Pfizer
Inc. ) launched a challenge.

Last week 5, alpharma Inc of small-sized pharmacy business begins to
sell the copy pharmacy that the whole world contains ─ of ─ of
product of brightness luck fist the first times to refuse class
status of convulsion medicine Neurontin. Because be the same as the
patent issue that Neurontin concerns to still be in the consideration
of court of new jersey federal, this act of Alpharma appears
accumulate contain write huge risk.
If the court adjudicates Alpharma violated the patent of brightness
luck, alpharma will pay the compensation of 3 times to latter. The
market prise of both has great difference simply, alpharma is only
900 million dollar, and the market prise of brightness luck is as
high as 2, 25 billion dollar. From the point of this, alpharma 5
closing quotation drop last week 1.1 dollars come 17.12 dollars, with
of 6% drop a final result that the newspaper receives do not make a
person surprised.

But the reason that Alpharma dare initiate a challenge to have it
oneself to powerful brightness luck. Above all, this company rolled
out copy pharmacy to be won for its ahead of schedule first machine,
and when can the court enter a judgement with respect to afore-
mentioned patent still not within the foreseeable future. And,
formulary range makes in the copy that rolls out Neurontin early
precedented: The Ivax Corp of manufacturer of another copy pharmacy
of Miami. Had rolled out with Neurontin almost exactly like pharmacy
of a kind of copy held 20% right-and-left markets, and the way that
it still found an avoid court to examine. Neurontin is a kind of
prescription drug that is used extensively at treating spirit and
aching symptom, the sale on American market reached 2.2 billion
dollar last year. Brightness luck can roll out a name to be before
long " Lyrica " new generation Neurontin, the competition that
believes this market will be more intense. Finally, there still is
tiring-room ─ ─ behind Alpharma Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
of copy pharmacy tycoon. . Once play away lawsuit, so Teva will aid
to Alpharma inflict.

The spokesman refus of Alpharma rolls out the reason of Neurontin
copy pharmacy to publish a comment absolutely.

Last week 5, brightness luck asks to hold urgent hearing to roll out
the request of product of its copy pharmacy in order to prevent
Alpharma to be rejected by the court. After encountering this one
setback counts a hour, brightness luck announces infrequently to
prepare to pass its copy pharmacy

Subsidiary Greenstone pushs Neurontin to the market.

The copy pharmacy product that brightness luck rolls out him is
business of pharmaceutical factory of large former development a
maneuver with customary recently place. They use force through this
kind of method. The share price of copy pharmacy manufacturer goes
situation all the time far good Yu Yuan develops pharmaceutical
factory business, this kind of situation just is changed somewhat
till recently. Came 5 years in the past, the Mylan Laboratories Inc
of the Teva of Israel of the biggest company of two copy pharmacy and
Pittsburgh. go up compare what develop pharmaceutical factory
business formerly to go respectively force is powerful piece nearly 3
times and 1 times much, and luck of brightness of the corresponding
period and silent gram (Merck) is however drop in small. Because
because people is right the worry of Medical Protection cost is
aggravating,this is, and insurance company and system of medical
treatment of American senile health care (Medicare) , confederative
medical treatment is sure to plan (the encouragement that the
governmental medical treatment such as Medicaid) is sure to plan,
people uses copy pharmacy generally.

Nevertheless, copy pharmacy kind this year go situation inflict heavy
losses on, the jobber of ─ of big client ─ that the reason is copy
pharmacy manufacturer and retail chain drugstore increased the
strength of argy-bargy. But the situation hold a memorial ceremony
for that the biggest impact still depends on developing medicine to
produce business to emerge in endlessly to answer copy pharmacy
formerly went out " accredit copy pharmacy " this a magic weapon.

When once develop medicine to produce business to think copy pharmacy
company is about to roll out formerly,pharmacy meets a kind of copy
to constitute menace to its, large pharmacy company is met accredit
is modelled on another times medical company, it is the copy pharmacy
that receives authorization through medical subsidiary is modelled on
to sell below the banner occasionally.

Do this have He Ao among them clever? Normally, according to law, the
copy pharmacy that challenges the copy pharmacy that develops medical
patent formerly to produce chamber of commerce to acquire 6 months
above all sells right solely. The sole sale authority of 6 months is
the key that copy pharmacy gains profit; Follow after 6 months write
much home company to begin to sell this kind of remedy, the price can

But accredit copy pharmacy allows to be sold immediately, and the
copy pharmacy that does not get 6 months the tie of limitative period.
Accordingly, accredit copy pharmacy can reduce the sale of copy
pharmacy competitor immediately. For instance, the closest
Pharmaceutical Resources Inc. Subordinate copy pharmacy produces
business Par Pharmaceutical Inc. With 100 when company of beautiful
Shi Guibao (Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. , BMY, renown: Piao earthen jar
between? of endowment ┕ an insect destructive of the roots of
seedlings about diabetic medicaments Glucophage XR trade even if such.
Glucophage XR

The sale last year is 450 million dollar.

Accredit copy pharmacy can bring negative effect to the price. When
pharmacy of two kinds of copy appears on the market at the same time,
they can contend for the market to have rate, this often can bring
the price to drop. The copy pharmacy of city of the first kind of
face can compare 20%-30% of petty gain of former development medicine
only normally, but the successor is met low give 40%-50% . The
personage inside analyst and course of study is afraid, company of
former development drug will begin to lower the price of accredit
copy pharmacy, in order to reduce the gain capacity of copy pharmacy
market. Lei Man's brother (the analyst Xi Erfu of Lehman Brothers)
(Rich Silver) says: "With respect to Neurontin character, we are not
clear that brightness luck can be made to the price why to plant
reaction, whether can they maintain reason. " he himself not the
stock of hold brightness luck, Alpharma or Teva.

The copy pharmacy subsidiary that develops medical company to pass
his even formerly partly rolls out our company accredit copy pharmacy.
When August, xian Lingbao elegant company (Schering-Plough, corp. ,
SGP) rolled out hepatitis to treat the accredit copy pharmacy of
medicaments Rebetol through branch of the Warrick below the banner,
the price also anticipates under the market. A.G. Edwards&The analyst
work conspicuous of Sons (Albert Rauch) says in the research report
August 11, this kind of practice makes copy pharmacy company does not
have earning.

Alpharma is not the company of blood of first blade lap. More and
more copy pharmacy companies produce some kind of copy in the
regional court approval with inferior level begin to roll out its
product after pharmacy, and develop medical company to mentioning to
this one adjudication formerly right now appeal.

The Xierfu of Dan Leiman's brother says, alpharma the blade that the
positive move of 5 is a kind of different type licks last week blood,
because be returned actually,be opposite without courtyard of which
domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household the
patent dispute around Neurontin has made adjudication. Xi Erfu thinks
Alpharma this action is not rash advance, because promote the product
ahead of schedule,produce business had paid price to the market.
And, the practice of Alpharma forces brightness luck to roll out his
accredit copy pharmacy, make the patent suit that this company
shortly will have medium be in awkward condition: If brightness luck
also rolls out his copy pharmacy, where is the harm that how it
explains to itself gets again then?

Teva of business of production of another copy pharmacy partook
greatly the risk of Alpharma. Although detailed circumstance had be
notted announce, but in April 2

Domestic copy pharmacy produces business to come to an agreement,
push the pharmacy of the first kind of copy to the market to Alpharma,
teva counterpoises the sole sale that enjoys 6 months. As exchange,
teva will pay fixed fee to Alpharma, compensate Alpharma share charge
below the circumstance that patent dispute loses a lawsuit, recoup a
loss in order to aid its. As the biggest, one of copy pharmacy firms
with profit top specified number, teva has sufficient capacity to
assume this one risk. According to consultative provision, teva last
week the 5 Neurontin that also rolled out oneself.

The investment combination manager of fund of Heartland Value Plus
breaths out Sa Wei (Rodney Hathaway) thinks accredit copy pharmacy is
not what big question. He says, the way that develops medical company
to won't pass this kind of anticipate the enemy formerly lets copy
pharmacy disappear. The fund hold of haing Sa Wei stock of 350
thousand Alpharma, 1.7% what occupy this fund total assets about. He
is produced in what someone else still worried about Alpharma last
year and new product is sustainable when the program with respect to
average this. Haing Sa Wei was not added recently hold Alpharma,
because support an upper limit that has reached this fund regulation
to it. But he thinks Alpharma and Par Pharmaceuticals price still
very low, can average.

Alpharma is become unlikelily buy an end, because hold of public
figure of department of ministry one's duty has the share of
additional and voting authority. But to copy pharmacy industry,
conformity period may have begun.

Haing Sa Wei says: "Conformity has begun, I predict to still can last.
I predict to still can last..

Alpharma, brightness luck,
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