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A careful supermarket sales promotion plans_28254


									Supermarket sales promotion,

A careful supermarket sales
promotion plans

Supermarket sales promotion, A careful supermarket sales
promotion plans

A careful supermarket sales promotion plans
Sales promotion is company promotion new product, raise a brand
famous degree, establish the important step that good figure
strengthens the enterprise to be contacted with the client. Most
enterprise can spend not little financial capacity, manpower,
material resources be on sales promotion activity, the supermarket is
the mainest room that contacts final client directly, also be the
battlefield forefront of enterprise fight hand-in-hand. How let sales
promotion calculated develop and can remove real action to need to a
careful market sales promotion plans, it is the program that a place
of careful sales promotion activity should have below;
One, the purpose that makes clear this second activity and tenet,
serve as the operative norm of sales promotion with mobile purpose
and tenet.

Mobile purpose is mobile soul and meaning place, consequently it is
the foundation of sales promotion and the basis that establish mobile

The activity of every time sales promotion of the enterprise has its
objective. If make consumer so faster that accept new product;
Release an enterprise to adjust information; Establish company image,
enlarge market force to wait. If treasure clean company arrived on
August 19, 2001,the purpose of the sales promotion of the washing
powder of green jade billow September 21 is to let consumer know "
green jade billow depreciates to will not pledge, comprehensive 65
fold " the price with major company is adjusted.

2, the supermarket with right choice

1. Person flow is large, figure is good, the place with goods shelves
good place.

Sales promotion product should place the place with big, figure is
estimated good in stream of people. If sales promotion product does
not have shop, what should place sales promotion product in goods
shelves is more conspicuous and easily the position that the client
buys, be goods shelves commonly layer or the 2nd goods shelves that
three-layer should be a supermarket and calm.

2. Undertake effective communication with the supermarket, strive for
the largest support of the supermarket. The supermarket does sales
promotion to be able to have certain restriction commonly now, if
hand in field,unified, gift cannot lead cost, dress and market enter
inside etc, can cause a lot of inconvenience to sales promotion
activity, must undertake be communicationed effectively with the
supermarket consequently, in order to gain the supermarket the
largest support to the activity. When undertaking communication with
the concerned personnel of the supermarket, the most important is to
emphasize " double win " , although manufacturer has stated goal,make
sales promotion, but at the same time benefit and supermarket
increase a sale, the support that should gain market as far as
possible if the personnel, broadcast, favorable position that puts by
the head that discharge caboodle, kinds or types of goods, position
of the paste that reachs placard the support that wait.
3. Fixed position unanimity principle, namely the choice of the
supermarket should business of the fixed position with the
supermarket, fixed position of sales promotion product, supermarket
encircles a client group fixed position and the purpose of this
second activity keep consistent. The choice of the sales promotion
supermarket that is like Sainike is a supermarket normally fixed
position is higher, the client that business encircles group of the
good-paying in can be

Supermarket or had resembled the large chain supermarket such as
beauty of much, content. And the sales promotion of general washing
powder can be in the supermarket with general more residential area.

3, sales promotion activity must division goes out famous.

Any sales promotion activities must have legitimate reason, can stay
to consumer otherwise " low reduction sale " , " company product is
sold not free " etc, because exist in the memory of a lot of consumer
" petty gain does not have good money " wait for an idea, if sales
promotion does not have legitimate reason,cannot obtain due result
only and the figure of the figure that can affect a product and
company. Use holiday, fete to be tasted newly appear on the market
the reason that serves as an activity is commonly used method, be
like " taste newly appear on the market " , " greet the 10 or 20 days
following Lunar New Year's Day " " anniversary inn is celebrated "

4, the wide announce with reasonable design is tasted, choose
appropriate gift.

1. The design principle that wide announce tastes:

(1) the design that wide announce tastes is overall the style should
be in with the product the figure photograph of the figure in client
memory and manufacturer is consistent, or the figure that the
consumer in the TV ad that introduces a product directly is familiar
with. The beautiful that be like embellish, wave soft wide announce
tastes the TV ad that is familiar with for consumer place mostly
medium " beautiful hair belle " poster, so advantageous the
impression that deepens pair of products with consumer. Wide announce
of Sha Xuan tastes a meeting to be figure with vogue; The sporting
goods is fundamental key with healthy, motion.

(2) the design of POP wants simple, marked, lively. Should reduce
overmuch character to narrate, key term uses marked color to write,
font wants lively, vivid, avoid by all means uses a Chinese character
written in the cursive hand, can let a client be in 3 seconds inside
read complete ministry content and leave deeper impression to the

(3) the circumstance that because be in,gift can appear to stop money
in sales promotion activity, be sure to write in the fine of POP "
gift is finite, give till " .

2. The choice of gift.

The choice principle of gift has substantial principle and
fashionable principle. But the correlation with must make when
choosing gift the product of gift and place sales promotion has
definite or the propagandist function with have particular. Specific
means has:

(1) give try out outfit. With the company the try out of new product
is installed or be the same as class product try out to pretend to be
gift with the other of the brand, use this kind of method to be able
to let consumer feel substantial on one hand, can promote the
promotion of new product on the other hand. Be " kill two hawks with
one arrow " sales promotion is politic.

(2) gift should be consumed with brand image and target group
psychological characteristic photograph is consistent. Be like in the
world brand image of Sha Xuan is " vogue, professional " consequently
the gift when Sha Xuan sales promotion often can reflect Sha Xuan
professional, fashionable characteristic. If send vogue handbag,
fashionable key,buckle, vogue

Wrist watch, fashionable purse, straight hair combs the fashionable
things that waits for female prefer.

(3) the design production of gift should reflect the principle with
figure high low cost, such is helpful for that reduce sales promotion
cost. If Sha Xuan's gift looks more fashionable elegant, but its cost
is not high, the gift of yulan magnolia oil chooses to have a brand
famous spent Yi Tailian graceful necklace, but because the
Yitailianna that serves as gift uses the raw material with low cost,
the price is consequently low, reflected the principle of the tall
figure when products plan, low cost.
(4) the gift that direct appliance has propagandist effect, if
imprint,product and the umbrella that enterprise bird indicates,
apron waits.

5, recruit the personnel that have experience or suits supermarket
sales promotion relatively.

Recruiting sales promotion personnel is to want to undertake
assessing to coming round to apply for personnel, can ask a few be
like " which a few respects when you feel to making sales promotion
you are more important, right the understanding that you make sales
promotion product before " etc, in order to assess this sales
promotion member whether to suit this job.

6, undertake grooming to sales promotion personnel and sales
promotion director.

To the most important one step of the when grooming activity of sales
promotion personnel. Sales promotion member the leading role that is
sales promotion activity, sales promotion member groom whether to
reach the designated position the success that the stand or fall that
reachs attitude of attending to guests to wait matters to sales
promotion activity directly. To sales promotion personnel groom
include the following content normally:

1. The bearing behavior of personnel of clear sales promotion must
maintain the image of the figure of the enterprise and supermarket,
of the regulations system that abides a supermarket groom: If be in
the yulan magnolia oily sales promotion of treasure clean company,
because yulan magnolia oil is the product of clean of world-famous
brand treasure, in the high-grade product in be being belonged to in
the supermarket, ask young lady of its sales promotion must be the
skin consequently good, sound enthusiasm of melting, manner, picture
is weak makeup female, and undertake grooming to these sales
promotion young ladies, the requirement abides the regulations system
of the supermarket, help the activity such as the tally of the
supermarket, make an inventory of stock on hand actively.

2. Make clear working program, if sign up for sales volume to wait;

3. Give the condition of gift clearly, in case gift miscarriage,
excessive sends, send more, send less;
4. Sales promotion member of post duty groom, the sale of the member
that include sales promotion explains, of the activity explain, fixed
newspaper sales volume, fill in time beforehand goods and etc;

5. Attitude of attending to guests grooms with what sell skill;

6. Specific award is punished make punish measure with award, in
order to avoid the don't bother to see me out of gift and sales
promotion member the behavior such as neglect one's duty;

7, sales promotion director undertakes checking to the routine of
sales promotion activity, supervise.

The attitude of attending to guests that be being supervised to
mobile examination basically is pair of sales promotion personnel,
method and stock up undertake checking. If sales promotion personnel

Without be late, the phenomenon of leave early; Right the client is
enthusiastic; Have send gift without the principle that presses a
regulation, the stock up on goods shelves is enough; Have without
fill in time goods, discover the problem is solved in time, insoluble
problem has without appear in the newspaper in time etc, to daily
activity those who begin is effective supervising is the requirement
that makes health of sales promotion activity undertakes in order.

8, the progress that makes the statistic of good activity hold an
activity. The salesperson must reach the problem with his of
existence insoluble place to have a report to sales volume everyday.
Can use the form such as day of forms for reporting statistics, week
forms for reporting statistics. Hold regular meeting every week,
solve the problem that exists in sales promotion.

9, sales promotion effect is evaluated. After sales promotion
activity ends, what the method that uses science undertakes
assessment sales promotion to the effect of sales promotion activity
is important one annulus. The functionary of sales promotion should
undertake investigating to the effect of activity of this sales
promotion, determine. If let a supermarket concern the chief opinion
to the activity, include to be opposite this second or the success of
the overall assessment of personnel of the choice of the method that
use, gift, sales promotion and activity and insufficient place.
Contrast what did target examination finish, analytic implementation
target and not the reason of telesis, accumulate experience for
activity of the following sales promotion.
A careful sales promotion activity returns due and careful plan
besides afore-mentioned programs, but the key is a plan implement the
working method with clarity.

Supermarket sales promotion,

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