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									                  What Is Housebreaking A Dog?
If you are new to owning a dog or have had them for years but have never actually
read up on how to handle a new puppy then you may not be sure of what the term
“housebreaking a dog” implies. If this applies to you then you will have to understand
it fully in order to be able to train your dog. In effect, housebreaking a dog is actually
the primary thing that you should be concerned with given that it sets the tone for
your authority and also your dog’s level of respect for your home.

Housebreaking a dog is effectively the process of training him or her to control his or
her toilet habits within the house. Of course, it can be a long process if you have a
puppy and dependent on the breed, but it is one that you must follow through with if
you do not want to be cleaning up puddles for years to come. Some breeds, such as
Labradors, will pick up your housebreaking rules within a few weeks but others, such
as Lakeland Terriers, can take months if not years to completely train.

Housebreaking a dog is effectively getting them to go outside to do their business
rather than do it in the house. There are ways and means to do this and owners will
find their preferred methods. Some like to use a crate whilst others like to us
newspaper or designated areas and work from there. This is of course up to you but
housebreaking a dog is an essential area of training that you should undertake from
day one.

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