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									                                 CMB Booster Club
                                 Minutes May 14, 2008

The CMB booster club met on Wednesday May 14th 2008 in Maxwell. The meeting was
called to order by Chris S. at 7:04 pm.

April 9th minutes were read by Theresa M. Jody B. moved to approve the minutes.
JoAnn G. seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
      1. Ron Gander reported CM balance
      2. Jody Bucklin reported the BAXTER balance, with the outstanding bills list.

Clothing Report
       1. Nothing to report.

Old Business
      1. Recap of April 17th Meeting : The booster club board, ADs and school
         administrators met to discuss the role of the booster club. To support athletics
         and promote CMB. The school has no athletic budget. School has to supply
         safety items to all sports. School would like to see the booster club give more
         money to the school to spend on athletics. School would also like to change
         the football jersey auction, commenting that they are okay if we do not raise
         as much money as years past. Both the booster club and the administrators
         are to sit down and recap what each other’s expectations are.
              a. CMB Booster Club Expectation of the Administration
                       i. General idea of budget dollars going to spend in current
                          year on uniforms , by August from the school. Booster Club
                          will vote on the dollars to commit to and report to the
                      ii. Better control of uniforms and equipment. Procedures in
                          place to check out and check in.
                     iii. Across the board same procedures for each school.
                     iv. Coaches attend meetings and participate in fundraisers.
                      v. Better communication. A minimum of 2 meetings per year.
      2. Golf Pass Raffle Status: Jody reported $470 collected, the drawing was held
         at the meeting and the winner was Ken Sheley.
      3. Softball Tournament: Nothing to report.
      4. Track Camera Wiring : Wireless.
      5. Recap of Joint School Board Meeting – Not well attended basically booster
         club members only. Need to promote the meeting better.
      6. Tailgate Supper being held in Maxwell August 22nd – Chris S. to contact
         Fareway, Walmart, Target, etc. for donations. Need more donations – do not
         buy anything to make more money. Form a committee for the tailgate.
         JoAnn, Debbie, Chris, Dee, Jody B.
      7. Yearly Donation Requests: Banks need to get request out early.
      8. September Volleyball Tournament : Will report at the Aug 13th meeting in
      9. Swap Meet: A flyer was created and put into each of the newletters. A
         collection will be taken at the Aug 22nd Sport Drink game and then made
           available to all at the first home football game in Maxwell on Sept. 5th . The
           school showed some interest in collecting old uniforms and such and placing a
           small price on these items. Possibly request a goodwill donation to get items.
           Also need to set some limits.
       10. Outstanding Items : Jody B. motioned to purchase the VB catch it for the
           Baxter Gym - $750.00 Ron G 2nd. Motion Passed.

AD Reports
     1. BB Booster Tournament will be 1/31/09. Henry to make sure both gyms are
     2. Golf Tournament set on 6/22/08 at Colo. $30.00 per person.
     3. Rescheduled soccer game on Monday 5/19/08.

New Business
     1. Tabled football requests till fall.
     2. Golf request for ball washers (2) $195.00 a piece – before next spring.
         Motion by Ron G. to purchase 2 ball washers for a total of $400.00. Janet N.
         2nd. Motion passed.
     3. Matt Bennett – MFL Football 4 teams (80 kids) came to request funds for
         practice jerseys. The booster club discussed requests outside of JH and HS
         athletics and determined that we needed to stay within the boundaries of JH
         and HS requests.

Janet N. motioned to adjourn the meeting. Ron G. 2nd .
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Theresa Maher

Chris Schmidt
Jody Bucklin
Janet Neuschwanger
Theresa Maher

JoAnn Gander
George Gibbs
Dee Gibbs
Theresa Peters
Debbie Applegate

Henry Haupert
Kris Corbin

Matt Bennett

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