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OSCK and Superverses to Launch OSCK Magazine September 20


Smallville News from OSCK

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									                 OSCK and Superverses to Launch OSCK Magazine September 20, 2010

 To celebrate the launch of Season 10, the staff of Superverses/MV Blogtalk Radio have been working
   on a special project – an online magazine to compliment the sites radio show, blog, and forums.

Phoenix, AZ- September 19, 2010- The staff of OSCK/ Superverses and the Superverses/ MV
Blogtalkradio show will publish their first issue of OSCK Magazine. The online magazine is designed to
compliment sites’ weekly radio show along with our blog and forums sites.

The first issue is focused on celebrating the launch of the all new and final season of Smallville on the
CW. The magazine will contain insightful commentary, spoilers, photos, and lots of fun information
regarding SMALLVILLE, Superman, and DC Comics.

Download Magazine on Blog Site on September 20, 2010

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ABOUT OSCK/ Superverses:

OSCK and Superverses are part of the Multipleverses Network of entertainment news, discussion and
blog sites.

OSCK was founded in 2007 by a group of impassioned Superman fans who united to stand up for
Superman as a character on Smallville. OSCK is now one of the largest Smallville blog sites online with
about 1.5 million site visits to date (

Superverses is the new name for discussion forums which focus on three Warner Brothers series-
Smallville, Supernatural and V along with Superman and DC Comics topics. ( ).

ABOUT Multipleverses:

Multipleverses is the parent entity to OSCK. The Multipleverses Network includes Multipleverses ( ) a broad based science fiction tv and film news and spoiler site,
TheEntertainmentHotline ( ) a general tv, movie and music site,
Sarah Connor Society ( is the largest site online devoted to the
Terminator TV series along with cast updates and news as well as James Cameron movie news. The
Multipleverses Blogtalkradio show ( ) covers news and topics
from all of our sites along with press conferences from upcoming films. The Multipleverses Network is
affiliated with, ABC, Syfy Channel, USA Network, History Channel, Fox Television and more
top media providers for licensed video and photographic content.

Press Contact:

Kate Blake : Phone 602 569 1850

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