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					                                     On the Way
                             September 12, 2008
                            Extravagant Grace * Generous Hearts * Renewed World

I was recently discussing my introductions to On the Way with Leah, our (almost) 26 year-old -daughter. She
said the idea of faith as journey reminded her of a couple of lines from her favorite television program. Gilmore
Girls is an award winning comedy/drama which ran from October 2000 to May 2007. Here’s an overview from
     The show follows single mother, Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory Gilmore in a fictional town of
     Stars Hollow, Connecticut, a close-knit small town with many quirky characters, located roughly thirty
     minutes from Hartford. The series explores family, friendship, generational divides, and social class.
     Gilmore Girls features affected, fast-paced dialogue, with frequent popular-culture and political
     references. It also features social commentary, which is manifest most clearly in Lorelai's difficult
     relationship with her wealthy upper class parents.
Both quotes are from Lorelai, during a second season episode, ―The Roadtrip to Harvard.‖ Here’s the plot of
the show, from "The Gilmore Girl's road trip takes them to a most unusual bed and breakfast and
more importantly to tour Harvard and Rory's possible future. Meanwhile Lorelai decides to move forward with
her dream of opening an inn." The episode takes place right after Lorelai has decided to break off her
impending marriage to Max (who was Rory's English teacher)
     Lorelai Gilmore: We can't be lost; we don't know where we're going.
     Lorelai Gilmore: We're almost there, but nowhere near it. All that matters is that we're going.
Leah added this commentary:
     by the way, the first quote reminds me of grandpa. he used to say that you're not lost until you run out of
     gas. seems to me that before you run out of gas, you're just on your way. you might not know where
     you're going, but you're on your way somewhere, and that's okay. better to be on your way than out of gas
     and not on your way. incidentally, that's how I view life. I don't always know where it's headed, but I'm
     much happier being uncertain and alive than the alternative.
“Alive beats the alternative” is a popular quip. “Being uncertain beats the alternative” is a twist worth
considering. In a 1975 book titled The Courage to Create, Rollo May makes the case for doubt:
―A curious paradox characteristic of every kind of courage here confronts us. It is the seeming contradiction
that we must be fully committed, but we must also be aware at the same time that we might possibly be wrong . .
. To believe fully and at the same time have doubts is not at all a contradiction: it presupposes a greater respect
for truth, an awareness that truth always goes beyond anything that can be said or done at any given moment.‖
(pp 20-21)
When I read these lines, I responded with an enthusiastic note in the margins, ―Yes! This is where the church is
called to be!‖ In the face of cultural and religious complexity, we need to move forward, fully committed, but
always listening for the sacred voice that may be saying something new. With humility, compassion, and grace,
we follow Jesus, ―On the Way.‖

2008 Fall Gatherings of the Central Pacific Conference
We frequently celebrate the idea of Covenant Community in the UCC. If this is going to be real in the life of
our Conference, we have to experience Community from time to time. I strongly urge all of you to attend one
or both of the 2008 Fall Gatherings. See you there!
The nine Idaho churches in our Conference will gather at Community Congregational UCC in McCall Idaho on
Friday & Saturday, September 26th and 27th. I’ll join them for business and worship. During my time in Idaho,
I’ll visit our eastern camp, Pilgrim Cove. I’ll preach at McCall and Wright Congregational on Sunday
mornings, and visit with congregation members at all nine churches.
The western gathering of churches will be a Friday & Saturday, October 24th and 25th at Corvallis First
Congregational UCC, 4515 SW West Hills Road. My installation as the Conference Minister of the CPC will
take place on Friday night. The remainder of the time will be filled with business, worship, my
keynote/Conference Minister address, and a variety of workshops.
                                                               Registration materials are attached

Workshop Options at the 2008 Fall Gathering at Corvallis
Holy Humor Sunday – presented by Walter John Boris. This Sunday became a popular one in his previous
church, once a year. The emphasis is on solid theology, with a playful approach to worship. We can be serious,
and still have a sense of humor.
Together in Mission: Central Pacific Conference Back Bay Mission Trip – presented by Dennis Alger and
Jean Doane. In September 2008, fifteen mission-minded UCC members from a variety of our CPC churches
traveled with our new Conference Minister, Walter John Boris, to the UCC's Back Bay Mission in Biloxi,
Mississippi, to assist with the on-going process of recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Come hear the stories of
this extraordinary trip. Learn how our eyes were opened and our faith deepened by this experience of hands-on
service in solidarity with the men, women, and children affected by one of the worst natural disasters to occur in
the U.S. so far this century. Learn how hands-on mission service can help give focus to our faith and new
vitality to our churches.
Latest stewardship developments – presented by MaryLee Planer, with the assistance of the Stewardship
Associates. MaryLee attended the UCC Stewardship event in Cleveland in April, and the Ecumenical
Stewardship Conference. Along with the Associates, she will share the highlights of these meetings. This is, in a
way, a continuation of the workshop presented at the Spring Assembly in Salem.
Including your church in Estate Planning - presented by David Avison. Participants will be considering both
their personal and their church's interests in estate planning. Attendees will be provided with a general
overview of personal estate planning techniques, as well as some example language. The seminar will also
provide suggestions for church leaders considering the establishment of local planned giving efforts. Topics:
Should I have a Will and/or some other estate planning vehicle?* Whom should I consult when making my
estate plans? Should I include my church in my estate plans?* How should estate gifts to the church be
structured? Wills? Trusts? Gift Annuities? Others? Should my local church have a planned giving program? *
What are the first steps?                 *Hint = the answer is "yes."
National Youth Event 2008 – Living the Life – presented by Liz Paulson and friends.
We will bring together youth and leaders who attended the National Youth Event.
                                                                                                   Continued . . .
Oregon’s Fall Ballot Measures, a faith perspective – presented by Kevin Finney, Oregon Public Policy
Director for Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. Come to discuss the upcoming legislative session in Oregon,
with some focus on health care, housing and revenue issues. This workshop will also touch on federal issues
some, mostly focused on the upcoming debate over extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

St. John’s UCC, Tillamook will install Dennis Johnson on October 12th
You are invited to join the congregation of St. John’s UCC at the installation of their new pastor on Sunday,
October 12th, 4 pm. A reception and light supper will follow the celebration.

No Issue of “On the Way” next week – September 19th
I’m one of a fifteen person workteam from the Central Pacific Conference scheduled to arrive at Back Bay
Mission in Biloxi, Mississippi tomorrow, Saturday, September 13th. That’s assuming that Hurricane Ike doesn’t
shut down all the access routes to Gulfport. Ike is due to make landfall on the Texas coast sometime Friday
night. Whenever we arrive, we’ll help to repair hurricane damage from Katrina up through the present
onslaught. We’ll return to the Pacific Northwest on Saturday, the 20th.

Distribution of “On the Way”
One of the features that was added during our website redesign was a subscription process for people to receive
email notification that a issue of the electronic newsletter had been posted on the website. This was intended to
protect people from unwanted email. Since work on the website was suspended two months ago, the newsletter
is being sent out to the current subscription list. New people are being added slowly as they share their names.
The newsletter is not restricted to clergy and Conference leaders. Any of our church members are welcome to
receive it. But adding large numbers of addresses without automation would be very time consuming. An
alternative is to forward the newsletter, in both WORD and pdf formats, to your congregational mailing list. If
you think that’s a little too much information, consider cutting pieces of ―On the Way‖ and dropping them into
your church newsletter. The intention is to include as many people as possible in this primary means of Central
Pacific Conference communication. Thanks!

Here’s a “Church Vitality” Event you don’t want to miss.
REGISTER NOW!! Transform Your Church with “Unwrapping Our Gifts”
Bethel Congregational UCC in Beaverton, OR will host a leadership training event on Saturday, October 4th,
from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm. ―Unwrapping Our Gifts‖ is sponsored by the Central Pacific Conference UCC and the
National UCC. This will be a time of individual spiritual renewal as well as an introduction to the Laity
Empowerment Project. To get maximum benefit for your church, send a team of 3 people (including your
pastor). If you can’t find three people, you’re still welcome to attend. If you want a personal recommendation,
call David Randall-Bodman at Bethel. He’ll tell you that it’s the best program of leadership training he’s
experienced in 20 years of ministry!
Congregational Vitality was the theme of the Spring Assembly and will continue to be a focus for the western
churches at the Fall Gathering in Corvallis. ―Unwrapping Our Gifts‖ is a concrete step toward member
empowerment and increased vitality for your church. For more information go to: Register your team by September 29th.

Women’s Retreat * October 17-19, 2008 * “God is Still Giving”
This year’s Women’s Retreat explores the theme, ―God is Still Giving.‖ During the event, participants will
acknowledge the present of God in their lives by slowing down and relaxing! Bring a playful spirit, and join the
group at Camp Adams to worship, discuss, meditate, sing, and play together. The Rev. Jean Done will be the
resource leader as women take advantage of the opportunity to greet old and new friends, walk in the woods,
and share their joys and sorrows as they build a strong community of women in the Central Pacific Conference.

Women’s Fall Cluster Meetings
Each event will feature speakers from the Back Bay Mission trip.
     Wednesday, October 1—Boise 1st Congregational UCC
     Wednesday, October 15—Lincoln City Congregational UCC
     Wednesday, October 22---Bethel UCC, White Salmon, WA
     Thursday, October 23---Vancouver 1st Congregational UCC
Registrations begin at 9:30 a.m. The $7 fee includes lunch. The event begins with a 10 a.m. worship service.
An offering will be received for the Rev. Anne Smith Educational Loan/Grant Fund. Speakers follow worship.
Lunch is scheduled at noon with a short concluding business session. Reservations should be made with the
host church at least 3 days before the gathering.

Still on the Calendar…
Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 7:00 pm. Healing and Prayer Service at Cedar Hills UCC. For more information
contact Bev Stearns, 503-626-4026; email is

Saturday, September 27, 2008. 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. First Congregational UCC, Portland. Workshop with
Master storyteller Christopher Leebrick. The storytelling workshop is $30 per person for early registration by
September 15. Later registration is $35. Call 503-228-7219 to sign up.
Thursday, October 30, 2008. 11 am – 4:30 pm. Cedar Hills UCC. Green Building and Renovations sponsored
by Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. To register, call (503) 221-1054 or e-mail Pre-registration is requested by Oct. 27, but registration will be accepted at the
door. To download a brochure, go to

UCC & Disciples Youth on Nickelodeon ~ Wider Ministries Team
F.A.S.T. Faithful Advocates Serving Together is a joint program of the United Church of Christ and the
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) providing service each summer in the Appalachian Region. Groups have
an opportunity to serve, to learn more about the causes of poverty, and to covenant to stay involved upon their
return home. You can learn more about this outreach effort by watching Sunday, September 14th, 2008 at 9 p.m.
on Nickelodeon. For more information on F.A.S.T. Mission Trips:
group.html. To plan YOUR CHURCH mission trip, email

Clergy Cluster Gatherings
Idaho * Wednesday, October 1st, 10:00 am * Wright Congregational UCC, Boise. I am planning to attend the
gathering. I’ll look forward to seeing you! wj

Dear UCC O&A Folk – a request for help ~ Joyce Liljeholm
I am seeking a person to be a homestay coordinator for the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition
(OSSCC) 7th Annual Safe Schools Training. The event is in Portland this year
Friday Oct 24 and Saturday Oct 25. Typically we get a team of one adult and three teens who need a floor for
their sleeping bags and access to a bathroom. Nicer accommodations, are of course appreciated, when
available. Teams can be broken up into groups of two or three. Typically they only need Friday night, but
sometimes Thursday night. As coordinator, you would seek homestay hosts, and receive homestays requests.
Then you would assign pairs and let them make further arrangements.
If you know of someone who would enjoy serving OSSCC in this way, please contact Joyce Liljeholm at 503-
232-4556 or Thank you, Joyce

A Personal Note . . .
As I listened to NPR reports this morning about 9/11 observances, I remembered the words I spoke on Sunday,
September 16, 2001. My sermon title was God’s Peace or Our Peace? Here are my concluding statements:
 The lead over and over again in news stories is, "America has changed. America will never be the same. We
have lost our innocence." I'm not sure that we really had innocence left to lose. We lost our innocence at Pearl
Harbor. We lost our innocence when JFK was assassinated. We lost our innocence again when Martin Luther
King Jr. was assassinated. We lost our innocence when the Murrow Federal building was blown to pieces in
Oklahoma City. If we were still naive about this world, then we were fooling ourselves. What I'm afraid of is not
that we have changed as a country. But I'm afraid that we have not changed enough. I'm afraid a month or a
year or 5 years down the road, we will have forgotten the lessons that were here to be learned in this event. I'm
afraid that we will return to our comfortable ways, doing what is good for us and what is good for America, and
ignoring the rest of the world. I'm afraid that we will be satisfied with our peace, and not with God's peace.
May God be with us all. Amen.

Dominic Crossan teaches us that the Roman Empire’s motto was ―Victory, then Peace.‖ He said Jesus offered
an alternative – ―Justice, then Peace.‖ We are still Rome . . .

                                                                   Yours in Christ, walter john

                The Rev. Dr. Walter John Boris – Conference Minister
                Central Pacific Conference * United Church of Christ
                                 Interchurch Center
                          0245 SW Bancroft Street, Suite E
                              Portland, OR 97239-4258 (O) 503-228-3178 (M) 206-235-3801 (H) 360-314-2497

                                  CENTRAL PACIFIC CONFERENCE
                                    UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST
                                    ANNUAL FALL GATHERING
                                       October 24 & 25, 2008

                             First Congregational United Church of Christ
                             4515 SW West Hills Road, Corvallis, OR 97333
        e-mail: website: (for maps)http://www.ucc-

            Please PRINT or TYPE one registration form for EACH PERSON attending the Fall Gathering.

                Mail completed forms to:        First Congregational United Church of Christ
                                                Attn: Fall Gathering Registration
                                                4515 SW West Hills Rd.
                                                Corvallis, OR 97333

Street Address:                                                              E-mail:
City:                                                                       State:                  ZIP
Day/Evening Phone(s):                                       Church Name:
Please check appropriate box:  Delegate       Visitor     Clergy       Youth Delegate*       Youth Visitor*
        *All Youth must complete and return the attached liability waiver and medical release forms with this
        registration form.

REGISTRATION FEES: Early registration saves you money, helps planning, and speeds check-in!
     $25 when postmarked no later than October 1, 2008
     $35 when postmarked after October 1, 2008            FEE FOR REGISTRATION: $

MEAL FEES: All meals must be ordered by October 10, 2008.
                                                                Adult           Child (under 10)
         Friday Dinner                                           $11.00         $3.50
         Saturday Lunch                                  $6.00  $4.00

                Special Food Needs:  Vegetarian     Vegan    Non-dairy
                                                                                     FEES FOR MEALS: $

                                                          TOTAL FOR REGISTRATION & MEALS: $

 I have enclosed a check payable to: First Congregational UCC, Corvallis
 I will pay upon arrival (the $35 registration fee will be assessed)

Date Registration Form Received:                        Liability Form enclosed for children?
Date Fee Received:
“Total Due” agrees with “Total Received”? Yes             No        If ―No,‖ date followup done?
                        I will make my own lodging arrangements (see enclosed sheet with hotel information).
                 For better rates, try “pricelining” various motels.
                        I prefer to stay with a church family (requests must be received by October 17, 2008; the
                 church may not be able to honor requests after this date).
                         I am:  Male               Female
                         I need housing for (check all that apply):     Friday  Saturday
                         I want to be roomed with another CPC attendee, if possible, named:
                                           and we will need:             1 bed        2 beds
                         I/we have the following special needs:          a home with no pets     accessibility needs
                              a home that allows smoking outdoors  other:
                         I will need transportation to my host home:  Yes        No

                         I will arrive in my own vehicle
                         I will fly into PDX (Portland Airport) and will need transportation to Corvallis
                          (See attached Hut Shuttle schedule)
                         I will arrive in                  (Albany/Corvallis) by train/bus (circle one) on
                 (date) at                     (time) and will need to be met by someone who can take me to the church.
                         I will arrive in an RV and will stay at the Benton County Fairgrounds (complete with hookups),
                 approximately 1 mile from the Corvallis church. Parking constraints will not allow hookups at church.

CHILD CARE: Children are always welcome!                 Full-service child care for infants through age 12 will be available
Friday afternoon and eve and Saturday morning through the end of the Gathering . We do ask parents to pick up their
children at meal time to allow our volunteers time to eat. Our children will be split into groups with age-appropriate activities.
We look forward to meeting your children and helping them feel comfortable while your family visits us.


                              Friday afternoon                                             Saturday morning
                              Friday evening                                               Saturday afternoon

              Child’s Name                                                          Age:
              Child’s Name                                                          Age:
              Child’s Name                                                          Age:
           Please provide information that will help us make your child feel comfortable (e.g., fears,
           allergies, favorite games, nicknames, etc.
     Parents who have a need for child care must complete the attached Liability Waiver and
     Medical Release forms. The forms may be returned with your registration forms OR may be
     turned in when you arrive.