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					Hotel management, run a system,

The administrative system of hotel

Hotel management, run a system, The administrative system of
hotel clerk

   One, observe period of inn compasses inn self-consciously, want to
tell civilization, tell courtesy, virtuous, tell discipline. Want
active be eager to make progress, love hillock respects property, be
good at learning, master skill.
   2, wanting inn mount hillock, hang out one's shingle service, want
appearance end makeup, manner is easy, normative diction,
civilization serves, courtesy entertains a guest, active and
   3, clerk, want to press a program everyday, clear by regulation
and requirement the room is wholesome, want serious and meticulous;
Want to run the article of good room, discover the problem reports in
   45, , when the examination clears, must not be moved in disorder
and illicit the thing that takes a visitor, forbid to be asked for to
the guest article and receive gift; Pick up lost article to want hand
over to the collective or the state.
   7, forbid other to be entered at will downstage; Downstage
computer wants management of person specially assigned for a task and
operation, forbid to have nothing to do personnel privately operation;
Type, duplicate, send and receive a fax, want to collect fees by the
   8, working hours forbids to leave post, occupied ask for leave to
the leader, forbid privately relief and relay, forbid to play cards,
knit sweater, see TV reach do the business that has nothing to do
with the job.
   9, do good safety to be on guard seriously the job, do work of
guard against theft of good fire prevention especially, want diligent
examination, discover the problem wants seasonable report and
   2 wholesome systems
   Public tea service should daily clean disinfection. Tea service
surface must flavour of the bright and clean, be soiled that do not
have oil, anhydrous be soiled, as good as.
   The pool washing gargle of the toilet inside guest room, bed pan
should daily clean disinfection. 6, the communal toilet of course of
study of guesthouse, inn should be accomplished daily sweep,
disinfection, maintain without flavour of the seeper, fly that do not
have midge, as good as.
   3, system of check on work attendance
   One, employee must be abided by strictly commute time, must not be
late, leave early.
   2, rest every months two days each, it is important to encounter
recieve the task to suspend resting, fill afterwards cease. New year
holidays presses hotel regulation.
   3, employee abdication beard will resign the report is handed in
ahead of schedule, had groomed new worker mount guard just can leave
post, if have what special situation cannot resign ahead of schedule,
answer to inform foreman in time, by manager of foreman ask for
   4, employee asks leave of absence, must report foreman ahead of
schedule, if treat staff in short supply or have main job, need not
grant to approve. After the event asks for leave uniform handle by
absent from work.
   5, go to work strictly according to formulary order, if have
urgent matter relieve a person on duty, below the situation that does
not affect regular job, shift to an earlier date one day to offer
application to foreman, press processing of absent from work without
agreeing with relief of do sth without authorization.
   6, to diddle thing sick leave, once fish, inspect a clue to give
stay away from work without leave or good reason or remove sb's name
from the rolls processing.
   4, appearance appearance regulation
   1, the coverall that working hours should wear a regulation.
   2, coverall wants neat, erect, button by the regulation jacket is
buckled, pants is buckled.
&nbs P; 3, prohibit installing inside the lap on coverall, trouser
pocket sundry, with maintaining coverall hold out draw together. If
coverall has damaged to should be repaired in time. 4, when the clerk
goes to work, uniform dress black works shoe, working shoe maintains
clean. Wearing a sock, requirement male deep female shallow, the sock
wants in good condition without damaged, forbid barefoot to wear a
   Forbid to wear all sorts of jewelry during 5 clerks mount guard,
wait like catenary of necklace, hand, dangler,
ring.                          Should be versed in by formulary
general name brand is worn during 6 jobs in left bosom
position.                                        7, the clerk is worn
after outfit, should self-check, accept foreman the examination is
eligible and rear but mount guard.
   8, the clerk should maintain countenance cleanness, hair neat,
hair style is beautiful, lavish.
   9, the man stays hair, do not build after get, side not block ear;
The lady stays hair, the shoulder does not hang down after, before
not blind fold. Cut shave, frequently tonsorially, frequently
frequently wash his hands change clothes, frequently fingernail,
frequently, bathe.
   10, the man does not leave moustache, big hair on the temples; The
lady does not wear long nail, do not besmear fingernail oil, do not
use aroma water.
   11, should make up weak before lady mount guard, cannot wear heavy
   12, peculiar smell food does not eat before maintaining mount
guard of oral cavity sanitation, wait like green, garlic, strong-
smelling preserved bean curd.
   13, area area is dignified and kind and smile, kind, sedate,
neither haughty nor humble.
   1, sitting position
   A, body erect, centre of gravity is perpendicular downward, the
waist is held out, double shoulder is loosened, double genu and
approach, hand nature is put on genu. Binocular smooth inspect, the
face brings a smile.
   B, when sitting, do not take the chair full (the clerk should sit
of the chair 2/3) , but cannot sit in edge.
   C cannot before admire after Fu, foot of oscillating mast lift up,
cannot cross the leg go up in armrest or tea table.
   D is before boss or guest cannot both hands is held in the arms
before the bosom, cannot lift up cross-legged or with ankle on knee,
cannot shake a leg, also do not lie to sit partly partly.
   2,   standing position
   A, quite bosom, receive an abdomen, look up, the view is calm
inspect, the face brings a smile.
   Prolapse of nature of B, double arm or in the across before body,
below the right hand on left hand, maintain the groove of the service.
   When C, air hostess stands, double foot becomes “V” word model,
double genu leans closely, calcaneal relies on to tighten. Male clerk
stands double foot and shoulder are the same as wide.
   D, when standing cannot akimbo, bowleg or hand help post,
information desk, wall up to wait.
   E, when standing cannot hand fork is inside dress pocket, cannot
stretch oneself, lane the petty action such as the hair.
   The F, foot when standing cannot make time, cannot 29 gather
   3, take appearance
   A, hold one's head high, hold out prolapse of nature of bosom, two
arms to swing, the leg wants straight. Air hostess takes one word
step, male clerk walks double calcaneal is parallel.
&nbs P; B, when walking, forbid to wag one's head, whistle, snack,
do not get hand forked bag.
   C, when walking, must not run, bouncing, do not cross among be in
   D guest crosses a station to decide, give way actively and beck
says hello to.
   E walks inside corridor, should rely on right, must not help a
wall up with the hand.
   F3 person above should walk dispersedly, cannot in threes and
fours travels together. The shoulder must not be ticked off to build
back, edge to say to the edge laughs or fight noisely when walking.
   5, byelaw of rewards and punishment
   1, go to work be late, leave early.
   2, time going to work reads a book, read newspaper, snack, drink
beverage, catnap.
   3, spit everywhere, drop about wastepaper, peel sundry.
   4, do not be versed in by the member that appoint the passageway
comes in and go out, the move is casual enter working station.
   5, violate each regulations system, be criticized pedagogue.
   6, smoke inside area of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade.
   7, hear music when the class, watch TV, make private telephone
call or chat with the phone.
   8, working hours arrogate to oneself leaves post, string together
hillock or gather together chat, the personnel outside be not being
taken via arrogate to oneself of ask for instructions enters a public
   9, allocate to superior the job is logy, protracted, working
responsibility heart is not strong, carelessness, cause working
accident, the clue is slight person.
   10, in public or when Ban Shiyi the look is not rectified do not
wear by the regulation outfit, be like the crooked card that take
work, hair wall of not whole, support.
   11, there is tooth of get rid of in guest use place, dig ear,
catch nostril of urticant, dig or dig out with a finger or sth
pointed, look in the mirror, make up, start shooting points to,
whistle, akimbo of hand socket bag, both hands, loudly roaring etc
have neglect one's duty demeanour of course of study.
   12, the service is not not active, enthusiastic, need not
honorific and courteous diction, resolve the demand of the in one's
power that the guest offers not actively, cause guest dissatisfaction.
   13, employee has violate the rules and regulations to violate age
act, attendant administrator is not corrected, do not check,
nonperformance manages responsibility, the plot is smaller.
   14, violate concerned regulations system or sectional regulation,
the clue is slight.
   15, the person that discover in wholesome examination much place
is unqualified.
   16, disobedient ranking and reasonable command, did not finish
working job or go slow of purpose, to the person that superior has
not courteous words and deeds.
   17, sow discord in the job, calumniatory other, dispersed the
opinion on public affairs that goes against solidarity; The lack on
the job coordinates cooperative spirit, cause the job to be affected.
   18, live when class time catnap, dry illicit.
   19, violate system of standard of program of all sorts of safe
regulations, work, operation and each regulations.
   20, privately uses stranger things or the guest uses installation,
do sth without authorization flips through guest article.
   21, the language is vulgar, not courteous to the guest, argue with
the guest, without agreeing do sth without authorization enters guest
room or Leader office.
   22, the job is complained not not seriously, enthusiasticly by
guest or leader.
   23, privately accepts guest fee, article, or bequeath article is
handed in not in time
   24, working hours loudly guest of influence of roaring down to
   25, as a result of individual job error influence works to
customer service Wu.
   26, the working order that violates each post or regulations
system down to cause working hidden trouble.
   27, the job that disturbs another person with the method of
   28, the article that do sth without authorization employs guest or
appliance, use central device without approving privately.
   29, know perfectly well property to get loss or missing, and no
matter pay no attention to,do not report.
   30, provide truthless inaccurate report, form or data.
   31, reveal hotel secret, lose the fundamental goods such as hotel
key, receipt.
   32, the reasonable job that refus does not accept a leader to
arrange, ill-mannered.
   33, working neglect one's duty creates power cut, cut off the
water supply, stop the grave accident such as machine.
   Repulsive, remove sb's name from the rolls or discharge
   1, serious neglect one's duty, jobbery, cause significant loss.
   2, be found out lawfully by public security mechanism criminal
   3, insufficient job, the course grooms or adjust post still
insufficient job.
   4, theft or illicit take hotel article, illicit open guest room.
   5, affront, calumniatory, beat up, threaten, minatory, harm works
in the same place and be led or fight affray.
   6, excessive drinking, gamble causes abominable effect.
   7, disobedient leader director, reject to lead the reasonable job
of assign, disable via education.
   8, intended attaint public property.
   9, use government service to seek illicit, corruption, defalcate.
   10, the defile sex opinion on public affairs that publishs
concerned hotel to the outside, publish the speech that has hotel
reputation, figure of serious damage hotel.
   11, other and serious violate the rules and regulations violates
age act.
   6, criterion of service of guest room department and discipline
   1, obedient and upper management, solidarity works in the same
place, working mood is full, do not affect the work with individual
   2, before the job, the attention in the job carries oneself
appearance instrument, maintain a center neat and peaceful, maintain
normal private life.
   3, time going to work is forbidden receive dozen of private
telephone call, forbidden interview relatives and friends or chat.
   4, “ should be accomplished inside service area 3 light ” talk
already light, on foot the operation is light, small.
   5, to the guest the service shoulds not be beyond the mark and
affectionate, cannot build pat guest shoulder.
   6, the inquiry of guest cannot not know with “ ” replies, answer
to inquire as far as possible, if receive a visitor inappropriate
statements and actions, cannot give tit for tat, ying Wan turns
explanation. Holding to a guest is right forever.
   7, face guest must not Smoking, have a thing, read newspaper, do
not get crude character thick signal; Do not express personal opinion,
do not discuss the affairs of state.
   8, lest forget,the requirement should be recorded instantly,
exceed powers and authorities of office to cannot be in behoove
instantly to leader ask for instructions, do not get arrogate to
oneself to make a stand.
   9, agree to cannot be held in the arms without the guest play
guest child, lest cause a guest vinegary; Go out when the guest or
when the dinner party, to its child cannot scanty at taking care of,
but must not give food in disorder.
   10, do not say before the guest needless word does not make proud
   11, if discover the guest falls ill unwell or other and unusual
situation should report instantly, lest produce an accident.
   12, nurturance is good knock habit, must not enter guest room at
will, do not get goods of the baggage inside house of aleatoric and
mobile guest, in guest room a person operating from within in
coordination with outside forces big door must not close.
   13, whether be lodger without affirming or agree without lodger,
must not open the door for other at will.
   14, guest pass in and out should be carried actively take baggage,
discover bequeath to article is handed in in time and be in for a
short while inside remand guest.
   15, commute take employee channel, be not special situation to
must not use a guest to use elevator.
   6, working security rules
   1, all sorts of class action cars are used not to get knock
against wall and furniture inside the building; Do not let the
article on the car hold off the line of sight; Encounter corner to
   Careful and advertent, fluctuation stair cannot ran.
   2, hold post neat, often check each window inside area in good
condition, whether clean unobstructed; Open a door for the guest or
door should notice safety carefully.
   3, clear when bathroom or altitude sanitation, must not stand in
bath crock, wash one's hands whole place of stage edge or other
uneasiness, use working ladder when necessary.
   4, before entering dark room, answer to open the lamp first, both
hands should be wiped when use switch or other electric equipment, do
not stand in damp ground, lest get an electric shock.
   5, the article on frame should be put orderly, do not put the
cleaner that has dangerous sex in position of prep above the top of
head frame lest produce an accident,go up.
   6, the clean things such as cleaner, dishcloth, broom, pail,
should put in safe place, cannot stay in footpath or stair mouth.
   7, if the thing falls into rubbish bag inside, install to ensure
complete, do not extend both hands directly collect into bag varus.
   8, do not collect broken glass service, razor blade or other and
keen goods with the hand, should use broom dustpan to keep clear of,
put at appointing the accident prevents inside container.
   9, discover work area, stair, floor burst or icy, electric
equipment, equipment breakdown or undesirable when should sign up for
instantly long.
   10, the safety that reachs oneself for the guest, should notice to
abide by prohibit all designation such as smoking and formulary item,
abide by really, prevent an accident.
   11, do not use case, bucket or other can pile up article replaces
working ladder to use.
   12, when using chemical cleaner, must wear guaze mask or glove,
when using if do not take care to touch in one's hand or the body
should be rinsed with cold water instantly, lest harm the skin.
   13, ask strictly to use all sorts of clean device according to
formulary operation, because the operation is undeserved,avoid and
get hurt or attaint equipment.
   14, check all insecure hidden trouble at any time, discover the
problem reports in time.
   15, all sorts of works that complete leader arrangement at any
   System of 7 fire prevention
   1, a safe censor is installed inside the branch (safe knowledge
unites arrangement to groom by security personnel ministry) .
   2, the clerk wants union to clean arrange room and other servive
routine, notice igneous cause, kindling at any time, if discover the
butt that did not go out, match club rubbish is entered again after
wanting to go out in time catch fire in case inside the belt.
   3, should reach concerned system to deal with by the regulation to
the electric equipment that provides inside the room, discover
insecure element is like short circuit, leakage of electricity,
contact undesirable, excess load is divided with the problem such as
report outside taking step in time, want to inform engineering
department of the overhaul instantly, sign up for security personnel
   4, should dissuade guest not to explode will combustibly, easily,
chemical toxic and radioactivity article belt enter floor and room,
if have,dissuade the visitor that do not listen or already led,
should reach times to accuse security personnel ministry.
   5, should clear in time the combustible of the room is tasted, be
like: Box of unused waste paper, newspaper, data and wooden case,
paper (box) so that reduce on fire hidden danger,wait. If guest room
combustible is tasted more, do not let clear again or the
accommodation fire prevention that branch of inobservant public
security makes sets, want department of seasonable report security
   6, floor service person should stand fast post, raise vigilance to
notice floor has without on fire element, should accomplish “ 5
diligent ”(turns frequently, look frequently, check frequently, hear
frequently, say) frequently, the guest that drinks wine excessive
especially wants special attention, because smoke,prevent, with
report, cause fire carelessly with fire.
   7, the position that the clerk must accomplish everybody to be
familiar with fire extinguisher to deposit, the function that masters
fire extinguisher reachs use method, the position that fire
extinguisher deposits must not move at will, maintain all fire
control establishment inside good area under administration,
   8, when meeting condition having fire, answer to take action of
put out a fire by lash-up plan, dictate by superior scattered guest,
withdraw refuge by the closest fire control stair. Want to accomplish
the examination that chase a room, the attention protects the
belongings security of the spot and guest.
   9, sectional chief is person of responsibility of this branch
safety first. 1
   Attitude of attending to guests is admirable change
   The concentration that attitude of attending to guests is
consciousness of awareness of service personnel thought, service and
business quality discretion is behaved, be The main demand that
standardization serves. Guest room attitude of attending to guests is
admirable the focal point that turn is to should accomplish active,
enthusiastic, considerate, patience. Specific saying is:
   1, active. Before serving actively to start to talk at the guest
namely, it is consciousness of service of guest room clerk intense
concentration is behaved. Its are specific requirement: Greet
actively send, the side carries baggage; Greet sb actively with the
guest, the language is kind; Active introduction serves an item;
Bring a road actively to open the door for important guest; Call lift
actively, greet send a guest. Act as a guide actively for newcome
guest other entertainment area; Take care of guest of troops make up
of the old and weak actively; Seek guest and the opinion that
accompany personnel actively.
   2, enthusiastic. Serve the manner in the process in guest room
namely easy, face brings cordial, passion smile, wanting to install
neat, bouncy, meter on appearance appearance dignified, clear,
accurate, dialect wants on the language kind, downy; Want to have the
mind with be happy to aid guest of person, help to discharge care to
solve difficult on conduct behavior, appropriate use body language.
   3, courteous. Should have namely ceremony, cultured, respect guest
psychology. Both neither improperly belittle oneself, forget honor at
sight of money, humble before the guest, lose character and country
case; Not extremely arrogant, thrusting, oppose objective of inn big
bully, garment cap takes the person's thought and action. Should
accede and carry on the consistent goodness with hospitable
enthusiasm of the Chinese nation.
   4, patient. It is not irritated not tire of, provide excellent
service according to the specific requirement of the guest of all
sorts of different types. When the job is busy not impatient, not
cheesed to fussy guest, to guest of troops make up of the old and
weak take care of meticulous and considerate, the guest has the
patience when the opinion to listen to, when the guest is praised not
arrogant and complacent.
   5, considerate. Should make guest room service meticulous namely
in a subtle way, complete and specific. Want to understand the life
be fond of of different guest, grasp pattern of guest life daily life,
understand special requirement of the guest, ground of have a
definite object in view uses all sorts of different service methods,
improve service quality. And the requirement achieves carry sth
through to the end, consistent.
   The service operates seriation
   Guest room is high grade the service comes with the guest, live,
walk along mobile rule to give priority to a line. In light of the
demand that handles seriation from the service, basically be to carry
out executive “ to greet, ask, diligent, clean, static, clever,
listen, send the character 8 of ” working law.
   Greet — courtesy to expert, greet a visitor ardently. The guest
comes to guest room, receive actively, the since expression to guest
courtesy and devoir, it is to give a guest to stay good the first
impressional is important condition. Greet a visitor enthusiasticly,
want bearing to expert, dress is neat, bouncy; 2 it is amitable, the
language is kind, the action is accurate and appropriate; 3 should
distinguish different object.
   Ask &mdas H; enthusiasm is hospitable, say hello to actively. The
guest lives to care care guest in inn process like the dear one that
the clerk should resemble treating his, reflect master sense of
responsibility. Want to say hello to actively to the guest, care them
state of life daily life, body, life is experienced, enquire their
requirement actively, satisfy their hobby.
   Diligent — job diligent, nimble and reliable. Diligent be clerk
enterprise and sense of responsibility is important reflect. Diligent
is reliable, should achieve diligent, key point diligent, mouth the
leg is diligent, diligent. Diligent should finish working job well
and truly namely; The eye wants frequently to notice to observe the
guest's demand reacts namely, specific aim ground provides random sex
service for guest; The mouth is diligent it is inquire for the guest
greets sb actively, enquire demand actively, must not encounter a
guest not character not language, low woman's head-ornaments passes;
The leg wants the action frequently namely nimble, take trouble,
improve service efficiency.
   Clean — keeps clean, strict and wholesome. In process of guest
room service, clean sanitation is one of main demands of the guest.
After arranging guest room, toilet, parlor, study every time, want to
accomplish strict disinfection, eliminate the vestige that is
consumed, make sure all sorts of equipment, appliance and articles
for daily use are clean, beautiful, comfortable.
   Static — movement is small firm, maintain solemn silence. Guest
room is the place that the guest rests or handles official bussiness,
keeping quiet also is the main demand of excellent service, service
personnel is planning articles for use, when cleaning sanitation,
should accomplish knock light, conversation is light, walk light. In
serving a process, must not make a racket, clamorous, sing. Maintain
the quiet atmosphere of guest room, corridor at any time, in order to
reflect the civilized rate that guest room serves.
   Clever — flexible for emergency use, force of meet an emergency
is powerful. Capacity of stronger meet an emergency must be had in
serving a process. Must use the method of agile diversity according
to psychological characteristic of the guest, special interest.
Answer like the logy to the movement, guest that has disability
special take care of; Optimistic to disposition guest conversation is
OK and a few more amiable etc.
   Listen to —“ be observant and alert, ear listens all
directions ” . Service personnel should mind observation guest
condition at any time, seek guest opinion, discover the problem in
serving a process and insufficient part at any time. Once discover,
be about to be improved in time and be made up for.
   Send — to send a guest off, start well and end well. The guest
leaves the end that inn since guest room serves, it is the beginning
of servive routine below one round. To assure to rebuild servive
routine obtains favorable result, keep good memory to the guest, also
answer to strive for at the same time see a visitor out, must person
journey is happy, below the welcome once more presence.
   Course of action of afore-mentioned character 8 class, form
complete The service process of series, it is the substaintial
expression of standard of quality of guest room service, need those
who cause all service personnel to spend take seriously.
   The preparation that guest room cleaner makes
   1. Outside pushing service car to reach guest room, not to the
doorway, also do not put in corridor midpoint.
   2. If can “ clean a room,sign up for the department that gives
oneself? ” , if do not have a response, knock 3 times, answer with
be being answered adequately to the guest time. If do not have a
response, open the door with the key, enter a room.
   3. After entering a room, can see bed end first, if the guest is
in,sleep commonly, it is the crural ministry that can see a guest,
should listen to a bathroom to whether have at the same time
underwater acoustic. Do not have a guest certainly.
   4. Return a record on explicit forms for reporting statistics to
leave room time.
   5. Enter a room again, pull open a curtain, turn on all lamps,
collect the rubbish of room and bathroom, with has used cloth grass,
replace arrives on service car, do has used stranger things and cloth
grass on forms for reporting statistics record.
   6. Enter a room and the need on the belt is additional stranger
things and cloth grass and the tool that wipe dirt, do bed and
undertake wiping dirt to the room, check all establishment and
compensatory stranger things at the same time.
   7. Next, alexandrine clean a shower room.
   8. Right finally room reexamination, look have without omit, final
   9. After aspiration ends, close a room all establishment, the
exclusion that the guest is using, close a door.
   10. Room time gives below the record on forms for reporting
statistics, with the facilities issue of the room, inform a director.
   1, lay clean equipment and outfit
   2, open the lamp, the bulb that changes to burn out or be lost
   3, examination TV, remote control. Cleanness ends should put out,
lest the guest comes back to produce misunderstanding
   4, pull open a curtain, check curtain rod of window and curtain,
if have damage, write down task sheet, inform electrician undertakes
   5, clean glass and windowsill
   6, cleared guest room sends eat service appliance, send to the
door outside, ensure the article that does not have a guest. After
cleanness ends, if send eat appliance to was not taken away, send
appoint a place to perhaps inform clerk sending eat of resumptive
tableware. Cannot lay aside in corridor.
   7, take next fabric product on the bed, make a bed ventilated.
   1) takes away the guest's dress, orderly prevent go up in the
   2) wears emulsion glove, him protection avoids any liquids on
osculatory bed
   3) puts bedspread, rug, pillow on the chair
   4) takes next sheets and pillowcase, put outside the bathroom
   5) mattess any sufferring corrupt tell total station with attaint
   Whether does 6) examination have bequeath articles for use, press
formulary processing
   8, take away the has used article of bathroom and bedroom
   9, in delaying housing, stay Issue has used soap, put again new.
When taking away glass, whether does examination guest have the thing
such as medicine to be in the cup
   10, clear away empty smoke crock and rubbish
   11, cleared rubbish
   12, abide by blood to carry bacteria and safe operating sequence
   1) takes has used tissue to want to capture top, otherwise
likelihood by acicular content puncture
   2) observes whether all sorts of fabric have bloodstain and
humoral, can glove is taken take
   Serve 5 avoid
   One avoid audit the big fear that this is a clerk, the guest is
chatting in, not audit, not peek, interrupting is the professional
morality that the clerk should have, if the clerk has urgent matter
consult with the guest, also cannot rushed break the guest's talk,
had better adopt of short duration to wait for first aside, the
method that give a meaning look, after waiting for a guest to realize,
before going up again, say: “ Is am sorry, disturbed you to talk. ”
speaks out what should say again next.
   2 avoid are stared at look at recieving a few dress when more
peculiar guest, clerk most avoid eye is stared at long inspect make
frivolous remarks about sb, because these activity make guest
generation easily unhappy.
   Guest of 3 avoid snicker is in party and talk, clerk besides
providing due service, should notice not optional snicker, not
whisper to each other, not the comment of comment on guest, lest
cause,do not answer some friction.
   The education of the study that language of 4 avoid certain food
changes some clerks to lack language skill respect and oneself
quality, harmed guest or the issue that pose certain unpleasantness
innocently to happen of purpose in the job, be like: “ are you
beggar? Guest of this kind of consult nods ” the language of meal,
make the person sounds very unpleasant, uncomfortable. Additional,
the clerk is introducing eat to the guest when, one word of ” of
“ separate room also is the term that abstain from, because ” of
“ separate room is in a hospital to show danger weighs the patient's
room, it is in the jail lock up the room of important criminal,
repeat, so ” of applied “ private room replaces ” of “ separate
room had better.
   If individual shopper is used,5 avoid bore “ feeds ” , “ hey
the clerk of uncivilized language accost such as ” , clerk because
the client is not courteous,cannot behave to its cool or impatient,
contrary, what we should make through active, enthusiastic service
the guest realizes him more is discourteous. If you are busying, can
say: “ asks you just a minute, my horse comes up. ”
   Staff job quality did not amount to the standard deducting a money
of mark
   1 did not set an outfit by the hotel, appearance appearance nots
agree with demander, Buckle 5 yuan every time.
   2 did not maintain ” in guest activity area or working place 3
light ” (on foot light, conversation is light, work light) , buckle
5 yuan every time.
   The 3 without reason after coming off work stay in floor, yard
place, buckle 5 yuan every time.
   The person that the phone talks about the thing that has nothing
to do with the job is used during 4 jobs, buckle 5 yuan every time.
   The person that 5 work efficiency or attitude of attending to
guests owe beautiful, buckle 10 yuan every time.
   The 6 person that without executive job instruction or disobedient
job are allocated, buckle 20 yuan every time.
   7 guests carry-over did not press program transactor, buckle 5
yuan every time.
   8 maintenance project signs up for the person that repair or do
not sign via checking and accept not in time, buckle 5 yuan every
   9 without approving illicit passenger ladder person, buckle 5 yuan
every time.
   10 exceed plan expense to press overspend 50% buckle, buckle 5
yuan every time.
   11 did not work by the program or the operation is non-standard
person, buckle 5 yuan every time.
   The person that 12 disobedient jobs are arranged, buckle 10 yuan
every time.
   The person that the person that 13 working hours string together
hillock or do sth without authorization leave post, buckle 10 yuan
every time.
   14 jobs are late or leave early person (every are late 5 minutes
to deduct a money 1 yuan) .
   15 inurbane section courtesy, did not use the person that serve
honorific, buckle 5 yuan every time.
   16 without agreeing with relief of do sth without authorization
person, buckle 50 yuan every time.
   17 go to work read a book, when the person that class be laughing
and playing fights noisely, buckle party every time 5 yuan.
   18 illicit are used or give other restaurant article and between
schedule other takes the person that when taking restaurant goods,
did not grant to check, buckle 10 yuan every time.
   19 live guest complainant, buckle 10 yuan every time.
   20 air conditioning, the lamp and curtain did not press the person
that provide time switch, buckle 5 yuan every time.
   The person that chat receives a visitor during 21 jobs, buckle 5
yuan every time.
   22 disobey concerned operation stipulator (handle by employee
manual) , buckle 50-100 every time yuan.
   23 keys are custodial and not good at person, buckle 20 yuan every
time, if have,lose or cause serious consequence will press real
compensation separately.
   The 24 person that do not go to work without approving without
reason, buckle 50 yuan every time and make processing of absent from
   25 it is normal to publish opinion on public affairs of influence
employee solidarity or influence worker, buckle 30 yuan every time.
   26 have an opinion to assessing a result, without the person that
press normal channel appeal and publish the opinion on public affairs
that nots agree with with the fact, buckle 30 yuan every time.
   The 27 area that are in charge of between schedule appear quality
problem or live guest complainant, buckle 50-100 every time yuan.
   28 because the job is unwary, inferior or other reason causes
service quality other complainant, buckle 50-100 every time yuan.
   29 clerks bathe inside guest room, buckle 100 yuan every time;
Wash the dress, buckle 50 yuan every time.
   30 open the door without approving do sth without authorization
with the room

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