2007-2008 Academic Assessment Report by Andamicrophone


									                                                                                                                                                                        Rubric 1
                                                           2007-2008 Academic Assessment Report
                                                                     Evaluation Rubric

Program (Emphasis) (Degree): _____________________________________________
Instructions: Mark each statement that applies. If at least one 1 or 2 statement is marked, then that row receives either a 1 or 2 score, with 1 superseding. To
receive an overall row score of 4, all statements in the 4 column must be marked.

                                                 1                                   2                                  3                                    4
Findings                          Findings not entered               Not all Findings separated by     All Findings fields have either     All Findings separated by site
                                  Findings not separated by site    site for dual-site programs        actual Findings or an acceptable     for dual-site programs (indicated
                                 for dual-site programs (indicated   (indicated by an * next to         statement entered                    by an * next to program name)
Score _____                      by an * next to program name)       program name)                       Sample sizes included for the       All Findings have actual
                                                                      Not all Findings have been       majority of Findings                 Findings data entered
                                                                     entered                             Most Findings statements            Sample sizes included in all
                                                                      The majority of Findings have    mirror Target statements             Findings
                                                                     a “data not gathered” type of       Partial academic year data          Findings statements mirror
                                                                     statement                          entered as Findings (data which      target statements
                                                                      Sample sizes not included        was to be collected more than         Findings are separated by
                                                                      Findings statements do not       once was not)                        semester, appropriately collected
                                                                     mirror target statements            Target Level Achievement is        only once, or combined
                                                                      Findings were not separated      correctly marked for most             Target Level Achievement is
                                                                     by program (data represents        Findings                             correctly marked
                                                                     department- or school-wide          Further Action Planned is           Further Action Planned is
                                                                     findings)                          correctly marked for most            marked “Yes” for all targets that
                                                                                                        Findings                             were “Not Met” or “Partially
Action Plans                      No Action Plans entered            Action Plans entered do not       For reports with at least one       For reports with at least one
                                                                     address “target not met”           “target not met” or “target          “target not met” or “target
                                                                     measures/outcomes                  partially met” - an Action Plan is   partially met” - an Action Plan is
Score _______                                                         Additional Action Plans are      developed and/or appropriately       developed and/or appropriately
                                                                     necessary to address “target not   linked to each outcome that had      linked to each outcome that had
                                                                     met” measures/outcomes             measure(s) with a “Not Met” or       measure(s) with a “Not Met” or
                                                                                                        “Partially Met” target.              “Partially Met” target and the
                                                                                                         For reports with all “targets      results of these actions should
                                                                                                        met” - at least one Action Plan      provide evidence of continuous
                                                                                                        was developed                        improvement activities
                                                                                                                                              The appropriate number of
                                                                                                                                             Action Plans were developed to
                                                                                                                                             provide evidence of continuous
                                                                                                                                             improvement activities
                                                                                                                                                                 Rubric 2

Analysis                       Analysis not entered          Only one Analysis topic             “Strength Analysis”                 “Strength Analysis”
                                                             entered (either Strength or          summarizes how the program           summarizes how the program
                                                             Attention Needed)                    has provided evidence of             has provided evidence of
Score _____                                                   Analysis is perfunctory            improvements based on analysis       improvements based on analysis
                                                                                                  of assessment results, however       of assessment results
                                                                                                  more detail could have been           “Attention Needed Analysis”
                                                                                                  included                             discussion is based on learning
                                                                                                   “Attention Needed Analysis”        outcomes that need improvement
                                                                                                  discussion is based on learning      and plans for improvement
                                                                                                  outcomes that need                   (Action Plans) are summarized or
                                                                                                  improvement, however more            discussed.
                                                                                                  detail could have been included
                                                                                                  or plans for improvement could
                                                                                                  have been summarized
Annual Report                  No Annual Report entered      3 or more Annual Report fields      6 or more Annual Report fields      All 8 Annual Report fields are
                                                             are missing (out of 8)               are addressed                        addressed (or 7 are addressed
                                                              Academic Program Assessment         Academic Program Assessment        with International Activities
Score _______                                                Report Guidelines (Summer 2008)      Report Guidelines (Summer 2008)      omitted)
                                                             were not followed for 3 or more      were followed for 6 or more of        Academic Program Assessment
                                                             of the following:                    the following:                       Report Guidelines (Summer 2008)
Comments:                                                     Executive Summary                   Executive Summary                  were followed for all of the
                                                              Contributions to the Institution    Contributions to the Institution   following:
                                                              Highlights                          Highlights                          Executive Summary
                                                              Teaching Activities                 Teaching Activities                 Contributions to the Institution
                                                              Research & Scholarly Activities     Research & Scholarly Activities     Highlights
                                                              Public/Community Service            Public/Community Service            Teaching Activities
                                                              International Activities (if        International Activities (if        Research & Scholarly Activities
                                                             applicable)                          applicable)                           Public/Community Service
                                                              Challenges                          Challenges                          International Activities (if
                                                                                                                                        Challenges

Overall Assessment of Program’s Assessment Report:
Select one:                                                                                                        Recommendations:
____Report does not support SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1                                                      __ Report should be revised and/or completed
____Report inadequately supports SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1.                                                __ Report should be edited
____Report adequately supports SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1.                                                  __ Improvements could be made next year
____Report should be commended as one which demonstrates the spirit of SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1.          __ Keep up the good work, it is appreciated

Additional Comments:

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