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					Flak Vest Hanger™ Wins the 2008 Innovation Award

The "Flak Vest Hanger™" a Safety Device for Bulletproof Vest and Body Armor
produced by Russ Innovations Inc. of Shelby Township, Michigan, USA, has been
awarded the “2008 Innovation Award” in the Uniform & Body Armor Category.

January 23, 2009 (FPRC) -- Steve Russ a retired Police Officer from the State of Michigan invented
this Safety Device and has received several Patents on this device.

The "Flak Vest Hanger™" was designed by someone who knows the abuse that todays body armor
must sustain. Officer Russ after having worn body armor day in and day out know that that had to
be some way to maintain it and dry it out so that id didn't smell the next day that you put it on.

After six years of proto-types and testing Officer Russ had prefected his invention and brought it to
the attention of the men and women who protect us every day and night.

Once in a while a truly innovative tool is introduced that is so obviously technically superior that it
evokes the question “why didn’t someone think of that before”. The “Flak Vest Hanger”™ is just
such a product.

Mr. Russ states, “What value do you place on the security and safety of your life and the lives of
others? Your very life, and the lives of your partner or family may very well depend upon how you
maintain your equipment.”

Many years ago people wouldn't think of killing a Police Officer but times have changed and
criminals no longer fear shooting a Law Enforcement Officer. There is more need today than ever
before to make sure that your Body Armor has been maintained so that it stop the threat that it was
once designed for.

More   information   can        be     obtained      by   visiting    www.russinnovations.com       or

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For more information contact Steve Russ of Russ Innovations & Flak Vest Hangers


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