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					Purchase flow chart,

Collective purchases flow chart

Purchase flow chart, Collective purchases flow chart

According to concerning personage introduction, choice website
collects an organizer as collect, consumer had better adopt the
following measure to purchase:

The first pace

Entry website forum understands the collect of some kind of product
that the website releases at any time to gather information, whether
does the project that understands him make choice of accept collect
to pick way.

The 2nd pace

Some kind of product that pays close attention to collect to collect
an organizer to be given out regularly is mixed in all sorts of model
of same time the information such as the price. According to this
information, the consumer that plans to attend collect to collect can
go to Beijing the minimum price that congener product model and
correspondence seek on market of lumber of each a lunar month of 30

The 3rd pace

In specific time, attend the direct and online dialog of the consumer
that the website organizes and product manufacturer, the about
product of some brand type minimum price that can realize oneself
signs up for a manufacturer, usually, works chamber of commerce gives
consumer certain privilege again on foundation of this minimum price.
In addition, still can seek advice to the manufacturer with respect
to the circumstance such as the technology of the product, after

The 4th pace

If be in online dialog phase, with respect to oneself the project of
make choice of and manufacturer are reached consistent, can sign up
on the net directly, buy oneself full name, address, place the
circumstance such as the product to introduce to the manufacturer.

The 5th pace

After signing up, collect is collected after the organizer is signing
up normally arrange free regular bus that weekend, can take this
regular bus to go to the market spot choosing sees a product. If wait
for content and manufacturer to reach to the price,agree, can sign
tripartite agreement with manufacturer, market.

The 6th pace

When signing an agreement, need to be handed in on the spot normally

Yuan the deposit to 200 yuan.

The 7th pace

The market can arrange car deliver goods freely. Goods arrives after
checking and accept, give money deliver goods person, ask for bill,
guarantee the relevant proof such as card.

The 8th pace
Wait for a problem like occurrence product quality, can look for sale
manufacturer to solve to the market directly, ask the market
undertakes supervise and be harmonied.

Purchase flow chart,

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