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					Poineering knowledge,

The poineering means of 7 kinds of
the easiest successes

Poineering knowledge, The poineering means of 7 kinds of the
easiest successes

   Do poineering work the most easily successful means has “ network,
join in, 7 kinds of means such as part-time job, group, contest,
concept, in-house ” .
   Do poineering work, it is novel, of innovation, agile, have energy,
creative, and can assume a risk, discover and hold a substantial that
good luck just does poineering work, do poineering work include to
create the value, course that found and runs a new seek profitsing
company, establish a company through individual or investment of a
group, will offer new product or serve, and the process that creates
value conciously. Doing poineering work is a kind of process that
creates different value, the time with the creation devoted and
necessary need of this kind of value and the effort with be paid
certain, assume corresponding finance, psychology and social risk,
can go up to accomplish sense respect to pay off with the individual
in money. Current and familiar poineering pattern basically has:
   It is the network does poineering work
   Use off-the-peg network resource effectively, the network does
poineering work to basically have two kinds of forms: The set up shop
on the net, shop of set net sth resembling a net is registered on the
net; Join in on the net, manage with the form of inn of door of
website of business affairs of a certain electron, use the supply of
goods of website of the mother's body and sale channel.
   2 it is to join in do poineering work
   Share brand gold mine, share management tricks of the trade, share
resource support, take straight run, entrust join in, concessionary
join in wait for formal chain to join in, investment amount asks
according to type of merchandise, shop, join in of equipment of means,
technology different and different.
   3 it is the part-time job does poineering work
   Working namely do poineering work again, like optional the part-
time job does poineering work: Teacher, groom division can choose a
part-time job to groom advisory; The clerk can hold two or more posts
concurrently acting other product makes work; Stylist but oneself
open studio; Editor, contributor can develop toward respect of media,
creation; Accountant, financial adviser can act as agent debt conduct
financial transactions; The interpreter can hold two or more posts
concurrently oral interpretation, written translation; The lawyer can
hold two or more posts concurrently counsel and office; Concoctive
division can hold two or more posts concurrently advertisement, brand,
sale, public relations seek advice; Of course, you still can choose
concessionary manage join in; Client award plans to wait a moment.
   4 it is the group does poineering work
   The member that has complementary sex to perhaps have common
interest comprises a group to undertake poineering. Nowadays, do
poineering work to already was not the action that pursues individual
hero creed purely, the odds of group poineering success wants
outclass individual to do poineering work alone. One is comprised by
each respect such as financing of research and development,
technology, market, the poineering group with complementary advantage,
it is a magic weapon of poineering success, more such to high-tech
poineering enterprise.
   5 it is the contest does poineering work
   Use all sorts of commerce to do poineering work namely contest,
obtain capital to provide platform, be like the Yahoo, enterprise
such as Netscape is from Show itself in commercial competition,
because this also is called by figure ground,do poineering work
“ hatch implement ” . Like division of Tsinghua university king,
Qiu Hong the established “ such as the cloud inspects company of
beautiful happy ” , Shanghai to hand in big Luo Shuiquan, Wang Hu to
wait for the “ Shanghai that found nimble roc ” .
   6 it is the concept does poineering work
   Do poineering work by right of originality, drop, idea namely. Of
course, these poineering concepts must do sth unconventional or
unorthodox, the industry that enters in the plan at least or domain
are a pioneering work, only such, market of ability race to control
first machine, ability attracts the eyeball of business of venture
capital investment. In the meantime, these idea that exceed
convention still must have maneuverability, incredible story of and
rather than.
   7 it is interior does poineering work
   The employee that shows a few have poineering intention falls in
the support of the enterprise, assume enterprise interior certain
business or project, share the poineering mode of achievement with
the enterprise. The person that do poineering work need not invest to
be able to obtain substantial poineering natural resources however,
because have “ ,interior does poineering work below large tree good
enjoy the cool the advantage of ” , because this also gets the
attention of the increasing person that do poineering work.

Poineering knowledge,

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