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The glamour of originality advertisement language_13454


									Advertisement originality,

The glamour of originality
advertisement language

Advertisement originality, The glamour of originality
advertisement language

The glamour of originality advertisement language
Su Dongpo of Song Dai great scholar is banished from the court when
county of Hainan island Zhan, should a San that make oil child of
granny invite, had written an advertisement poem: Rub of “ find hand
comes jade green divide evenly, green jade panbroils a tender Huang
Shen. Does evening arrive spring sleep know weight? The beautiful
woman that control a horizontal inscribed board pesters brachial
gold. ” the analogy of this poem figure, drew up San child the
characteristic of lubricious delicacy, crisp, the mouth drooling with
greed after people listens, contend for buy, make granny business
soars thereby, san child demand exceeds supply.
However, arrived advertising is exceeding develop today, we have a
lot of wide advertisement characters to be written stale is as dry as
a chiply, insipid. As time passes, let client turn a blind eye to,
unmanned make inquires, good product often is put aside by
“ sour ” . The fact proves, no matter be written advertisement or
phonic advertisement, of the language vivid leave deep impression to
consumer with clever metropolis, be helpful for establishing
merchandise figure thereby, disseminate commodity information,
stimulative sale.
A good advertisement sign can bring the result that makes banner
machine, get twice the result with half the effort to the client
normally in ad activity. Also be the foundation of conception of
advertisement of company image fixed position, plane, movie and TV at
the same time, can rise to draw Long Dianqing's action. No matter the
advertisement word “ of IBM is one half step, still be one stride,
always drive the footstep ” of the world, progress IBM company ably
every day, guide the figure with world computer ongoing industry,
with modest attitude ably expression comes out, imperceptible in let
a reader accept. The “ sun of long rainbow color television is the
reddest, long rainbow updates ” , the ad slogan such as ” of gens
of red sun of “ long rainbow lets a person feel it is the pioneer of
homebred color television, representing ethical industry. Health
beautiful color television exceeds big screen with a “ , bovine ”
gives a person trifling and proud sense.
Language character is one of methods with advertisement the most
commonly used transmission, have elaborate on ad wording research
only, those who make have distinguishing feature alone, be full of
glamour, square can fetching attention, the desire to buy that
arouses people looks. In recent years, the A Xiangpo that some
company rolls out Xi'an is sweet hot beef sauce is faddish
temporarily, ” of “ A Xiangpo became the pronoun of thick chili
sauce of the hemp in partial population even. This brand originality
sees ” of “ A Xiangpo be like insipid, but provide craftsmanship
quite, “ A ” is the nickname with our country kind south,
“ sweet ” is a kind of suggestion of pair of commodity character,
at the same time again Can work elegant to the female description,
“ mother-in-law ” is the address sb respectfully of pair of aged
females, 3 words give ” of “ A Xiangpo the person kind, be worth
reliant impression, the name that regards gust of a folk as dressing
is very appropriate.
People thinks generally, advertising language must be accomplished
have originality, want beautiful and common read smoothly, pleasant,
rich individual character that is to say, essence of life is like
text, elegant be like a list of plays, ability is people place to
like. Some repellent has a fine, humorous advertisement sign: You
cannot bite “ instead it, you can strike back however it. ” this is
an adversative a matching of both sound and sense in two lines,
structure carefully and nearly perfect. Only the difference of two
words, the meaning changes greatly however. Mosquito bites a person,
cause trouble and uneasiness to the person. How to do? Advertisement
tells you humorously to cannot bite it instead, best method is to use
repellent to give strike back. This kind of brief and interesting
advertisement language is mixed with edificatory to the person the
aftertaste, state pair of advertising to often have bigger
stimulative effect successfully than frank language.
The creation of fixed die type that relies on syntactic regulation or
certain and rhetorical method does not come out wonderful
advertisement language, it comes from the language culture at the
contributor and inspiration. It must requirement of the social
consciousness of consumer of appropriate ground resort, can aesthetic
appeal, life and individual disposition. Same goods, use different
advertisement language and individual disposition. Same goods, use
different advertisement language, can have distinct effect.
Successful adman is without the advertisement language with
exceptional touching creation and exert one's utmost effort. A few
outstanding advertisement languages, or witticism couplet bead, happy
person information; Or one language is breathtaking, awaken the deaf;
Or fine is implicative, hair person is thoughtful; Or vivid and
humorous humour, touching. The ad saying that when iron amounts to,
expresses: “ is absent the division is everlasting, care to once was
had only. The affection of person of ” its resort, short the word
included love true, sturdy, eternity and love place gift the
happiness of people, joy and sadness. “ United States needs your ”
the conscript ad saying that these 5 words are the United States,
word word heals again hoisting jack, clang strong, it points to
popular feeling continuously, call a citizen the sense of
responsibility to the country, have a kind of sense of pride that is
taken seriously again at the same time.
The enemy with originality the oldest language is knowledge is
indigent with the thought lazy. Popularity of group of ad of period
of time advertises with the homophonic of Chinese idiom or common
saying diction, ” of clothes of what “ clothes is not abandoned,
“ garment ” sees loving and so on, return in the past a bit fresh,
multi-purpose Abuse causes the allergy of people, what be considered
as pair of Chinese characters even is profanatory. Advertisement
language or is like the infinite scene of running water of pavilion
of front courtyard stage, little bridge, or is like the edifice of
the machine-made reinforced concrete in modern city, those who depend
on is the comprehend and uses a language intelligence of antonym
character. This is to plant without the rule but the creation of
abide, but can believe, those knowledge are extensive, be obsessed
with have to language itself at language originality original
comprehended person, be apart from the highest state of originality
language, always be a few closer.
“ disappear forever! Can does float rise? ” is OK, can! The
originality „„” that should have had only the place of the glamour
that this is originality language.

Advertisement originality,

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