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					                      July 26, 2008 – 18th Anniversary
                      Americans with Disabilities Act
On July 26, 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the Americans with
Disabilities Act ensuring accessibility in public accommodations, commercial facilities,
employment, transportation, state and local government services and communications.

There are 41.3 million people who have some level of disability in America and they represent
15% of the civilian noninstitutionalized population aged 5 and older. In the State of Florida with
its population of 16,653,760, 4,920,812 people reported having a disability according to the 2006
Community Survey. Within Orange County the number of persons that reported a disability total
228,509. Of that number, the following types of disabilities were noted:

Sensory: 31,773
Physical: 75,211
Mental: 51,663
Self care: 31,957
Able to go outside type of disability: 37,905

                                July 2008 ADA Newsletter
House passes ADA Amendments Act (H.R. 3195) – The U.S. House of Representatives
passed the ADA Amendments Act on June 24, the bill now moves to the U.S. Senate for
consideration. If the bill is approved by the Senate, it will be sent to the President for
signing. The bill modifies the current federal law and the definition of disability by
redefining “substantially limits” as materially restrictive. In other words, the new
definition is intended to reduce the strict and demanding standard currently applied by the
Courts which could cause prolonged litigation in the determination of disability.
Individuals will however have to show that they are substantially limited in a major life
activity to qualify for protection. The new bill prohibits mitigating measures in
determining whether an impairment is substantially limiting, except ordinary eyeglasses
and contact lenses. The bill also clarifies that individuals who meet the definition of
“regarded as” having a disability are not entitled to accommodations. To read more, go to
http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?tab=summary&bill=h110-3195 (accessed July 1, 2008) The
government takes a day or two to post legislative information online, GovTrack is usually
one legislative day behind.

Transit is Struggling – Transit agencies are trying to keep up with increased ridership
volume as the price of gasoline increases. The U.S. House of Representatives will
consider the Savings Energy through Transportation Act, a bill that would authorize $1.7
billion to allow public transit agencies across the country to reduce fares and to expand
services. If this bill is approved the city of Miami would receive $36,985,062 over a two
year period and the state of Florida as a whole would receive $81,056,172. Source: FL
TD Commission.

Note: On Tuesday, July 1, the LYNX board of directors voted unanimously to cut 13
routes stating property tax reform has led Tallahassee to cut their funding significantly.
The cuts made go into effect on August 17, 2008. Fare increases may be next. Source:

DOJ Issues Notice to Adopt New ADA Standards – On June 17th the U.S. Department
of Justice issued new proposals to adopt new design standards. Under the ADA, the DOJ
is responsible for maintaining standards for new construction and alterations that are
consistent with the Access-Board’s guidelines. In the interim, existing ADA standards
are to be adhered to until the new standards take effect. Updated transportation
standards, however, issued by DOT are in effect for transportation facilities. The new
rules would establish more stringent standards in some areas and address some new areas
for the first time in an effort to meet the needs of an aging population and the growing
numbers of serviceman with disabilities. www.access-board.gov

Disability Awareness

US Has Not Signed International Disability Rights Treaty – on the rights of people
with disabilities because it feels most rights are covered under domestic laws. However,
the US being seen as a leader, would encourage other countries to do so. Source: Seattle Times

Disability History and Awareness May Become Part of School Curriculum – The
Florida Senate has designated the weeks of October 1 through 15, 2008 as Disability
History and Awareness Month. During this week, school boards will be encouraged to
provide instruction on the history of disabilities, people with disabilities and the disability
rights movement. Source: Governor’s Family Café Conference 2008

Do You Have A Pet or a Service Animal? Cocoa Mulch sold by Home Depot, Target
and other garden supply stores contains a lethal ingredient called theobromine. This
cocoa fragranced wood chip product can make your pet very ill. Cocoa mulch is
manufactured by Hershey’s and 50% of the dogs that have been exposed to it have
become violently ill. Go to www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/cocoa.htm

Voters Rank Education Third as an Election Issue – Education lags behind gas prices
and the economy but is ahead of health care and homeland security in voter priorities for
the 2008 elections according to the Public Education Network. Education Week, 6/25

Nationwide Database of Job Candidates with Disabilities – The U.S. Department of
Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)
has developed a database of 1,700 job candidates with disabilities seeking employment.

Cost Comparison of Building a New Fully Accessible Home vs. a Standard Home –
New single family home blueprints that include 36” doorways with lever handle
hardware; bathroom wall supports for grab bars; low incline concrete walkways;
accessible electrical switches; seamless roll-in showers and other accessibility features

can expect on average an 8% - 12% increase in total cost of standard construction.

Upcoming Rate Reductions Effective July 1, 2008 – The Agency for Persons with
Disabilities has been directed to reduce provider rates by $43,544,549 effective July 1.
Rate reductions will be distributed across most services: rates for waiver support
coordination, residential habilitation standard and behavioral focus and intensive
residential habilitation will be reduced by 3%; rates for all other waiver services will be
reduced by 7.2%; rates for providers of commodities such as consumable durable goods,
adult dental, and adaptations will be determined by individual need. Public hearings will
be held on July 21. Go to http://apd.myflorida.com

Personal Care Assistant Rates Cut 24.5% for Most Severe People with Disabilities –
Florida’s legislature reduced the hourly rate for the home and community based Medicaid
services (HCBS) Waiver by 24.5% and the hourly rates for other waiver services will be
reduced by 7.5%. The Agency for Persons with Disabilities new $15 rate will be paid to
private home health agencies which contract with APD to provide the Medicaid waiver
services. These private agencies pay the PCA, only $9.70 per hour on average. After
taking 15.3% for social security and medicare and a minimum income tax of 10% from
the PCA’s wages, they receive only $7.37 per hour to care for the most vulnerable.
Group home services are only being cut 7.5%. To read about the new tiers of services go
to http://apd.myflorida.com

Tiny Magnet Allows People to Put Controls on the Tips of their Tongue – a tiny
magnet may soon help people with severe physical disabilities operate computers or
driver their wheelchairs with their tongues, say researchers at the Georgia Institute of
Technology. The device could help individuals with severe disabilities, such as those
with high level spinal cord injuries, return to active, independent and productive lives.
An individual could potentially train our system to recognize touching each tooth as a
different command. Source: Reuters, July 1, 2008.

2008 Paralympics Activity – The Beijing Paralympics will be held from September 6 to
17, 2008 and will have 20 sports and 420 disciplines for a total of 203 competition
sessions at 20 venues. Only 143 sessions will require tickets while the road bike race
will be open to the public free. A total of 1.66 million Paralympic tickets are on sale,
half of which will be sold to domestic spectators. Clusters of clients including national
Paralympic committees will share 30% of the tickets and the remaining 20% (some
330,000 tickets) will be given out to beneficiaries of the Olympic Education Program.
Can you name the events shown in the pictogram below?
Go to: http://en.paralympic.beijing2008.cn/index.shtml for pictures and descriptions of
each sport activity represented.

Education – Happy Days television star, Henry Winkler tells British educators of his
painful school experience when he spoke about his dyslexia Tuesday, July 1 at an awards
ceremony for British teachers. Dyslexia, he said, involves “one third of your time trying
to figure it out, one third trying to figure out why you can’t figure it out, and one third
covering up the shame and humiliation.” Source: CEC SmartBrief, July 2, 2008

July Local Activities:

Public Hearings Scheduled July 15 and July 29 by LYNX on Proposed
Service Alignments and Elimination of Service Routes - The budget
reduction of $2.5 million has forced LYNX to its first major route realignment in 10
years. Nearly 200 people attended the May 28 workshop and hearing. Many
were unhappy that service is being reduced. LYNX CEO Linda Watson stated,
“This is a very difficult situation for us and the sad part is that this is only 1/3 of
the changes that LYNX will eventually undergo because of budget reductions”.

Rampage 2008 – Center for Independent Living’s Wheelchair Ramp Building
Project is underway. Please donate to make this project a success. Volunteers
are also needed to help build these ramps. Please contact, Doug Davis,
Outreach Director at 407-623-1070 or email, ddavis@cilorlando.org

July 9 – Autism Training for Law Enforcement & First Responders, Orlando
Gaylord Palms Resort, “free”, go to www.autism-society.org/safeandsoundsession to
register for this all day training

Remember: The Hurricane Season Is Into Its 4th Week with Activity in the
Tropics Increasing…Be Prepared
    Preparedness begins with the individual and is a personal responsibility. Be
      prepared year-round.
    Personal responsibility extends to the individual person’s capabilities…personal
      and financial.
    Register with the Special Needs Registry if you feel you are eligible for Special
      Needs Sheltering and Transportation.
    Create your own emergency plan and test your plan. Exchange your information
      with friends and family.
    Sheltering at home is best, unless your home is unsafe or should it be located in
      direct line with a pending storm.

         Have an evacuation plan ready and evacuate your home to a safer place when
         Public shelters should be the last option as shelters are crowded, noisy, hot and
          uncomfortable…not all of your needs will be met at shelters.
         Public shelters are open for a limited period of time before and after the
          emergency event. Be prepared to return home after the storm has passed.
         Don’t be part of the problem….be part of the solution by being prepared!

Published on behalf of the
2008 Orange County Disability Advisory Board
County Mayor’s Representative – Mark Kirkham
District 1 Representative - Louis Fazio, Jr., Vice Chairman
District 2 Representative – Eddie Newman III
District 3 - Vacant
District 4 Representative – Jose Fernandez, CAB Liaison
District 5 Representative – Michele Rivers
District 6 Representative – Theresa Madison, Board Chairperson

Next Meeting: September 8, 2008, 2010 E. Michigan Street, Orlando, FL (Facilities
Training Center Meeting Room), 2pm – 4pm

Presentation by John Morris, Director of Program Management Services, Shingle Creek Real
Estate Advisory Company, “Magic Arena Construction and Accessibility (ADA) Update”
Disclaimer: This newsletter contains selected information from monthly news releases received from local, state and
federal publishing’s that may be of interest to the Orange County community. It is non-biased information for sharing with
the disability community. Please contact Samme Ripley, ADA Program Manager/Advisor, Health & Family Services
Department by phone (407-836-6568) or email, samme.ripley@ocfl.net for further information