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									                    The Connecting Link
                                                                       Little Moments. Big Magic.                         Fall 2008
                                                                            A bi-annual publication of BBBSF

        The Princess and I
 By Tom Hart
                                                                             but I know they’re out there and
                                                                             that my sans glamour job helps
                                                                             keep it all going.
                                                                                                                      “What if women stop buying
                                                                                                                      shoes?” Yikes! It’s enough to
                                                                                                                      give a Princess escort apoplectic
 Clothes for Kids’ Sake Route Manager                                                    I’m the oldest employee      seizures. I know at the end of the
                                                                             here (55), and sometimes…                day though (after a handful of
                                                                             no, all the time, this job is very       Ibuprofen) that it’s all going to
                                                                             physically demanding for an old          work out and that The Princess
                                                                             poop like me. So, when a new             loves me and that I have the
                                                                             girl starts working in the office, I      best job in the world – one that
                                                                             read her the riot-act, like this: “I’m   actually makes a dent in the
                                                                             the oldest employee here, so you         lacrimae mundi endemic to our
                                                                             have to be nice to me all the time,      human situation.
                                                                             got it?” And you know, whether                      So, if you see an old
                                                                             they “got it” or not, I feel more        guy who looks like Santa tooling
                                                                             loved at BBBSF than at any other         down the road in his six-wheeled
                                                                             job I’ve ever had… and I’ve had a        royalty, give a wave, and know
                                                                             few.                                     that at least one person in the
                                                                                         There’s an on-going          world really likes his job and that
   Tom with his Lady, the BBBSF Clothes for Kids’ Sake truck.                joke at the office because I’m the        it won’t be out-sourced or off-
                                                                             only PhD truck driver anyone’s           shored any time soon.
                                      electronic doo-dads, etc.) takes       ever heard of. However, since
             For more than a                                                 I’ve spent so many years in
year now, I’ve been driving a
                                      dumpster-diving to a whole                                                         Turn to page 6 to
                                      new level. My boss, Lauren, says       academia, I know that I wouldn’t
truck (I affectionately call her      that The Princess generates a          be nearly so happy in some stuffy          see a list of Clothes
The Princess) that is the main        fair bit of revenue for the other      classroom lecturing bored kids              for Kids’ Sake bin
component of the Clothes for          programs, like School Based            on things they really don’t care
Kids’ Sake program here at BBBSF.     Mentoring, the Step Up program         about as I am doing this. In fact,         locations including
My job doesn’t even register on       and other very worthy endeavors        my level of commitment makes               our newest location
the glamour Richter scale, but I’m    that BBBSF does. I never really see    me worry a lot. “Is The Princess
so proud to be doing this that                                               coming down with a cold?”“Will
                                                                                                                            in Williams!
                                      the Littles much, except the ones
collecting bin donations (endless     plastered on the sides of M’Lady,      the bins be full enough today?”
women’s shoes, stuffed animals,

  Clothes for Kids’ Sake Raises Top Funds for BBBSF
           It’s out with the old and in with the new, and here at BBBSF we are ready to help you turn your used belongings into support for our
organization and make a difference in lives of children through our Clothes for Kids’ Sake (CFKS) program. You might be wondering, “How can my
used clothing make a difference?” When you donate to CFKS, you help us raise money through our partnership with Savers Thrift Department
Stores, who we have had a special relationship with for the past 16 years. We collect donations and sell them to Savers with 100 percent of all
proceeds supporting BBBSF’s youth mentoring programs.
           Donation bins are located throughout the Flagstaff area and we also have a new bin location in the Safeway parking lot in Williams.
We will gladly accept any of your used clothing, accessories, shoes, bedding items, curtains, housewares, glassware, toys, games, tools, working
TVs, radios and other small appliances. We also accept cash, checks or credit card donations. You can call us, come by our office, mail us a check, or
donate online straight from our Web site. You can change a child’s life and receive a tax deduction for your contribution.
           Another option is to give us a call at 928-774-0649 and set up a home pick up appointment. Our Clothes for Kids’ Sake truck, driven
by our dedicated Route Manager Tom Hart, will come right to your house for curb-side pick up, saving you time and labor. If you would like to
donate larger items such as furniture and cars, just let us know, and we will be happy to make arrangements and take them off of your hands.
Every little bit helps and we are excited about all that this program has done and is going to do to make a positive impact. Because of the
community’s generous donations, and Savers amazing support, we were able to raise more than $125,000 last year alone.
           We thank you for all the donations so far and we challenge you to continue your generosity to the Clothes for Kids’ Sake program.

             Street: 1338 W. Forest Meadows Street, Suite 130                                       Phone: (928) 774-0649
             Mailing: P.O. Box 1701 Flagstaff, Arizona 86002                                         Fax: (928) 774-4879
                         Web:                                                        Email:
       BBBSF Staff List
                                A Note From The
     CEO/Executive Director
        Merk Perelstein            CEO/Executive Director
        Program Director                     Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a
           Kelly Walsh           room filled with men and women who work in correctional
                                 facilities across the United States. There, I learned that
      Operations Director        these honorable people put their lives in danger quite
     Lauren Copeland-Glenn       literally every day. They convened in Flagstaff for their
                                 yearly convention and to celebrate those who displayed
         Office Manager          particular acts of heroism while protecting their colleagues
          Pat Washburn           and the inmates who are their charges. I wonder how it is
                                 that they find inspiration day after day to put themselves in
      Clothes for Kids’ Sake     harm’s way. What gets them up in the morning?
         Route Manager                       After speaking with a few of them, and getting
            Tom Hart             to know a little more about who this seemingly fictional
                                 character of a prison guard really is, I was increasingly
        Office Assistants
        Contessa Folkers         impressed with the level of integrity they bring to their
         Jennifer Merrill        largely misunderstood profession. I realized why many of them were so very excited to learn about
                                 volunteerism through Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Customer Relations Specialist                Their eyes widened as I spoke of the measurable outcomes suggesting that a child in our
    Hilary Copeland-Glenn        program with an incarcerated parent is eight times less likely to become incarcerated themselves. But
                                 more importantly, their hearts opened as Big Brother and Board Member, Dave VanBoxtaele, spoke of
Community Based Mentoring        his journey and his bond with his Little Brother. The positive response was overwhelming.
      Caitlin Stewart                        Once again, I am so pleased and satisfied to be able to bring the magic of volunteerism to a
    Samantha Schaffer            group of people who truly desire it. These tough, gruff, correctional officers, through a partnership with
                                 Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, are now speaking of the chance to break the cycle of incarceration
     School Based Mentoring      and to make a very real difference in a child’s life before seeing them behind bars. The kind of joy that’s
         Brittany Starace        created through making a true difference gets us all up in the morning. I’m so proud to be a part of it.
          Claudia Clark

        STARS Mentoring
          Alycia Noriega
                                                                                                                   Merk Perelstein
       GEAR UP Mentoring
         Laurel Clohessy

      STEP UP Mentoring                                                        A Note From The
        Tristan Andres
         Regina Glaza                                                                 Board President
Public Relations Coordinators                                                           Vince Lombardi, legendary football coach for the
   Michelle Talsma Everson                                                    Green Bay Packers, said, “the achievements of an organization
        Gretta Gronert                                                        are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”
        Jennifer Merrill                                                      While most of his famous quotes involved football, I think
                                                                              this one captures the essence of the BBBSF Boards. Both
  Advertising Coordinator                                                     Boards work as one team and the results of the fundraising
      Sterling Garner                                                         events certainly reflect their “oneness.”
                                                                                        Our Bowl for Kids’ Sake exceeded its fundraising
                                                                              goal and the recent summer Half-Marathon Race also
      Updated Web site                                                        exceeded its goal and set an amazing record of 400+ runners.
                                                                              Records were set and the events ran smoothly – all due to
       Coming Soon!                                                           the cooperation of each and every Board member. Kudos to
                                                                              each of you!
  We will be updating our Web                                                           The annual Wine & Beer Tasting fundraiser is
    site to make your online    scheduled for November 22. No doubt this event will set a new record as members are busy selling
  experience easier and more    tickets and gathering items for the Silent Auction. This is a FUN, FUN evening.
  convenient. So remember to              Lastly, I want to congratulate our new CEO/Executive Director, Jenean Merkel Perelstein.
       keep checking out        Merk took over the leadership of the agency in June when our long time CEO/Executive Director, Kay for updated     McKay, retired. Her energy, fresh ideas and hands-on approach are greatly appreciated by her staff and
        info and features.      the respective BBBSF Boards. We look forward to achieving greater heights in our fundraising efforts,
                                therefore having a greater impact on the children of our community. And that, of course, is the reason for
                                our being.
                                          My thanks and appreciation to our Board members, staff, volunteers and all our community
                                supporters for the remarkable job you do!
                                                                                                          Bren Hershey
Meet Merk...                                                                      Big Ways to
Our New CEO/Executive Director                                                              Become a Big
           After more than 40 years of dedicated service, Kay McKay       Do you or someone you know want to become a Big but don’t know
retired as the CEO/Executive Director of BBBSF this past summer.          where to begin? At BBBSF, there are several programs to choose from
Although she will be greatly missed, BBBSF is proud to introduce their    where you can make a big difference in the life of a child on any
new executive director – Jenean Merkel Perelstein, otherwise known        schedule.
as Merk to her friends and colleagues.
           “I’m so pleased to be a part of an agency whose mission        BBBSF Programs in Need of Bigs
I hold dear and whose stellar reputation and broad reach in our
community is so far reaching,” Merk says.                                     •    Community Based Mentoring: In this 41-year-old
           Merk comes to theCEO/Executive Director position with a                 mentoring program, Bigs serve as mentors and friends to
master’s degree in cultural anthropology and a diverse background                  Littles within the Flagstaff and Williams communities. Once
in various leadership positions. Before working at BBBSF, she and her              matched, Bigs and Littles bond by going on outings and
husband Scott helped bring the dream of homeownership to many                      doing fun activities together. Bigs and Littles meet weekly
Arizonans through their company, National Home Buyers Assistance.                  for 2-4 hours and you must be at least 18 to be a Big in this
She has also taught anthropology classes at NAU and has worked                     program.
with a number of social service providers in the areas of evaluation,         •    School Based Mentoring: In this mentoring program, Bigs
program management and fundraising. Merk currently sits on the                     meet with Littles in the first through sixth grade in an after
Board of Directors for the Flagstaff Leadership Program and is involved            school program at the Little’s school. During their one-
with Pine Forest’s Capital Campaign, where her two sons, ages 8 and 5,             on-one time together, matches participate in recreational,
attend school.                                                                     health, community and academic activities. Bigs and Littles
           Merk says she has enjoyed her new position so far and looks             meet from 3-5 p.m., weekly, at the Little’s elementary school.
forward to building upon the strong foundation left by Kay and David               You must be at least 16 years old to participate in this
McKay, the original founders.                                                      program.
                                                                              •    STARS: In Coconino County there are more than 1,300
                                                                                   children with an incarcerated parent. In the STARS program,
        Wanted: Big Brothers                                                       Bigs are matched with Littles who have an incarcerated
                                                                                   parent and serve as a positive adult role model in the child’s
           Have you ever considered being a Big                                    life. Bigs and Littles meet weekly for 2-4 hours and you must
Brother? Do you know someone who would                                             be at least 18 to be a Big in this program.
have a blast hanging out with a Little Brother?                               •    STEP UP: In a partnership with the Coconino County
Well now is the time to make it happen. Big                                        Juvenile Court Services, BBBSF matches teens involved in the
Brothers Big Sisters of                                                            court system with positive adult role models in the STEP UP
Flagstaff has a Big                                                                program. Bigs provide friendship and support to these teens,
Brother shortage and                                                               which makes a difference in their lives and inspires them to
needs you. There are                                                               make positive life decisions. Bigs and Littles meet weekly
so many different                                                                  for 2-3 hours and you must be at least 21 to be a Big in this
ways to get involved                                                               program.
and you can choose                                                        Contact BBBSF or more information on how to become a Big in any of
the best way to make                                                      these programs and begin making a difference in a child’s life today!
it work for you.
something you                                                               Introducing Lunch Buddies:
already have planned
could be the perfect                                                             A New Way to Become a Big
chance to spend time
with a Little Brother.                                                                   As a part of School Based
Pass down your
basketball skills, take
                                                                                     Mentoring, the Lunch Buddies
the dog for a walk                                                                    program pairs Bigs and Littles
or rent a new video
game – anything to
                                                                                       together once a week during
have fun and be a                                                                     the Little’s school lunch break.
friend to a kid who
needs one. So guys,                                                                     Matches meet at the Little’s
take a risk, and do
                             Big Brother Jete White and his Little                    school and bond while eating
something small that
                                  Brother Kaharie enjoying a                        lunch together, usually
will make a huge
                                        BBBSF gathering.
difference in a kid’s life.                                                           for 45 minutes to an
Become a Big Brother.
For more information                                                                    hour, once a week.
stop by or give us a call.
  Bowl for Kids’ Sake Event Proves                                                  Hundreds of Participants
         A Striking Success                                                           “Run for the Magic”
                                                                             This August more than 400 participants put on their running shoes
                                                                             and ran or walked to raise money for BBBSF in the 31st annual “Run for
                                                                             the Magic” Half Marathon and 5K Race. This year’s event raised more
                                                                             than $30,000 for BBBSF. The money raised will directly benefit the
                                                                             community by supporting our many programs that reach out to local

                                                                             Runners and walkers came from all over Flagstaff and Arizona to
                                                                             tackle the 13.1-mile course that rose and fell 700 feet in elevation.
                                                                             Sara Wagner and Jared Scott, both of Flagstaff, won the women’s and
                                                                             men’s Half Marathon divisions of the race, respectively. Both runners
                                                                             were featured in the sports section of The Daily Sun shortly after
                                                                             the race where they mutually agreed that the “Run for the Magic”
                                                                             Half Marathon was a challenging, worthwhile event. Joann Ott and
                                                                             Phil Warton were the 5K Race winners for the women’s and men’s
                                                                             divisions, respectively.
     Betta Gamma Chi, 2008’s BFKS winning team, poses with                   In order to include as many participants as possible, there was also a
     the traveling trophy.                                                   Kids Dash, so children could take part in the event as well. In addition,
             Every year, bowlers       International Honor Society,          for every individual who raised $100 for BBBSF before the event, their
of all skill levels team up and        an organization dedicated to          entrance fee was waived. The “Run for the Magic” Half Marathon takes
take to the lanes for a day of         promoting academic excellence         place yearly and continues to grow as a popular community event.
fun that also raises money for a       and community service among           For more information on how to participate, contact the BBBSF office
worthwhile cause – their local Big     community college students. The       or visit our Web site at
Brothers Big Sisters. Bowl for Kids’   team raised the most money out
Sake, one of BBBS’s nation-wide        of all of the participating teams,
fundraisers, is a popular event        with a total of more than $1,200.
that affiliates of BBBSA put on         As a reward, they won BBBSF’s
every year.                            coveted traveling trophy – a
             BBBSF’s Bowl for          wooden bowling pin with the
Kids’ Sake takes place every           BBBSF logo carved into it. Other
February at Starlite Lanes. Each       teams involved raised a lot of
year, around 160 teams of five          funds as well and come closer
members bowl for an hour each,         every year to breaking Beta
enjoying lots of fun prizes and        Gamma Chi’s most money raised
a great raffle table. The event         winning streak.
raises more than $40,000 every                     If you and your
year to support BBBSF programs.        potential teammates would like
This year was no exception – the       to participate in the fun, the next
bowling fun lasted all day and         BBBSF Bowl for Kids’ Sake event
participating teams represented        will be held on Feb. 28, 2009. The
a myriad of northern Arizona           cost is $250 per team and local
organizations, businesses and          companies can also sponsor
individual supporters of BBBSF.        lanes for the entire 10-hour event.
             This year’s winning       For more information on how           More than 400 runners participated in the “Run for the Magic” Half
team was Beta Gamma Chi,               to register your team or how to       Marathon and 5K Race.
Coconino Community College’s           participate in the event, contact
chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa         our office.

   Annual Chili Cook-Off Heats Up the Summer, Raises Funds for BBBSF
             The Flagstaff Chili Society held their 25th annual Route 66 Regional Chili Cook-Off this past June in Thorpe Park. The cook-off had
  local, statewide, and out-of-state chili cooks as well as several past World Champions and qualifiers who competed in the event. The cooks
  who participated were vying for a coveted spot in the International Chili Society’s World Championship Competition, as well as winning an
  award in one of the competitive categories of Best Green Chili, Best Local and Best Overall Red Chili, People’s Choice for Best Chili, Best Local
  Restaurant Chili and Best Salsa.
             Each year the President of the Flagstaff Chili Society, Paul Whitney, chooses a local non–profit organization to receive the proceeds
  from the competition and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff is grateful to have been chosen as that recipient for the past three years. We
  are proud to announce that this has been the most successful year of the cook-off to date, with proceeds totaling more than $2,000. Thank
  you to everyone who helped to make this event a success!
       Upcoming BBBSF Events                                              Arizona State Tax Credit
                                                                          Available for Donations to BBBSF
41st Annual Wine & Beer Tasting and Silent Auction
8 -10 p.m., Saturday, November 22                                         Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff is now a qualifying
Flagstaff Radisson Woodlands Hotel                                        charitable agency under Arizona Department of
$30 per ticket                                                            Revenue tax code.
* Silent Auction donations are welcome*
                                                                          This means that you (or anyone you know) can receive
Holiday Dinner                                                            a tax credit for cash donations made to our agency, up
6 - 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, December 9                                        to $200 for those filing as single and $400 for those
duBois Center, NAU south campus                                           married and filing a joint return. There are stipulations
Free to matches & BBBSF Boards                                            to this so please speak with your accountant.
Sponsors are also welcome to come
                                                                          Donations qualify for a federal tax deduction as
Bowl for Kids’ Sake                                                       allowable by law.
All day, February 28, 2009
Starlite Lanes                                                            You can see more information and a complete list of
$250 per team, all day                                                    qualifying agencies at:
lane sponsorships also available
The Big Breakfast                                                         charitablecredits.htm.
7:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Radisson Woodlands Hotel                                                  This is a great way to help our agency continue our
Free                                                                      invaluable work in the Flagstaff community. We
                                                                          appreciate your support.
BBBSF Spring Picnic
12 – 1:30 p.m., date TBD, May 2009
Thorpe Park

         Lowell Observatory Donates Bike to BBBSF for Silent Auction
            Following the annual Bike to Work Week
 event this past May, a new Breezer brand cruiser bike
 was donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff
 by Lowell Observatory. The Bike to Work Week was
 sponsored by biking goods store Absolute Bikes and
 had 1,157 individual participants. The bike is set to be
 auctioned off at the upcoming 41st Annual Wine &
 Beer Tasting and Silent Auction. Lowell Observatory
 was named the winner of the Bike to Work Week
 challenge for having the worksite with the largest
 number of participants and received the Breezer Bike
 as their prize.
            Observatory staff said they desired to make
 the most of their good fortune and use the bike
 in a way that would benefit the community. After
 contacting BBBSF, the bike was presented to Merk
 Perelstein, CEO/Executive Director of BBBSF, by staff
 from both Lowell Observatory and Absolute Bikes.
 A big thank you goes out to Lowell Observatory for
 their generous donation! To win this classic cruiser,
 bid on it during the silent auction at the 41st Annual     Ken Lane, Absolute Bikes; Steele Wotkyns, Lowell Observatory; Susan Hueftle,
 Wine & Beer Tasting and Silent Auction taking place        Bike to Work Week Coordinator for Flagstaff; Linden Lane, Absolute
 from 8-10 p.m., November 22 at the Flagstaff Radisson
                                                            Bikes; Merk, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff; and Melinda Linzey, Lowell
 Woodlands Hotel. Tickets are $30. Contact BBBSF for
 more information.
                                                            Photo by Melissa Dunstan/Flagstaff
                                           Meet a Waiting Little
At BBBSF, we’re always looking for Bigs. There are several waiting Littles, especially Little Brothers, who are ready for someone like you to be their
friend. Meet Christian, Manuel, Daniel and Callie – four waiting Littles in our School Based Mentoring program.

                                      Christian is an active 5th grader                                             Manuel is in the 4th grade and
                                      who likes to keep on the move by                                              has been waiting two years for a
                                      playing basketball, football, riding                                          Big Brother of his own. In school,
                                      his bike and skateboarding.                                                   math is his favorite subject and
                                      Therefore, it’s no surprise that his                                          he likes to play soccer once
                                      favorite subject in school is P.E.                                            school is out for the day. In his
                                      and that he wants to be a pro-                                                free time, he likes to draw and
                                      basketball player when he grows                                               ride his bike – one of his favorite
                                      up. In addition to sports, Christian                                          possessions. He says his family is
                                      feels proud when he draws and                                                 very supportive of him, especially
                                      likes to play board games with                                                with his homework, but he would
                                      his mom. He says his family is                                                like a Big Brother to play games
                                      very important to him and he                                                  with him. Manuel is very excited
                                      likes to help his mom with chores.                                            to hopefully have a Big Brother
                                      He also enjoys hanging out and                                                soon after such a long wait.
                                      playing football with his friends.
Christensen Elementary
                                                                                    Puente de Hozho
                                                                                   Elementary School
                                      Daniel is a talkative 4th grader                                              Callie is a helpful 3rd grader who
                                      who enjoys playing video                                                      loves being around her family
                                      games, watching Pokemon and                                                   and friends. She likes to play
                                      playing hackey sack with his                                                  soccer and enjoys reading books
                                      friends. He says he admires his                                               and doing art in school. Her
                                      teacher and his favorite subject                                              favorite movie is “Horton Hears
                                      in school is math. He really wants                                            a Who” and her favorite colors
                                      to be a police officer when he                                                 are pink, yellow, black, and red.
                                      grows up. Daniel is very proud                                                She’s not completely sure, but
                                      of the fact that he completes his                                             she thinks she would like to be
                                      homework every day and helps                                                  a nurse one day. Callie is looking
                                      his mom with household chores.                                                for a Big Sister in high school or
                                      He would like a Big Brother who                                               college who would look out for
                                      wants to hang out, play board                                                 her and enjoy spending time
                                      games and help him with his                                                   with her.
         Daniel                                                  Callie
    Thomas Elementary                                     Marshall Elementary
         School                                                 School
     For information on how to become a Big to one of our waiting Littles, contact the BBBSF office today.

                            Clothes for Kids’ Sake Bin Locations                                                   New Bin Location:
                                                                                                             Safeway parking lot in Williams!

        Flagstaff Athletic Clubs (East and West)         Flagstaff High School
        Bookman's/Hastings parking lot                   Albertson’s parking lot
        NAU central campus (Tinsley parking lot)         Mount Elden Middle School
        Wal-Mart parking lot                             Knoles Elementary School
        HomCo Ace Home Center                            4th Street Shell Station
        DeMiguel Elementary School                       Coconino Federal Credit Union (West Side)
        Late for the Train (Ft. Valley Rd.)              Mountainaire Country Store
        Marshall Elementary School                       Kachina Village Highlands Fire Station
                                                         Savers store location
                                         School Based Mentoring
                                          Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff’s Mission:
                                                To help children succeed by matching them
                                                      with appropriate adult mentors.

                                       The goal of the School Based Mentoring Program is to match
                                        a Big and Little for the purpose of initiating, developing and
                                                           maintaining an effective
                                      one-to-one relationship within the school environment in which
                                        the child builds self-esteem through activities that promote
                                                     confidence, competence and caring.

                                       Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff’s School Based Mentoring
                                      Program serves children at nine elementary schools in Flagstaff
                                                                 and Williams.
                                         Bigs meet with their Littles on the school campus on one
                                                 designated day per week from 3 to 5 p.m.
                                       for ten weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the spring. Matches
                                                   have a blast together playing games,
                                                    running around on the playgrounds
                                                     and creating art projects together.

    Contact Us!                                            The schools served by
                                                       School Based Mentoring are:
  (928) 774-0649                               Kinsey, Killip, Knoles, Christensen, Marshall,
                                           Thomas, Puente de Hozho, South Beaver and Williams.
                                           Volunteers must meet requirements in order to become
And don’t forget our new                                      School Based Mentors:
                                                            *Minimum age of 16 years
Lunch Buddies program!                             *Minimum commitment of one school year
                                        *Ability to transport themselves, but not their Little, to and from
                                                             each mentoring session
                                                *Completion of enrollment interview and process
                                                         with Big Brothers Big Sisters staff

Let us know that you’d like to get more information on how to get involved with School Based Mentoring
Name: ______________________________________________________
Home Phone Number : ________________________ Cell Phone Number: ___________________________
Email Address: __________________________________________________________
Local Address: ________________________________________________________ Flagstaff, AZ 860_____

Drop this portion of the form in the mail: PO Box 1701, Flagstaff, AZ 86002
or e-mail the information to
         Match Anniversaries in 2008
                              The following matches celebrate an anniversary in 2008.
              Congratulations and thank you to all of our Bigs and Littles for your participation in BBBSF!

         Matched One Year                                                 Matched Two Years
Bigs                          Littles                            Bigs                                Littles

Christina Shapter             Haley                              Liz Yang                            Maria Elena
Christi Macias                Rosa                               Daveane Simpson                     Catherine
Callie Davis                  MacKenzie                          Tricia Ferguson                     Victoria
Cathy Hook                    Danielle                           Caroline David                      LaTosha
Karen Padilla                 Tiara                              Reba Allen                          Hannah
Denim Bond                    Autumn                             Ashley Omelianowich                 Jessica
Katy Paterson                 Leila                              Amy McFadden                        Angelina
Sara Pisa                     Delia                              Tracey Denet                        Darian
Laura McMinn                  Tyra                               Christy Scholler                    Stephanie
Karell Meyer                  Deja                               Jennifer Beltz                      Lisa
Andrea Helm                   Angel                              Austin Campbell                     Dennis
Becky Vera                    Brenea                             Michael Back                        Roman
Danielle Finney               Saranah                            Nick Sucik                          Kee John
Katie Rouiller                Samantha                           Tom Mutz                            Jesse
Lacy Willson                  Brittany
                                                                 Neil Weintraub                      Justice
Susan Longerbeam              Andi
Rachelle Eddie                Barbara
Judy Travis                   Fatima
Arlene Hittle                 Maggie
Brittany Walton               Briana
Jessica Binkley               Izzy
Juliet Davidson               Lupe
Maddie Kent                   Dessa
Lindsey Sherman               Sadie
Sarah Chalberg                Lucie
Bridgit Harris                Nikita
Erika Begay                   Kristen
Alyssa Williams               Amber
Nick Velde                    Andrew
Steve and Ann Spravzoff       Nick
Ryan Korte                    Kyle                                                                Big Sister Pat George and Little
                                        Big Brother Michael Franklin and Little Brother Kody      Sister Chanelle celebrate their 3rd
Michael Franklin              Kody      celebrate their 1st anniversary as a match this year.     anniversary as a match this year.
Jessica Gintowt               Nate
Seth Caulkins                 Kole
Jim Townsend                  Samuel
Ryan Torres                   Erik
Rick Nevius                   Jay
Keil Melkus                   Thomas
Matt Maxwell                  Jerard

                                                                    Bigs and Littles at this year’s Camp Firefly.
            Match Anniversaries in 2008
                                   The following matches celebrate an anniversary in 2008.
                   Congratulations and thank you to all of our Bigs and Littles for your participation in BBBSF!

          Matched Three Years                                                        Matched Five Years
Bigs                                     Littles                           Bigs                                 Littles
Pat George                               Chanelle                          Meg Heneghan                         Kirsten
Sarah Schol                              Selena                            Jennifer Samuel                      Nichole
Courtney Baker                           Cedar                             Chris Gunn                           Connor
Don Barnes                               Tyler
Peter Bungart                            Jimmie
                                                                                      Matched Six Years
Mike Sherman
Ryan Bond                                Ian                               Bigs                                 Littles
                                                                           Tony Mangine                         Tyler
                                                                           Dave Vanboxtaele                     Jeremy
         Matched Four Years
Bigs                                     Littles
Stephanie McKinney                       Darcie
                                                                                   Matched Eight Years
Mark Moran                               AJ                                Bigs                                 Littles
                                                                           Sue Ordway                           Leea
                                                                           Rebecca Cox                          Crystal
                                                                           John Schiebe                         Josh

                                                                          Check out BBBSF’s two new spots on the Web
                                                                                On Facebook, go to “groups” and search for
                                                                                   “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff”
                                                                            On Myspace, go to
                                                                                          and add us as a friend!

                                                                        You can keep updated on upcoming events, meet other Bigs
                                                                              and Littles and keep in touch with BBBSF staff!
       Big Sister Stephanie McKinney and Little Sister Darcie
                                                                          * Littles, be sure to ask your parents before going online!
       celebrate their 4th anniversary as a match this year.

                               Discount Passes Available for Matches!
          Are you looking for something fun and inexpensive to do with your Little? Below is a list of organizations in Flagstaff that have
generously offered discounts so that matches can do activities together at a low cost. All passes are available for pickup during business hours
at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff office, located at 1338 W. Forest Meadows, Suite 130.

Current discounts include:
                                                                                             •    Guest passes to Flagstaff Parks
    •      Free entry into Lowell Observatory
                                                                                                  and Recreation Swimming
                                                                                                  Pool (Flagstaff High MEMS)
    •      Free entry into The Museum of Northern Arizona
                                                                                             •    Discounts at the Artistic
    •      Free entry into Riordan Mansion
                                                                                                  Beauty College
    •      Free entry into J. Lively Ice Rink
                                                                                             •    Show your match card and
    •      Guest passes to Flagstaff Athletic Club (limit one pair per match/per month)           receive free shoe rental at
                                                                                                  Starlite Lanes

                             New discounts are added periodically, so please contact us anytime for more information!                          9
     Games                                    Below are some fun puzzles that matches can do together. There is an
                                              easy game for beginners and a harder puzzle for those who are up to
                                                             the challenge. Take a break and play!

                                                                           How to play Sudoku:
                                                    Fill in the game board so that the numbers 1 through 9 occur exactly
                                                     once in each row, column and 3x3 box. The numbers can appear in
                                                     any order and diagonals are not considered in the game. The initial
                                                     game board will consist of several numbers that are already placed.
                                                      Those numbers cannot be changed. The goal is to fill in the empty
                                                                 squares following the rules above. Good luck!

                     Math Puzzle
     Fill in the empty boxes with the appropriate
     math symbol or number to make the puzzle
                 all fit together! Have fun!


                           6       9 =

Answer Key:
                       =                     Easy                              Medium
         8       6
                     = 3

                 6 +9 = 1 5
     2                  x          9

                Spread The Word
 You’d make a good                                            You’d make a good
    Big Brother                                                  Big Brother
    ---visit or call---        Do you know someone                 ---visit or call---                who would make a         
    928 774 0649                                                    928 774 0649
                                 great Big Brother?

                                Statistically, everyone
                               knows at least four guys
                               who would make good
                                     Big Brothers.

                               Cut out these mini cards
 You’d make a good                                             You’d make a good
                                and pass them out to
    Big Brother                                                   Big Brother
    ---visit or call---               your most                    ---visit or call---                 Big-worthy friends.     
    928 774 0649                                                    928 774 0649

41st Annual Wine & Beer
 Tasting Event and Silent          Five Great Ways to Support
         Auction                                our Mentoring Programs
Saturday, November 22, 2008
      8 p.m. - 10 p.m.             Annual Holiday Party for Matches
  Radisson Woodlands Hotel

                                   Bowl for Kids’ Sake

                                   Sponsor a School Based Mentoring Program

                                   Host Spring Picnic Activities

 Big Brothers Big Sisters of       Volunteer as a Big
      (928)774-0649                                                                      11
  Big Brothers Activity Board                    Governing Board                    Big Sisters Activity Board

    Kirk Robertson - President                 Bren Hershey - President               Nancy Davis - President
 Joshua Steinlage - Vice President            Rich Haag - Vice President          Laurie Beth Carl - Vice President
      Greg Kuzma - Treasurer                    Mary Flagg - Secretary                Mary Flagg - Secretary
       Rich Haag - Secretary                    Greg Kuzma - Treasurer                Lori Pappas - Treasurer
    Brian Ward - Past President                                                  Shelagh O’Connor - Past President
                                            Howard Brown - Past President

           Brian Beamer                             Laurie Beth Carl                     Nanette Aker
          Howard Brown                                Nancy Davis                         Fran Anaya
          Kurtis DeMarse                             Debra Garrity                     Cindy Anderson
              Jeff Dillon                              Dan Groth                        Cheryl Blume
           Dennis Dixon                              BJ Henkenius                      Laurie Beth Carl
             Jim Driscoll                       Helen-Marie Holmgren                     Stacey Cislo
             Bill Gaylord                         Mary Anne McPoil                     Angela DeMarse
            Rex Gilliland                         Shelagh O’Connor                     Marlene DeRosa
              Dan Groth                               Chip Ogden                         Liz Fontanini
           BJ Henkenius                               Lori Pappas                       Debra Garrity
              Chris King                            Kirk Robertson                      Dinah Gillette
            Dave Klensin                           Joshua Steinlage                     Mickey Glasby
           Godfrey Loper                          Tommy Tennyson                           Sue Harris
           Gene Munger                                                                  Jill Henkenius
                                                      Brian Ward
            Chip Ogden                                                                  Bren Hershey
            Eric Peterson                     CEO/Executive Director                Helen-Marie Holmgren
          Andrew Prosper                      Jenean Merkel Perelstein                   Elaine Kasch
              Bill Shaler                                                             Charlotte Madden
         Tommy Tennyson                                                               Mary Anne McPoil
           Tom Turnbull                                                                 Heather Meyer
            Doug Umlah                                                                Margot Saltonstall
         Dave VanBoxtaele                                                                 Fanny Stein
          Neil Weintraub                                                                   Julie Ward
           Ralph Whistler                                                                Cristy Zeller

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff
                                                                                                             Non Profit Org.
    P.O. Box 1701                                                                                             U.S. Postage
    Flagstaff, AZ 86002                                                                                           PAID
                                                                                                             Permit No. 14
                                                                                                           Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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