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					Party member autobiography,

Model essay of autobiography of
undergraduate join or be admitted
to the party

Party member autobiography, Model essay of autobiography of
undergraduate join or be admitted to the party

I cry, electric institute sends department Guangxi university
distribution major student, male, the Gelo nationality, was born in
Guizhou Province abide by on November 26, 1982 an intellectual family
of justice city. Be in such common and warm family, I grow happily.
Grow especially the environment makes I had to the Chinese Communist
by shallow to intimate knowledge, formed communistic world outlook,
philosophy stage by stage, stand fell to be communism great cause
struggling all one's life is ideal.
My father is Party member of a Chinese Communist, the mother is
worker of hillock of one under one's name, I am grow below the
education of the party rise. Father modesty is rigorous, the working
style of meticulous discretion is affecting me deeply as a child. I
entered elementary school in September 1988, face the father before
learning to teach me, fresh red scarf is the blood incarnadine of
ancestors, it is little first the mark of vanguard, do not fear pain
in that way like liberation army soldier only, most ironside just
deserves to wear it. I remember father's word well, go up after
elementary school, on study, effort is assiduous, contend for in the
van to enter; In labor, do not be afraid of dirty, do not be afraid
of tired. In elementary school 2 grade joined Chinese teenager
vanguard gloriously finally, my stroke is worn the red scarf before
the bosom secretly resolved, must more progress, draw close to round
organization even in the future.
From now on, I learn with greater efforts, result studies on the
class all the time be among the best of candidates, every semester is
judged to be “ ” of 3 good students, “ is outstanding Young
Pioneer”, it is for many times in contest of level of the ground,
county, school bear the palm, and, in elementary school the monitor
is held the position of all the time in study of 6 years. Elementary
school graduated in June 1994, I checked middle school of in relief
brook with achievement of entire county first. As knowledge
accumulate the growth with the age, I was known gradually on the
thought, young wants growing progress to must stand by round
organization, accept the education of round organization and
education actively. Pass constituent help and oneself effort, on May
4, 1995 I joined the Communist Youth League of China gloriously.
Chinese the Youth League is the masses organization of Chinese
advanced youth, it is the man Friday of the Chinese Communist and
reserve. Raise below round banner when me when the right hand makes a
pledge divinely, feel an upsurge of emotion! I am dark be determined:
Must learn well, develop in the round, should remove a model to be
the first in every respect action, foster oneself into the
socialistic builder to cross a century and successor, the socialistic
modernization that is our country contributes his total force. In
this one thought guidance falls, I learn political theory and
scientific literacy knowledge assiduously, study result is
outstanding, at Was judged to be “ of area of abide by justice in
April 1997 ” of 3 good students. Take an examination of in June 1997,
I take an examination of —— of province key middle school with
achievement of entire county first 4 middle schools of abide by
justice review, tall 3 when be learned by the key class with be
classified entire unique school.
High school graduated 2000, in the university entrance exam on this
single-plank bridge, my fail in an imperial examination. If this is
challenge that the life launchs to me, I won't regret the choice that
I make. I was adjusted to admit Guangxi university electrician in
September 2000 Cheng and its automation are Cheng institute
electrician 002, turned over the one page with my life brand-new
journey, I began to struggle newly and wade to new target. Big
semester, the basic knowledge of the party that I attend an institute
to divide Party school to hold grooms class.
     Pass study, the basic knowledge of the party such as condition
of principle of my property to the party, creed, tenet, guiding
ideology, organization and discipline, Party member had the knowledge
that compares a system, improved the knowledge to the party, knew how
to be striven for do a communist. In the meantime, I had the Party
member beside more time and opportunity bring into contact with,
political eye shot also received extension, see the phenomenon with
current presence frame-up party conduct, him hope can join leading
Party group to knit, become an outstanding Party member, decide the
form of the party afresh. This kind of view thinks dispute to often
be mixed one-sidedly now narrow, the generation of this kind of wrong
think of a way results from the understanding to the party is not
quite clear still, cannot wear with existing because of some Party
members the vanward soldier that such and such defect denies they are
the proletariat, down to affects the understanding to party spirit,
the Party member that also cannot deteriorate few number degenerate
and party organization are equal rise, they can not represent a party.
Pass the change of cognitive consciousness this, what I feel the most
important before join or be admitted to the party is to want to know
our party correctly with comprehensive ground. Right now, my father
gave me very big inspiration to my education. He is not open-eyed to
my change, gave a praise instead, he says, that is me know in what
explain pair of parties for oneself, it is the ” of “ obligatory
course of the motive of join or be admitted to the party with my
correct establish. He says to me, exercise of classmate of join or be
admitted to the party is same, important is the ability that thinks
independently, want to be able to observe, meeting summary, meeting
extend the meaning, want to see book study, go thinking, should spend
effort one time. Some people are after join or be admitted to the
party period of time, it is lifetime even should complement
ceaselessly to join or be admitted to the party think, what also
include motivation of pair of join or be admitted to the party is
more complete define again. In I am determined after that, invite
oneself real join or be admitted to the party through learn and
thinking his Motive is in the heart figuration. I feel I must combine
the change of the thought and operation worthily rise, let oneself
ponder over each a little bit to carry out correspondence to rise
with every time, learn to want to learn so that have to progress, do
should do so that have experience, honest to the requirement a Party
member asks in that way oneself.
Long-term since, I am perforative from beginning to end the thought
that oneself are activist of join or be admitted to the party. In
collective activity, I am taken an active part in, cooperate actively
to finish collective job with everybody. In the life, unitive
classmate, produce oneself effect as far as possible, the issue that
makes a few in one's power is helped and care a classmate, hear the
classmate is ill for instance, go visitting a greeting; Hear friend
mood is bad, go advise and encourage is encouraged. 2 grade last term,
I am chosen to be undersecretary of academic course ministry, hold
the position of student cadre, this is the constituent accredit to me,
also be to foster humanness civilian to serve a thought, increase
ability, exercise the wonderful chance that increases oneself. During
holding the position of student union cadre, fulfil oneself
obligation seriously, to infuse of course department work very old
flame, and insist to exercise oneself to do good student union to
work, learn special training course the ability of two respects. I
still used off hours to read " the culture that regards a communist
" , " red star is beamed China " wait for book and article, deepened
the understanding to communism greatly, had certain academic
accomplishment and accurate academic knowledge. From the party base I
cherish class complete a course excited mood handed over requisition
of join or be admitted to the party to party organization, indicate
oneself ideal and desire, I am willing to join a Chinese Communist,
struggle for communistic career lifelong. Subsequently I entered the
study of Party school again, because my study is assiduous, be judged
to be outstanding student by academic cent Party school. Regard a
join or be admitted to the party as activist, during I am applying
for, organize the thought that reports oneself to the party regularly,
all these actions stress wanted action since the thought
understanding to raising his. I understand to strive for join or be
admitted to the party with real operation, must perserve, rose that
day from what apply for join or be admitted to the party, should
strive for the communist that makes a be worthy of the name at an
early date with true attitude and genuine effort.
I yearn for the member that become a glorious Chinese Communist, this
is not for bring honour to one's ancestors absolutely, not be to
depend on absolutely hold political position is him have an eye to
the main chance, I know a communist to mean deeply go all out in work,
struggle to imply sacrifice even, my join or be admitted to the party
is for only more the leadership that accepts a party forthrightly,
struggle for communistic career.
Party member autobiography,

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