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Inn opening congee how optional location_9104


									Congee inn, optional location skill,

Inn opening congee how optional

Congee inn, optional location skill, Inn opening congee how
optional location

   People always makes the choice of investment according to
anticipating, the investment of business shop market is fervent be
this is planted too good anticipate in cause trouble. The investment
redound below good position let a person lose way, in the sky cause
market the business shop of buy has add without decrease, and the
discretion of real yield has investor heart to know abdomen only
bright. Is investment business shop true so make money?
   Regard business as the final user of the shop, the businessman
perhaps has speech right most, listen attentively to their theory
that choose a store, investor is met more sensible, rise discern the
ability of bad of business shop actor; Development business can
reduce the generation that builds rubbish, prevent the awkward
condition that sink is in a dilemma.
   Pick shop person: Congee inn boss Mr Zhang
   Congee inn boss Mr Zhang, many years old 30, northeast person,
have the experience of industry of 8 years of meal, ever assumed
office some wears Beijing an eating house general manager. Began
oneself to do poineering work in January 2004, open store of the
first congee. Share inn of 7 chain congee at present, distributing to
be mixed in city of clouds cloud road, century and other places of
small Western Paradise.
   Flourishing spreads a standard: Most value office building group
the business shop of around back community
   Very the eye that admires Mr Zhang, a many short month, this is
located in the shop near small Western Paradise already fire rose,
had not arrived repast time, many client patronage already came in
succession inside inn. Open the pressure that 7 inn bring to a year,
mr Zhang says, outside removing the issue that pays close attention
to capital respect, choose a store proper very crucial.
   “ chooses store now I care 3 respects most. Mr ” Mr Zhang says.
   The first, environmental protection whether pass a barrier. For
instance the government asks such meal store cannot open similar
congee store in the dweller downstair, vicinity opens store, the flue
of installation needs to cross dweller building high, accordingly,
the storefront that develops business design should have congenital
   The 2nd, traffic. One of dense disease of modern city are traffic,
the parking space inside the urban district is in short supply, meal
store opens in flourishing region, this one contradiction is
highlighted particularly. General the meal inn of a 1 million square
metre asks to have 5 cars, but present shop majority configures
inadequacy. Mr Zhang citing, this congee inn of small Western
Paradise does business 3 hours in the evening, want to keep many 80
car early or late, che Weiming is shown cannot satisfy.
   The 3rd, passenger flow. The more or less decided congee inn
profit of passenger source, passenger source billabong is moved and
secure two kinds. Passenger source of going from place to place is to
point to the crowd that can arrive through all sorts of vehicle, the
traffic advantage around is one requirement. Fixed passenger source
is office building is mixed around dweller. The congee inn average
per capita of Mr Zhang consumes 25~30 yuan, suit white-collar
consumption very much, open the storefront that is in office building
to center an area to be able to ensure at least midday the guest of
repast Stream, but only lunch is consumed group it is insufficient,
because this still needs to rely on the village of etiquette model to
become backup force, develop to depth. Mr Zhang expresses, office
building group around, the business of back community is spread most
value, but won't leave absolutely inside the village, coming is the
passenger flow inside the village the likelihood is finite, the 2
security personnel that are a village can restrict alien pass in and
out, cloggy business.
   Because the shop inside the urban district is rarer and rarer,be
short of, prospective congee inn also will develop to the suburb, but
Mr Zhang expresses, oneself still do not value community business
shop to manage, short-term inside congee inn won't choose the large
community in outskirts.
   Special keep an eye on: Hiring valence is not the mainest certain
   Cost proceeds matters to the businessman's profit directly,
competition of industry of the meal on market is intense nowadays,
bring about enterprise admittance doorsill tall, investment is large,
virtually is decorated, the cost of the respect such as advertisement,
operation raises, broke up profit space, accordingly, general short-
term rent will be afterwards hard, 7 congee inn signed Mr Zhang 8~13
year the renting contract between. He expresses, 3 years of lease
that some owner roll out rejected a lot of businessmen actually.
   Discover not hard, although a few this years meal course of study
uses room demand grow in quantity, business shop hires valence
somewhat hasten rises, chummage is not businessman cost in most the
part of core. Mr Zhang thinks, a few shadow cost let businessman not
know what to do, if transfer cost. Part of good appearance room hype
is large, the price involves litre of rate breathtaking, a storefront
makes over cost to be as high as 50~100 only 10 thousand yuan, make
over cost to cannot walk along Zhang mostly, bring a businessman to
manage it is difficult to reclaim.
   He expresses, hire valence in the near future rise range won't be
too big, suffer on one hand supply the impact with big increment,
additional, hire valence to had risen fast conceal the crisis. Hire
valence exorbitant, operator cannot be accepted will cause business
to spread empty buy, differ with housing, business shop should appear
one year only the empty shelves of a month, rise in price before that
bit of profit that make went in with respect to compensate. And even
if is nice a sector of an area, hire valence high to bring a
businessman frequent replace, occurrence “ alternates all the year
round the phenomenon of ” of banner of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, what
will bring about other management businessman and value of section of
store of consumer generation “ to differ ” is illusive, profitless
investment hires valence to rise with what shop did not come.
   Choose shop feeling word: Good shop searchs hard still
   Choosing a good store is not so easy. Mr Zhang says, his car ran
one year 30 thousand kilometer, see the appearance room inside
Beijing almost, still feel good shop is searched hard. The storefront
that take a fancy to is being managed mostly in, even if lives in
what do not live to death struggle on the line, want not to sustain
losses in business only, the businessman does not wish basically to
make over.
   What the shop of new development is taken a fancy to is very few,
a lot of buildings dish did not make clear an agreement Utility,
business shop designs development to be put in a lot of blemish,
cannot use. Owner decorates business shop very costlily even, the
wall outside connecting is spread went up marble, he says: “ shop
installed marble to harm bilateral economic interest. The businessman
needs to have reveal a space, the label of the enterprise held off
him mount the marble of the doorway, create waste. ”
   Mr Zhang expresses, the businessman hopes to reveal the storefront
with distinctive oneself style, semifinished product business spreads
the intention that accords with them, establishment of a few
catchment is complete, natural gas reachs the designated position,
water and electricity enrages the frame that has enough play space
shop to suit the hardware of congee inn basically to ask. Shop area
is not large, 300~500 square metre is him love most.

Congee inn, optional location skill,

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