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									Cross-stitch, 10 old brands,

Cross-stitch brand pop chart

Cross-stitch, 10 old brands, Cross-stitch brand pop chart

   1, Dmc cross-stitch (1746 France) (complete entrance) : This need
not say more, accepted good sign
   2, QS cross-stitch (limited company of handicraft of Zhejiang
admire family name) high-end brand, it is the little shop sign of DMC
allegedly, sexual price is compared tall, the line is very bright,
quality is good.
   3, strange cross-stitch of filar the base of a fruit (Shanghai
silk the base of a fruit is strange adorn taste limited company)
(Japanese technology, home makes) : The line is qualitative small
hard, burnish inferiors a bit import goods.
   4, K100 cross-stitch (Wen Zhou is same a song labour trade limited
company) new brand, although time is not long, but quality is
reliable, price advantage is tall.
   5, Kec cross-stitch (limited company of trade of Wen Zhou good
cheer) (import data, domestic cent installs) : Be the same as date of
a gleam of with DMC, line relatively of DMC a bit fine, a bit cottony.
   6, unconscious graceful Li Sha / royalty (limited company of trade
of the cropland since Shanghai) Korea cloth, color, desert do not
written guarantee, do not fade, break not easily. (in recent years
quality shrink is big)
   7, Cmc cross-stitch (limited company of technology of cross-stitch
work of Hubei yellow plum) long, product follows the history price
moderate, sexual price compares cross-stitch of summary abdicate QS.
   Cross-stitch of Xin of 8, gold (company of Xin of gold of Chinese
justice black) homebred line, blueprint and cloth are not bad, the
quality that reflects a line generally is a bit poor, degree of
finish is inhomogenous, easy cottony.    9, high-ranked imperial
concubine cross-stitch (sea meaning enamel tastes limited company)
old sign, name is earlier, quality value moderate, (Wei embroider is
mostly such) .
   10, spring cross-stitch (Guangzhou is beautiful art trade limited
company) promising young person, the service is better, line amount
is full, quality is not bad, the price slightly tall.

Cross-stitch, 10 old brands,

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