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									Making Money on Hubpages
  With Zero Investment

        By Skyler Steven

                Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment

Thank you for purchasing my Making Money on Hubpages with Zero Investment
Guide. With this step by step manual you will be able to begin generating income
with zero investment, making the techniques contained herein perfect for
beginners or marketers with little monetary resources.

The way you will begin making cash with Hubpages is by leveraging both Amazon
Products and Google Adsense to generate income. The information in this guide is
presented in an easy to understand step by step format and will go in-depth into
the following topics:

      How to do proper keyword research.
      Analyzing keyword competition.
      How to create and optimize your hub.
      Monetize
      How to maintain your Google positioning with SEO.

Simply put, this guide contains just five steps that you will be utilizing to
implement this method to start making cash online.

So Why Hubpages?

The better question is why haven't you been taking advantage of the authority
that this web 2.0 property has to offer? Hubpages is currently a PR6 domain and
has a high trust rank with Google. I am going to show you how to use this to your
advantage and gain top ranking positions for keywords as soon as your hubs are

Of course this doesn't work all of the time, which is why I have a whole section of
this guide dedicated solely to search engine optimization (SEO). There are
excellent tips and techniques to use that will not only help you get your hubs
indexed quickly, but get them ranking in the best possible positions within the
Google search results.

                                            Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
How Will I Make Money?

As mentioned earlier, utilizing this method means you will be making money
through Google Adsense and by promoting products from Amazon. These are the
two main moneymakers, but if you would like to try and use other affiliate
program you should see success—as long as you follow the keyword research
guidelines herein.

There really are no limits to the amount of money you can make, because the
effectiveness of this method requires dedication from you.

Before you continue reading this guide, I want to share with you the main reason I
have become successful in making money with Hubpages. It really boils down to
taking action and having the discipline to keep working until I reached the income
goals I had set out for myself. What I am offering to you is not a "get rich quick"
system, nor is this going to make you a millionaire.

What this guide will show you is how to realize potential markets and exploit
them for your own monetary gain. You will need to bring your best attitude and a
willingness to learn. As long as you follow every step in this guide there is no
reason you can't see the same success that I have.

Thank you again for your purchase! Now get started devouring my Making Money
on Hubpages with Zero Investment Guide.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
What You Will Need Before We Begin

You will need to sign up for/download the following services if you already are not
members or using these programs:

      Sign up for a Hubpages Account
      Sign up for a Google Adsense Account*
      Sign up for an Amazon Associates Account**
      Download & Install SEOquake for your chosen web browser (I recommend

*Many people have a hard time applying to Google Adsense. If you do not already
have an account, create your Hubpages Account first and then apply to Google
Adsense through Hubpages. You should be approved quite easily and within
several days.

**There is a really big misconception that you must have a website before you
can apply to be an Amazon Associate. To get approved without having a proper
website is easy, especially after you have already signed up for Hubpages. You will
need to create your first hub before you apply so you can use it on your
application. You will be approved within minutes using this method.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Step 1: Keyword Research
The first and most crucial step in creating a Hubpage that will be profitable is
doing proper keyword research. If you don’t do this correctly you risk not only
selecting a poor keyword, but wasting valuable time that could be spent doing
other things. For you to begin your Keyword Research you need to open up the
Google Adwords External Search Tool.

Additionally you will want to pull up the Hubpages Ideabank.

You very well could just start entering keywords into the Google Search Tool
based upon your own interests, but using the Hubpages Ideabank will be far more
efficient and beneficial.

What is the Ideabank?

The Ideabank is a great little section of Hubpages that offers rich keywords and
phrases for users to begin writing Hubs on. The interesting part about this page is
that it can really fuel your sub-niche keyword research.

Once you have found a term or phrase you will then want to put it into the
Adwords Search Tool and begin doing a keyword search. In this example I chose
the following keyword phrase.

As you can see I chose the keyword phrase “How to call long distance” as a phrase
I am interested in developing a Hub for. We will then head on over to the Google
Search Tool with the keyword and input it into the search bar in the upper left
hand corner.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
We will then want to change the Match Type filter from BROAD to [EXACT].

This is because we want to know how many times this EXACT phrase is being
searched for in Google. We want to look for a keyword or keyword phrase that
gets between 300-1000 EXACT searches per month.

You will want to look at just the Global Search Volume. For the Keyword Phrase
“How to call long distance” it looks like we have a search volume winner as the
keyword tool shows 480 Global Searches.

What is great about these kinds of keywords is that there are very few marketers
who are going to build a Wordpress blog for a keyword with such low search
volume. It would simply prove to be unprofitable.

  But because we aren’t paying a single dime to set up these Hubs there is no
        reason why you can’t target low searched terms like this one.

We then add it to a list of Keywords we want to develop for and head back to the
Ideabank to find another phrase.

                                         Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
This time I decided that I was going to do some keyword research for the
following term.

Seems like a pretty interesting keyword, and one that might have some related
affiliate product value. We then head over to the Google External Search Tool and
input our keyword into the search bar.

Always be sure to change the Search Match Types from BROAD to [EXACT].

Our results are a bit surprising, as the keyword phrase “how to end a letter”
returns 6600 Global Searches for the month. Immediately you should be thinking
that this keyword might be too competitive.

Go ahead and add this to your list of keywords and then continue your research.
This time however, don’t go back to the idea bank, stay within the Search Tool

                                         Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
The reason you are doing this is to see if there are any other keywords worth
building a hub around this niche. If you routinely skip this step you could missing
out on tons of search traffic that literally no one else is monetizing.

Taking a look at the screenshot below can you determine which keyword we
should be going after?

There really are some good keywords sitting up there, but the one I am focused
on is called “apology letter format.” Why? Because of the low search volume I
figure that there will be very little competition for it. Well what about “apology
letter template?” That keyword would be fine, but would be hard to build a hub
for a template.

Of course as long as you follow the keyword research guidelines you could
potentially make a hub for any of those keywords. As long as you are sticking to
the research formula there is really no wrong or right keywords. The numbers
don’t lie and are there to help you!

So I have chosen my third keyword, “apology letter format” and I am ready to do
a competition analysis for them.

                                           Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Step 2: Competition Analysis
First pull up the Google Search engine and then type your keyword into the
Google search bar preceded by the allintitle: search operator. Your search bar
should look like this.

Your goal when using this search operator is to find the amount of pages that you
are really competing against in the search index. Since we are targeting exact
match keywords we want to ensure that there aren’t a million other page titles
with the same exact match keyword in them.

Generally speaking, anything under 10,000 results will be easy to rank for.
Sometimes you can use keywords that have 15,000 pages but heavy backlinking
will most likely be required to get those to page 1.

                                                     Now that we have
                                                     determined the allintitle:
                                                     competition we want to load
                                                     up our trusty SEOquake plug-
                                                     in in our browser and do a
                                                     Google Search for the

                                                     First thing you should notice
                                                     about that screen shot is that
                                                     there are NO webpages
                                                     ranking with the EXACT
                                                     match keyword in the title
                                                     tag. This works in our favor. It
                                                     also looks like there are two
                                                     high page rank website sitting
                                                     up at two and three, but

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
being that the title tags don’t match the keyword works to our benefit.

Additionally notice that the Wikipedia Page has a Page Rank of ZERO and no

 We could easily take that spot if it turns out we can’t beat the other two high
                                page rank sites.

Simply put, we should be able to sneak up onto page 2 for this keyword once our
hub has been indexed. Then with a little backlink juice we can definitely hit page

Remember the “how to end a letter” keyword? We are going to do the exact
same steps for competition analysis for this keyword as well.

In case you didn’t remember, this keyword had a whopping 6,600 Global Monthly
searches—which should throw up an immediate flag that a lot of people might
already be optimizing for this keyword. Only way to find out though is to run the
allintitle: search operator.

As you can see from the screen shot above, only 1670 pages were actively using
this keyword in their title tag when the query was submitted.

This means we might actually have a chance of ranking on page ONE right after
the hub is indexed. We will now run the SEOquake browser plug-in so we can see
the results. As you can see in the screenshot on the next page, this keyword looks
very promising!

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
It looks like we would have a good chance of at least ranking above the Yahoo
Answers page.

Additionally we could very well take over the site as well with
a few backlinks pointing to our hub! This is definitely a keyword you want to have
in mind when it comes to building your hub!

What about our last keyword, “apology letter format”? As you will see on the
following page this keyword phrase turns out to be the most promising.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
If you don’t recall, this keyword had just 590 Global Monthly searches, which
while isn’t the best also is an indicator that we might be able to optimize for
keyword that many aren’t looking at. Like before we always want to run the
allintitle: search operator for the phrase.

714 results is something that I like to see, especially for a moderately searched
term like this one. Immediately afterwards run SEOquake in your browser and
check the results. Below is a sampling of the top seven results.

As you can see there
are plenty of low
page rank websites
and even more sites
with few links.

It is also important to
not that there are few
if any sites utilizing
the exact match
keyword in the title

This means there is a
very good chance
that once our hub is
indexed by Google
they will
automatically rank us on the first page, or close to it.

                                            Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Many people have asked me, why target such low searched terms instead of
targeting the larger ones? Simply put, the more search volume means the higher
risk you run of developing for a keyword that is going to be competitive.

                Remember we are building FREE Hubpages here.

The question you should be asking yourself is do I want to sit on page 3 for one
highly searched term or do I want to sit on page ONE for three keywords that get
searched for much less?

Now that we have gotten our keyword research and competition analysis out of
the way let’s move onto creating our hub.

Step 3: Write a 400-500 Word Article & Set up Hubpage
Now that we have finished our research and selected a suitable keyword we can
begin creating our hub. It is very important that your hub meets all of the
following guidelines as it is our only way of optimizing the on page SEO for our

Every single hub that you create should:

    Contain an original 400-500 word article that is relevant to your keyword.
       o This means no spun or copied content. Original and written by you
           wins every time.
       o If you struggle with writing you will need to find someone who can.

    Mention the keyword or phrase THREE times within your article.
       o Your keyword needs to be within the first sentence of your article,
          preferably near the front. Bold this keyword.
       o Underline the next mention of your keyword.
       o Leave your third and final keyword mention with no text formatting.

                                           Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
 Use the keyword or phrase as your article title
     o This is very important as this is the title that will appear in the search
        engine index.
     o Ensure your URL has your keyword in it
     o If the keyword has already been used in another Hubpage article title
        begin adding words to the rear. Great words to add at the end of
        your keyword are
            Review
            Scam
            Revealed
            Info
            Online
            Be creative but always ensure your keyword is FIRST in the title
               of the hub.

 Use ONE photo for every 500 words of text.
     o Generally speaking the best place to put your photo is at the top so it
       appears directly underneath the first set of Adsense Ads and the
       article name.
     o If you can’t find a photo that fits well in that spot, you can put your
       photo on the right hand side of the text. It is important to keep that
       using this method will potentially lower your Adsense CTR, so this
       technique works the best when you are promoting an affiliate
       product instead of relying solely on Adsense to make money.

 Contain FIVE or more related Tags
    o This is important for ensuring your hub gets internal traffic from the
        “Related Hubs” section. You will be very surprised how many visitors
        your hub will be receiving from Hubpages itself if you choose enough
        related tags.

                                       Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
    Link to at least THREE other hubs within your article
        o Doing this is really easy because all you need to do is hit the “Suggest
           Links” button while viewing your hub. Select three words within your
           article’s text to link to other hubs. Try not to link to a hub that is in
           direct competition with you.
        o You are doing this because it will increase the quality score of your
           hub in addition to adding to your HubKarma, both of which benefit
           you greatly.

By doing all of the above you will not only be setting yourself up for success, but
you will be getting a great quality Hubscore, which is crucial to succeeding on
Hubpages. You do NOT want to upload crap!

You can see a good example of a Hubpage below.

                                           Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
So to wrap up, you need to ensure your newly written hub has the following.

   1. A 500 word 100% original article, formatted correctly with proper keyword
      density and placement.
   2. ONE related photo.
   3. Related Tags to ensure you get tons of internal traffic.

The next step, and one of the most crucial is determining what related products
you are going to pull from Amazon and into your hub.

Step 4: How to Properly Monetize Your Pages

In general there are two ways to monetize your hubs. The first way is to find
products on Amazon that are related to your keyword and topic. So if you are
creating a hub on Kirby Vacuum Bags, don’t add Dyson Vacuum Bags as a related
product within the hub.

To begin getting a commission from products on your hubs you will want to set up
your Amazon Associates ID within the Hubpages interface.

While in here you will want to fill out both your Amazon Associates ID and your
Google Adsense Publisher ID if you have both of them available. You will input
them both into their respective boxes.

Adding Amazon products to your hubs is really
easy. Once you are in your hub editor you will
want to select Amazon in the Add More
Capsules sidebar within the editor.

Once you click the Amazon capsule it will add
one to your hub automatically.

                                         Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Hit the up arrow button on the capsule and it will begin to move to the position
you want it to be. Generally speaking it is good to add the Amazon products to
the side of your content.

Once you have decided on placement go ahead and select the Edit button for the
Amazon capsule. Once the capsule opens select the “Choose Specific Products”
button. You will then be brought to the following wizard.

As you can see, you will be able to select how many products you want to
promote for this particular hub by using the drop down menu with the number in
it. The number of products that you wish to promote is solely up to you, but I
have found product lists larger than 5 do not do as well as smaller ones.

It really depends on how cluttered you want your hub to look, as adding Amazon
Products does ruin the aesthetic of the hub.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Once the Amazon capsule has loaded you will want to head over to Amazon and
find related products for your keyword/topic. Once you have found them simply
copy and paste the URL’s into the capsule spaces and then hit the Preview
Amazon Results button.

Then hit the save button and your products will be added in list format to your
hub similar to the screen shot below.

It is vital that you choose products that are related to your keyword. If you don’t
you run the risk of never making a sale. Also, it is important to keep in mind that
Amazon only pays 4% on most categories, bumping it up to 6% commissions if you
make more than six sales per month.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
The more product you can move for them the higher commission percentage you
will make.

Because of the low commission percentages I would encourage you to not pick
any product to promote that sells for less than $15. Ideally you will want to shoot
for products that are in the $20+ range, but sometimes that is just not possible.

Keep in mind that Amazon does pay 10% on digital downloads and 15% for
products on I will tell you right now to not even bother with Endless
as anyone who can afford to shop there is not going to read about the product
through your hub.

Digital Downloads can prove profitable if you focus on promoting downloadable
                                video games.

By far the easiest way to monetize is with Google Adsense. It is so easy to
monetize your hub with Adsense that sometimes it seems unreal. Most of the
keywords you are working with should pay you between $.20 and $.60 per click.

I have had one Hubpage in the fashion niche consistently get $.93 clicks for over
six months now—so it is very possible to come across a high paying niche when
building your hubs.

The only drawback to using Adsense on your Hubpages is that you must apply for
an account. This can and will take several days for approval, so having already an
account will set you up for making money off clicks right away.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
There are no optimization skills needed to monetize with Google Adsense and if
you set up your hubs with multiple text blocks you can easily have Amazon
products and Adsense blocks within the same hub.

Adsense is certainly not as profitable as promoting Amazon products, but it is a
very good way to draw passive income from your network of hubs.

There are plenty of other ways to monetize your hubs. You can join affiliate
programs through companies like ShareASale and Commission Junction, which
have a variety of retailers that may or may not have products that are related to
your hubs.

If you are comfortable using either of those platforms for joining affiliate
programs I would encourage you to utilize them as well.

Step 5: Indexing and Backlinking Your Hubs
This is by far the least appealing task when it comes to internet marketing for
most people. Building backlinks is a tiresome and boring job that not very many
people genuinely enjoy.

Thankfully, because of the nature of our keywords we won’t have to spend much
time backlinking.

This is because for many of the keywords you are going to be targeting there is
going to be very little competition. That fact alone means that once your pages
are ranked there is a very good chance that you will be sitting either on the first
page of the SERP’s or the second page.

Naturally there will be times when you rank on page four and beyond, but those
should be far and few between if you are doing your keyword research correctly.

The first Search Engine Optimization (SEO) task that you will need to accomplish is
helping to get your Hub indexed by Google.

                                           Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
By far the easiest way to do this is to go to anyone of your hubs and select the
“Subscribe to Author’s RSS Feed” in the sidebar on the right of every hub.

This will pull your RSS feed. Copy and Paste the URL and then go bookmark it at If you do not have an account sign up real quick and then submit
your RSS feed. This will also provide you a source of backlinks in the future.

Now head over to OnlyWire and sign up for their service if you haven’t already
done so. This is an amazing service that will submit bookmarks of your Hubs all
over the internet. Spend 30 minutes signing up for every Social Network they
offer submission to if you are already not a member.

OnlyWire will walk you through the set up of this easy to use submission service.

       You will want to use this service every time you make a new hub.

What I personally do is wait every other day and submit my new hubs in bulk. It
works like a charm and really helps in the backlinks department.

                            Make sense of all this with OnlyWire!

                                               Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Another benefit of using OnlyWire to mass submit your bookmarks is that
sometimes all it will take for your hub to move from page two and onto page one
are social bookmarks.

I have had countless hubs index on page two only to then move to page one after
I submitted the bookmarks to all of the social websites.

If you would like to comment on Blogs to build backlinks I would highly encourage
you to use the Comment Kahuna software, which is free to use.

This very efficient program will find related blog posts so you can begin leaving
comments. Additionally it will filter out DoFollow and high Page Rank blogs for
added an added link building benefit.

I would encourage you to do some light article marketing for your hubs. Post spun
content on the various article directories and send the links to your Hubs.
Remember you want to treat your hub like it is your own website.

The article directories I personally post on are:

      Ezine Articles
      Go Articles
      Zchand
      Article Base

Article marketing is an excellent way to build contextual backlinks. These are l
links that use related text within a blog post/article from an outside website.
Google treats these links with more authority than they do random links placed all
over the internet.

It is important that you do not use the same article you posted on your hub. You
want to boost the ranking for your hub and not have it competing with identical
articles on the various article directories. Use them for getting authority backlinks
only from related text.

You can also utilize Yahoo Answers to help send targeted traffic to your hub. This
works wonders for hubs because you can answer someone’s question and then

                                            Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
send them to your hub to “get more information.” I use this method a lot for
many of the travel hubs I create, which usually leads to a few Amazon book sales
each month.

If your niche has a popular message board sign up and start taking part in the
community. After about 20 posts, go ahead and put your link to your hub in your
sig line.

             This will send you more traffic than you ever imagined.

To find relevant forums use the following search operator in Google:


Finally you can always outsource all of the above at very affordable prices. Taking
a look at the Warrior Forum Classified Ads or Warriors For Hire sections will open
your eyes to a world of extremely affordable SEO.

As mentioned before the most powerful backlinks come from within relevant
articles using anchor text. That means a link with the anchor text “Mustang
Bumpers” in an article about Mustang Cars is far more powerful than the same
link (with the same anchor text) in an article about Water Slides.

If you have little patience for the tasks of SEO and backlinking and want to see
results very quickly I would encourage you to sign up for a blog network service
such as These networks generally cost a small fee per
month and will allow you to syndicate spun articles the network of blogs.

If you use anchor text for the keyword you are trying to rank for you will find that
these contextual links will send your hubs flying up the SERP’s very, very fast.

 Keep in mind that you do NOT have to pay for backlinks to be successful with
 this method. All of your backlinking can be done absolutely FREE and you will
                    see the same results, just not as quickly.

                                           Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Creating a Plan of Action
So there you have it. Five Easy Steps and you can start taking advantage of sub-
niche keywords and start making money on Hubpages. But none of this will be
good use unless you start putting it into action.

 You need to plan out these steps and have the discipline to see them through.

I would encourage you to create TWO new hubs each day, five days a week for a
month. If you can stick to the plan you will end up with 40 hubs by the end of your
first month.

Most of these will either rank on the first page for your chosen keywords or will
be close to it. Don’t worry too much about backlinks until you have finished
creating your 40 hubs.

This will allow time for your hubs to be indexed and then at the end of the month
you can begin focusing on which ones are going to need backlinks. Remember,
sometimes all a hub will need is a little social bookmarking love to remain on the
front page.

So for your first 20 days you will want to be:

      1.   Doing Keyword Research & Finding Two Keywords To Use
      2.   Creating Hubs for the Two Chosen Keywords
      3.   Finding Related Products To Promote
      4.   Bookmarking your Hubs with OnlyWire

Keep in mind that you only need to submit your RSS feed once to
for each Hubpages account you open. It will automatically pick up any additional
hubs you create.

If you decide to open more than one Hubpages account you will need to submit
the RSS feed to Feedage for the new account.

                                          Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
Many people have asked me, “Why try to build your income with a network that
you do not own?” They go on to say that “Hubpages could remove your hubs in
an instant and you would be out of income!”

Yes, there is a risk, but I have been utilizing this method for about nine months
and not a single one of my hubs has been deleted or even flagged.

As long as you are providing your hubs with valuable content you have nothing to
fear. Sites like these are growing at an amazing rate, so I do not see Hubpages
dramatically changing the way they do business any time soon.

Your hubs can and will be flagged for removal if you:

      Copy Content from another website.
      Over promote links in your hubs
      Use copyrighted material
      Create posts that make no sense and are barely readable

If you are caught doing any of those things, either a Hubpages moderator will flag
you or another user will. It is simple really. If you provide great content for your
hub, then Hubpages will leave them alone.

 If you try to cheat the system, then you will be looking forward to deletion of
                                    your hubs.

It is also a good idea to take part in the Hubpages community. There is a great
Answers section to the site where you can answer other user’s questions, which
gets your name out in the community. Always be on the lookout for another great
keyword, as the Answers section provides you with many great ideas.

Remember, the methods outlined in this guide work great when “hub volume”
comes into play. Just keep creating hubs based on your keyword research. So
don’t just do this for a month--build your 40 hubs and wait.

Keep building more the next month, while you build backlinks to the previous
month’s hubs.

                                           Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment
There really are no excuses. Building hubs is completely free. There is no reason
to ever stop building these, because the more you build the more passive income
you will generate going forward.

Unless you are ready to begin outsourcing these steps, your plan of action is to
                   start building as many hubs as you can.

                                         Making Money On Hubpages With Zero Investment

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