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									                                          Febrary 25, 2008
Dear ERA EUROPE’s Member,

Enclosed is the 2008-2009 Call for Nominations for candidates to serve on the ERA
EUROPE Board of Directors to begin in June 2008. Volunteers are a vital element of a
successful association. By giving of your time you contribute toward the advancement of the
electronic retailing industry in EUROPE and consequently, will improve in the short, medium
and long term the environment in which your business operates.

Please read the enclosed position description, duties, rules and election process information
carefully. Any ERA EUROPE regular member company in good standing, with membership
and related fees accurate and up to- date, may nominate themselves or nominate another
executive to serve on the ERA EUROPE Board of Directors.

If you were already decided to be candidate, please fill out the candidate information form
and mail or fax (+32 2 645 26 71) it along with a summary statement explaining the
candidate's background and commitment to the future of the industry and the association.
We need to receive this application no later than May 14, 2008,

Members of the Nomination Committee will be in touch with you, for interviewing you as it is
the practice for ERA and ERA EUROPE Boards nominations. This interview will have to be
conducted by telephone, as unfortunately, no Conference will take place before our Monte
Carlo Conference in June.

You are receiving this announcement because you are listed as the primary ERA contact
within your company. If you are no longer the appropriate contact person, please notify ERA
EUROPE ( Marcel Avargues – Executive Director at mavargues@retailing.org ).

Please feel free to call me, if you needed any clarification. It will be a good opportunity for
me to share with you my experience of the challenges and rewards linked to the mission and
duties of directors.
In addition, please find below the contact information for each of the members of the
Nominating Committee, should you wish to make contact, as I strongly encourage you to do.

Your nomination, and all matters relating to it, will be strictly confidential.

Best personal regards,

Marcel Avargues
Executive Director
Tel/fax : + 33 1 47 95 43 72 / mobile : +33 6 70 57 44 10

Director Position Description

 The ERA EUROPE Board of Directors is the association's senior policy-making body. It is
responsible for setting the strategic direction for the organization's support of the electronic
retailing industry. It is through the ERA EUROPE Board of Directors that every member
company is represented in the governance of the organization. And, it is by the direct
election of our Directors, in addition to the Statutory Annual General Assembly of the
members that each ERA EUROPE member company exercises its ultimate control over the

Although companies are members of the Association, Board seats are held by individuals of
member organizations. Individuals represent those organizations on the Board, and
collectively, the Board represents the interests of all ERA members.

Specific Duties

* Develop and approve the association's long-term strategic plan;

* Oversee matters affecting the Association as they relate to policy;

* Review and approve the annual budget;

* Authorize periodical audits of the official financial records of the association;

* Approve all proposed amendments to the Association's bylaws before they are voted by the
Members General Assembly.

* Attend all Board meetings during tenure on the Board at your own expense;

* Fill any vacancy on the Board of Directors in accordance with the Association bylaws;

* Participate on committees and task forces

* Understand and support the policies and programs adopted by the Board of Directors.

* Assist in bringing in new members;

* Expend substantial time, energy and other resources on designated activities of the

* Abide by the Code of Ethics for the Board of Directors, and conduct business in an
exemplary manner.


The standard term for Directors is 3 years.

Previous members of the Board may be candidates and apply for nomination after one year
out of the Board.
The chairman term is two years & the Chairman must have served on the current board for
two years before being elected .

A Chair-elect position has been created in June 2006. The Chair elect must have had one
year experience on the board to be candidate.. A possible one year extension after the three
years term, shall be granted for the elected chair elect which will allow for the fulfilment of
the chairman’s obligations.
The next ERA EUROPE chair elect will be elected in June 2009 at the beginning of the
second year of the new chairman to succeed to Branimir Brkljac , our current chairman, term

Any member company in good standing, with membership and related fees up to date and
appropriate, willing to commit a senior executive to serve a three-year term on the Board
should submit a nomination. The value to the entire European Electronic Retailing industry,
and to your own company is too great to let this opportunity pass.

Nominations should be made by or with the consent of the individual being nominated.

No organization can have more than one executive on the Board. If an executive from an
organization represented on the Nominating Committee is be considered, the company
representative on the Nominating Committee will not participate in the Committee internal
decision and vote to place the candidate on the nomination slate.

The Nominating Committee will review all candidates' company dues to evaluate if they are

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is comprised of three representatives from the current ERA
EUROPE Board and one regular member-at-large.
The Committee is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and to disclose any business
relationships with any of the candidates.

Final selection of candidates and vote by the Members.

The Committee will meet to deliberate and select a slate of candidates based upon the
board-approved criteria listed below.

That slate of candidates will be presented to the full membership for election, the vote being
completed June 1rst , 2007.

Criteria for Board Selection (2008-2011 Term)

 § Ability and willingness to attend all Board meetings, and to actively support the
organization through continuous and voluntary efforts during the director term;

§ Demonstrated leadership and high standards of commitment to quality and ethical
business practice in their industry;

§ Current member paying ERA dues at a level appropriate to the size of company at the
time of their election;

§ Financial capability and business stability to devote significant time and energy and
resources to the Association;
§ The Nominating Committee shall consider the history of the candidate's commitment to
and compliance with ERA's guidelines and applicable laws and regulations;

§ Geographic representation to ensure that the Board is responsive to members and
potential members in all parts of the ERA EUROPE territories.

§ Current representation of key industry segments including marketers of products and
services using DRTV, radio, web, print, shopping channels, production, media buying,
fulfilment, product development, consulting, telemarketing, brick and mortar retailers, e-
retailers, web and web platform, radio, broadcast, mobile and wireless etc.;

§ For existing ERA members in these established sectors, a preference for a history of
volunteer service, attendance at industry events, years of industry experience, or financial
support to the industry and the Association;

§ Because the Nominating Committee is dedicated to ensuring the continuance of a
dynamic and forward-thinking Board, the Committee will also reach out to new members.


A consideration to recruit or solicit potential nominees or outstanding members who the
Committee feels could be important contributors to the Association Strategic Planning and of
assistance to the operational monitoring of the implementation of these strategies and of the
association business plan;

A consideration of healthy diversity in the overall composition of the Board;

An outreach to replace or maintain or bring and recognize specific skill sets to the Board - i.e.,
individuals with special expertise in research, fund-raising, public relations, political
connections, legal and/or accounting skills, and marketing;

A consideration of "marquis" companies or individuals with brand name and important
industry stature as to enhance the overall credibility and significance of the Association as a

A consideration to recruit senior level candidates with level of commitment to ERA's strategic
direction, especially Presidents, CEOs, and owner/operators whenever possible.

ERA EUROPE Directors
                                                   MEMBER OF ERA EUROPE
Mr Andrew Fryatt
Chief Executive Officer                            Patricia Noe
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Mobile :+44 (0) 7917 064 561
e-mail : andrew.fryatt@idealshoppingdirect.co.uk   Branimir Brkljac
                                                   STUDIO MODERNA
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                                                   ERA EUROPE
Alexander A. Chacón
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                                                   Fax: +33 1 47 95 43 72
European Home Shopping
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