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									The path that be in business,

A successful boss should 14 some

The path that be in business, A successful boss should 14
some principles

   In the growing process of person lifetime, what is just the
mainest factor? Outward recently bound discloses Ni Erman of
poineering talent of airline of American blue sky his result.
   Aviation of American blue sky is the aviation industry that the
first successful application after “9.11” incident appears on the
market person, market prise 147 million dollar.
   Cut larynx battle to have the aviation job of the most miserable
intense all over the world, blue sky aviation falls in the leader of
president Ni Erman, pursued 14 principles, with the client
development gives good concern, innovation goes a chain of the
outstanding achievement that your common people fixes eyes upon, its
market prise is the summation of beautiful boat, couplet boat and Da
Meihang empty market prise for a time. Ni Erman marchs toward 14
successful principles is:
   1. Do yourself's most zealous thing: Alone is like this, you just
are met inexorable, hold to after all.
   2. Try to jump out ceaselessly frame ponders over a thing: Do not
accept traditional concept completely according to sheet namely,
should try anew angle thinks.
   3. Imitate competitor of the first-rate in the industry: One side
study draws the target that deserves study continuously at the same
   4. Prepare advancement at any time: Do not see temporary defeat
only, actually this is a paragraphic end reachs another only brand-
new and paragraphic begin. Should him jump at always can be come up
against not the fact of go well, no matter if the business of meaning
is big,not be small.
   5. Build a better mousetrap: Do the business weller than others
   6. Must obtain abundant fund: Had enough ready money to become
backup force, come up against again big accident state to also not be
afraid of.
   7. Take good care of your employee: Because of the success or
failure of anything line of business, still fasten finally at the
expression of basic level personnel. Want to let employee see your
acceptance wants to take care of their behavior, use up all force to
create the working environment of a joy hard, employee can improve
productivity automatically.
   8. Respect your client: Wanting to want to provide their first-
class service forever. Should ensure of client and company interact
every time, aggrandizement the benefit that you get from their body.
The business that should have half above only comes from everybody's
public praise to publicize, state you are done was opposite.
   9. As soon as possible admits the mistake that he makes: But the
plan that does not allow a mistake to affect you. In pursueing
perfect course, real world all always cannot be like person meaning.
To the fact that oneself can err, the manner is opener be beneficial
to more grow.
   10. Notice detail: Notice all little detail, these little detail
may affect the consumptive process of average customer, let them
consume experience unforgettably once.
   11. Control cost carefully: Do not grandiose waste, everything is
economical, do anything reasonable good, as far as possible depress
battalion carry Cost.
   12. Use science and technology adequately: Accomplish automation
as far as possible. Blue sky aviation lets ticket Wu personnel be
received in its oneself listen order a phone, the company must not
hold water additionally reach manage center of a customer service.
Blue sky aerial each pieces of airline ticket is opened through
electronic conduit, there are newses of a lot of real time management
   13. Draw more attention: Use method of bushfighting be on sale,
use public praise wide for conduct propaganda, can open quickly
famous degree. Let oneself prepare to talk to masses at any time, try
to let the people know you did the thing of what extraordinary.
   14. Stand fast core value: Establish value of a core, do anything
to be a foundation with this core value later.

The path that be in business,

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