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•How to be “social” •Social networking sites •How to pick your sites •Get a plan together •30 minutes a month – the top things to do •How & when to write for the internet •What to put in an internet video •Things to do on •Facebook •Linked-in •BuzzTown

How to be Social
Social marketing works because…its social! Be yourself It’s what draws people together, its about sharing you successes and challenges with your friends. Interact with your family and friends on social networking Offer insight into your industry Help consumers make buying decisions Fun & engaging interaction *how you interact with family and friends is how you should interact on social networking sites

How to be social
Establish a trusting personal relationship, before asking for business! It can be challenging determining what is social…or not. The best way to determine is to ask how your content will be perceived. What would you post? Group Vote

Top 100 Social Networking Sites uk.tribe.netcommunity.

Your Favorite Sites
• What are your favorite sites?

How to pick what social networks to be on
• Is the site primarily business or personal • What can I do on this site that is in-line with my marketing strategy • Location specific or industry specific? • How easy is it to use? • Do you already have relationships on that site? • Is the site easy for users • Is the site search friendly?

The Plan…Stan
• Decide what sites work best for you • What will you contribute – video, photos, articles/blog • What is your strategy – Establish/reconnect with friends – Share expertise • Video, text, webcasts… – Create or join groups – Promote or join events

The Plan…Stan
Getting people to your site: • Tag your e-mails • Business cards • Phone book ad • Promote on other sites • Be social about your social marketing • Retail incentives (eat the hot wings…we’ll add you to our group!) • Include in your current marketing – LaPlata Mailers *The content must be interesting and personal

Ideas to get people to your page
• Share your ideas

30 minutes a month…what to do
• Pick 3 sites that you will work with • Choose how you will contribute • Create valuable content – Video, Photos, Articles(blog), friends, groups, events – Original is best, then commented copy, then copied • Publish your content • Check or reply on a regular basis *don’t wait for people to find you! - you find them * Strive to be the first article that readers want to open

Notable Sites worth mentioning…

• • • • • • •

YouTube Directories like BuzzTown Industry sites, help-to sites Google groups Google Local Google Earth

Articles & Blogs
Write your article on an area of expertise: Follow these simple rules: • Keep it short - under 250 words • It's not an essay - write in short sentences and use bullets • Make it easy to follow • Write for what the consumer needs Why create an article/blog? • It helps consumers make decisions • You establish yourself as the expert in your field • People are more likely remember you • Google LOVES blogs! - it helps you be found in searches • You can get front page exposure on BuzzTown

Internet Video
Tell a story about your industry, a unique product or activity in the area… Tell a story of how to avoid a problem, how to save time and money… Help consumers make smart choices Offer free advice Pretend you are speaking to your family and best friends, what would you tell them? Be engaging (or choose someone who is engaging) Think of the audience – why would they want to watch your video? When creating your video make sure to avoid: Avoid the three ‘P’’s Promotion- Do not self promote yourself or company, Pitch-Do not pitch sales, products or services Positioning-Do not rank yourself or business amongst your competition Avoid videos longer than 2 minutes If you have a story to tell that is longer than 2 minutes, break it into 2 minute segments Do not use words such as “best, greatest, number one"

• • • • • • • Create a facebook profile Create a facebook group Create a facebook business page Create a buzztown personal Create a buzztown business profile Create a buzztown group Create a linkedIN profile

• • • • • Peter Obering – Facebook Bill Smith – LinkedIn Michael Lofton– blogging & e-mail communication (auto response) Steve Linn – BuzzTown Matt Redbear- media (pictures & video)

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