2008 MLMA Convention Registration Form

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					                                            2008 MLMA Convention Registration Form
Individual Registration Form must be completed for each Individual or each Family (includes spouses/non-adult children
only) attending. Return by Email to sylvianapper@bellsouth.net, Fax to 602-982-5263, or by Mail to MLMA, P. O. Box 5241,
Jackson, MS 39296-5241. Online registration available at www.mslumbermfg.org .
Call MLMA at 602-982-1731 or email sylvianapper@bellsouth.net if you have questions.
         Attendee Name(s)                 Child     Regis.       Thurs.      Fri.     Fishing      Golf      Golf      Ladies      Sat.     Banquet       Total
                                                                  Back                              $75
        Name will be printed on           Teen       Fee           to       Recep     $115 ea.      ea.      Handi-    $30 ea.    Recep      $65 Adult
                                                                  Coast                AM or
         badge as listed here.             X*     $Amount**       Party       ****      PM                                          ****     $40 Child

 Total of Fees without sponsorship and/or Exhibit Booth
* Indicate (x) if children/teens attending receptions; please register all children & teens whether attending functions or not so that we will have accurate
attendance records.
** See Convention Registration Fee Schedule for applicable fees ($35 until June 1; $75 after June 1) Companies who are NOT MLMA members must pay
non-member fee of $225 PLUS Convention Registration fees.
Food Allergies (we cannot accommodate preferences – only true allergies):

SPONSORSHIP (check level, indicate event you wish to sponsor and amount of sponsorship - see Sponsor info for details)

 Amount:                                                       Function/Event:
 BRANCH OUT Special Sponsor
         ($5000 and over)                                                                                                     $
 Platinum (2500 - $4999)                                                                                                     $
 Gold       (1000 - $2499)                                                                                                   $
 Silver      ($500 - $999)                                                                                                   $
 Bronze      ($100 - $499)                                                                                                   $
                                                    Or Use where needed 

CLASSIFICATION (check all that apply)
 Mill Member Associate Member Sponsor Exhibitor Non Member                                Board of Directors        Past President

Company Name:
Phone:                                              Fax                                       Email:
PAYMENT:             Bill me (members only)             Check enclosed  Amount $
                     Full payment MUST accompany registration by non-members and those joining MLMA after June 1, 2007.
                                               MLMA DOES NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENT

HOTEL ROOMS: Call Beau Rivage Reservation Dept at (888) 383-7037. You must identify MS Lumber Manufacturers
       Association in order to receive group rate of                   RATE: $169 + 12% tax
   A $20 surcharge may apply per night to each additional third and fourth person in same room.

Please include the following hotel reservation information (This information is needed by MLMA):
   Number Rooms Booked?                   Confirmation Numbers:
        Beau Rivage              Other Hotel?

Note: Make your reservations EARLY as MLMA room block has decreased.