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									Manpower resource,

The administrative trend of
manpower resource

Manpower resource, The administrative trend of manpower

The development of manpower resource and administrative theory
consider to live in the society with its the practice in each domain
and promotion application are in rapid ground to develop, it is
especially since our country reforming and opening, resource
management got the has Chinese distinguishing feature China labor
power that the theory of socialist market economy that since our
country archaic manpower resource of the history ran thought and new
China to build 5000, China shows era government idea and development
of reforming and opening to form gets used to huge develops, it is
government sector or company issue industry and even social
organization no matter gave huge attention, manpower resource
development and administrative theory research and practice oneself a
main field in making economy of Chinese society politics.
One, the trend that education makes progress a kind of industry
Education is an industry, teaching an industry is a kind of
burgeoning special tertiary industy, it is to teach training
qualified personnel to make the industry of manpower resource
appreciation. The science and education of our country promotes a
country to develop the strategy, be being taught among them is a
foundation, education is premise, the evolution that did not teach
does not talk to go up the development of science and technology.
21 centuries are forthcoming, the competition that is the market in
economic domain expression will be more brutal and intense.
Competitive core is the competition of science and technology, who
mastered advanced science and technology who can be in competition
remain invincible, but advanced science and technology is to rely on
a person to master, support person will develop. The carrier of
science and technology is a person is not itself of science and
technology. From this, in the final analysis still is the person's
competition, namely of talent advantage form, manpower resource
develops the competition with level of management, because oneself
arise or won't be generated for the talent, need relies on to expand
education, popularize education, include higher education, profession
to education, adult is taught and continue to teach will finish.
2, the current that runs target side
Organize as prospective enterprise more and more network, compressed
change, clever activation, diversity and globalization. Accordingly,
management of resource of company labor power also can be in the
respect such as technique of function of administrative target,
management, management and the requirement to administrator can
produce new change (refer to " the manpower resource tomorrow manages
" English edition) .
Manpower endowment source control of future is management of resource
of a kind of strategy manpower, it is the manpower endowment source
control that has around company strategy goal namely. The end that
resource of the strategy manpower manages is numerous interest
relative to serve namely. The interest relative of prospective
enterprise basically is to point to this enterprise, investor
(partner) , client, employee, community and strategic associate
(refer to Hu Junchen, chief editor of Lian of Zheng carry on "
manpower resource development and management " the second edition,
fudan University press) .
3, administrative function The trend of the respect
As the change of external environment, the enterprise is met
necessarily in the respect such as structure of personnel,
organization, management appear a few change. Such, the function of
manpower endowment source control of the enterprise also should
produce tremendous change necessarily (refer to " the manpower
resource of 21 centuries manages " , press of university of central
broadcasting television) . Incorporate is in:
1. The trend that contractible dimensions cuts down the member of
persons employed namely;
2. Technical progress asks to reduce certain branch, be like the
trend of the workload of accounting department and management
3. The trend of resource is configured inside alive bound limits;
4. The company is amalgamative the trend that acquires a talent with
5. Run current of administrative levels reductive;
6. Execute a risk to pay the trend of fulfil;
7. Get used to speed of strong, change the fast, trend that deploys
resource afresh.
4, the informatization current that runs technical side
Malic company is famed with running a system without paper manpower
resource, technical progress makes the company needs paper no longer
in manpower resource management, the company is grooming CD-ROM
system is used in the project and use it to send message. The
advanced technique that HP company also uses in manpower resource
management because of it and move say. The system do not have paper
that the company builds and the system that pass resume and
information quickly in world each district are helpful for
administrator making great decision-making.
Today, our country has a lot of companies to be in the real case that
joins contemporary computer method and Chinese company, roll out
manpower resource to run the interconnected system of computer
science department of integral sex, comprehensive solution. The
content that is born first, although be unavoidable,“ its form needs
ugly ” . But, of system of management of resource of this one
contemporary manpower roll out, managed manpower resource effectively
to provide good technical safeguard for us after all. Also catered to
resource of company labor power to run informatization current.
5, the capacity that administrator of prospective manpower resource
should have
1, prospective strategy the manpower resource of future of demand of
manpower resource government manages a director should can act 5
kinds of parts:
(1) an astute businessmen;
(2) an outstanding human relation expert;
(3) a strategy plans an architect;
(4) an outstanding psychological expert;
(5) a knowledge sees wide erudite expert more.
2, should act these parts successfully, must have a few more the
following ability:
(1) ego expands capacity;
(2) get used to ability;
(3) the ability that deploys resource afresh;
(4) the capacity that build and calculates commercial impact;
(5) top-ranking Solve the ability of the problem;
(6) the capacity that drives a company to change;
(7) arm with knowledge ceaselessly oneself ability;
(8) the ability that handles faintness or not complete information;
(9) ability of remote control commanding;
(10) the becomes competitive dominant position ability that heighten
quick response and makes;
(11) the ability that becomes the expert that improves labor
productivity or adviser;
(12) the ability that makes the world run an expert first-rate;
(13) be good at public relations and the ability that cooperate with
other company staff;
(14) the makes employer first selection ability that can promote
oneself and makes;
(15) the ability that is good at leader and management department of
resource of development labor power;
(16) the ability that is good at applying science and technology to
expand manpower resource development and government in order to

Manpower resource,

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