Defining Moments

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					Defining Moments
Most of us have experienced times of amazing things being on the horizon and we feel a bit
apprehensive about it. Times that we can see that God is about to do some miraculous things through us
and we feel moments of hesitancy due to our own inadequacies. The devil or our flesh—whichever one
seems to be at work—begins the playback of the recordings of all our lowest moments. These low
moment videos play trying to keep us for our purpose in the kingdom of God.

We know that the flesh doesn’t want to change
and grow; it is comfortable exactly where it is.
The devil surely doesn’t want us to advance the
purposes of God on the earth. So this spiritual
tussle starts to take place within us: the Spirit of
God fighting to do the will of God through us, our
flesh fighting to lie dormant and the devil fighting
to keep kingdom growth to a minimum.

So we begin to do spiritual warfare. We pray. We
begin a fast. We quote scriptures like Philippians
4:6, “Be anxious for nothing” and 2 Timothy 1:7,
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of
power” and 1 John 4:4, “Greater is He that is
within you, than he that is in the world.” We do all of this to “strengthen [ourselves] in the Lord” and to
muster up the courage to build the kingdom of God without reservation.

Over the last few weeks, I have been in this spiritual warfare mode. God is opening up doors for the
gospel to be preached through me on a larger scale than I have ever given thought to. I welcome the
challenge and look forward to God doing some fantastic things through me. It also is a little unsettling,
not because I don’t believe that He is able to use me. It’s simply a matter of being uneasy with the

Completely unaware of this spiritual grappling, a dear friend of mine of more than 25 years began to
share with me how I had been a blessing in her life. We had lost touch for several years but the Lord saw
fit to rekindle our friendship a few weeks ago.

She began to share with me very specific things that I spoke into her more than 20 years ago. She talked
about how, I said things like: “I see greatness in you, you just need to see it in yourself;” “Just be honest
with yourself and stop playing games and you will be alright” and things of that nature—Much of which I
had forgotten I had ever said until she reminded me.

She pointed out some of my characteristics like: “you were tough but loving,” “gentle” and “you never
gave up on me.” She said that I taught her “to value herself” and that many of these lessons had been a
guide throughout her life. See, as a young 12 year old girl, she had experienced some very tragic events
in her life. And according to her she knows that she would have taken a very different direction in her
life if she had not met me.

I thought that I was just being myself. However, by her account: “even at such a young age the Spirit of
God was using you to heal me. I would not be the woman I am today, if you had not been so patient,
tough and loving.”

As she continued talking Scriptures begin to flood my mind.

                                      Wounds from a sincere friend
                               are better than many kisses from an enemy.
                                            Proverbs 27:6 NLT

                                          Let the godly strike me!
                                            It will be a kindness!
                                If they correct me, it is soothing medicine.
                                           Don’t let me refuse it.
                                            But I pray constantly
                                    against the wicked and their deeds.
                                               Psalm 141:5 NLT

I always looked back on those times and thought that I pushed her to hard and was too tough on her. I
didn’t even think that I had made any profound impact on her life. She told me: “If someone were to ask
me what is the most defining moment in your life? I would have to say that the first was the day that I
met Mikel Sanders.”

I must admit that we both cried. I think that she was crying over the blessing that I had been in her life. I
was crying because at a time when I was feeling as though my life wasn’t making a difference in the
world. While the enemy was whispering in my ear, “give up, all your years of studying, preaching,
praying, fasting, counseling and encouraging has been in vain.” God showed me through an old friend
that my words do matter. God reminded me, that you never really know the impact that you are having
on someone. Much of our impact for the Kingdom will not be revealed until we stand before God to give

I didn’t share this so that you could think that I am a great guy or to show how skilled I am at sharing my
faith and discipling. I shared this to encourage you. Perhaps the enemy is trying to beat up on you and
tell you that you haven’t mattered. Your preaching, your singing, your sharing your faith, your praying,
your fasting—or whatever you do in the kingdom, it has eternal value and value in this life. Just because
you can’t always see the fruit doesn’t mean that nothing is going on at the root! So keep glorify God and
allow Him to stretch you to great heights.

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