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									Education paper,

Paper of education of elementary
school Chinese is handpick

Education paper, Paper of education of elementary school
Chinese is handpick

Paper of education of elementary school Chinese is handpick
(one) key of education of elementary school composition
To education of rural elementary school, the composition became the
one catastrophe of Chinese teacher to inscribe, do exercises in
composition became the subject of student be terrified by the sight
of sth or sb. Good to write composition, teachers and students must
give a lot of effort, but often yield results is not big. Pass "
Chinese course " standard study, the teaching experience that him
together with comes to more than 10 years, oneself think, education
of elementary school composition should pay attention to the
One, pay attention to accumulate at ordinary times, the composition
also resembles Chinese ABC, like reading, need to accumulate, for
instance good word, beautiful line, wonderful part.
1, will accumulate according to text content,
“ takes the requirement that text ” also is new tax mark seriously,
and the nature that “ appears of a lot of texts to recite his to
like in pondering over an exercise paragraph, such exercise of ” of
estreat good word, beautiful line, make what language character
experiences when the student is being recited beautiful, data is
gathered in estreat. If the student can master well-turned phrase of
a few good words,had made bedding for writing, can let them have a
word usable, the word can say. For instance: Teaching " the Summer
Palace " after this class, let a student write familiar scenery to
make bedding later.
2, will accumulate through keeping a diary,
Insisting to keep a diary is those who gather data is best means,
also be experienced pen most way, because diarial content is very
wide, can write hear, can write see, also can write those who think
of. Anyhow, oneself feeling but unrestrained the earth's surface
comes out now. Let a student have the space of a free expression so,
also can keep real issue. For instance: Every organization student
sees a movie, get finished general cleaning, can let a student draw
up the scene at that time and form of diarial of feeling benefit from
2, pay attention to a study sth in order to apply it, combine actual
and seasonable guidance.
The knowledge of pupil has certain limitation, pedagogic union text
and life are actual and seasonable guidance is very vital. Everybody
knows " 10 lis long market sends a prime minister " it is a literary
works that includes deep feeling, after I am teaching this text, the
××” that held “ my longing gives priority to activity of the
meeting that inscribe a class. Requirement student oneself most the
family member of longing (no matter be unripe,leave, still be
bereavement) with a few words the description comes out. (classmates
make a speech eagerly, having a female fellow student among them is
the ” of “ on festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear
ones far away. that such saying be, the Mid-autumn Festival of a year
went to before you can say Jack Robinson again, the scene that parts
with mom before half an year float luck is before my, write down Mom
wants to go to Guangdong before today night, I always follow in with
beside, she goes out I follow, she sleeps I am being accompanied, and
the hand that I still am holding her closely, for fear that she is
about to leave. The following day, I got up early, discover mom was
carrying a bag to already ran door, I also did not comb even the head,
coming loose to send chase after at the back, the edge is chased
after to cry by the side of me, mom also the edge runs the edge wipes
a tear. Arrived night, I feel in the house deserted, how to also
sleep to be not worn, the pillow that is forced to holding mom in the
arms to had slept hears the appreciate that hears her to stay) such
depict is the most touching, the student also can say true word,
3, the evaluation that pays attention to a composition
Pedagogic opinion is very principal to the student. The assessment is
proper, can incentive student dares to write a composition, be happy
to write a composition, be opposite consequently the student's
article cannot machine-made, also cannot one v&n bastinado is dead.
Answer to give the opinion of diverse demand according to the student
of different level, good to the foundation student should have higher
demand. The foundation is poor even if be,used an a good word,
beautiful line to also should be praised in time. (remember once, I
discover one writes a composition at ordinary times the word “ that
very poor student used well and truly to state time passes very
quickly instantly ” , then I write so in remarks on a piece of
writing: Will read bit of book more henceforth, make good record
seriously, the teacher believes your composition will be further
upward! ) such doing, can make a few difference unripe get
encouragement, see a hope.
Anyhow, composition education is not an easy thing, the teacher must
be explored ceaselessly in education theory, obtain in education
practice inspire, sum up experience ceaselessly, ability benefits
somewhat at the student.
(2) let literacy make a kind of fun
Jiangsu visits elementary school of developing zone of Li open
economy     Feng Xiujuan
Regard Chinese of an elementary school as the teacher, of amount of
the literacy when I know very well a child is accepting illuminative
education how many, the discretion of quality is met to him
continuity study will produce immediate effect henceforth. Because
Chinese is course of a foundation, and literacy education is the
foundation in the foundation. However literacy process is a very as
dry as a chip job. So, how does ability improve the literacy quality
of children? Working experience of a few years, yield the conclusion
that I reach: Arouse child literacy interest, teach child literacy
the method, develop child literacy ability. We often say: Interest is
best teacher. If the child knows to master the importance of the
Chinese character, generate active interest to literacy, the sound
that he learns can self-consciously and masters a Chinese character,
form, justice. How does ability accomplish the ability that makes the
child produces strong interest to enhance ego literacy to as dry as a
chip Chinese character education? I think to be able to pick below in
order to a few kinds of travel Effective method.
One. Arouse interest —— to learn gladly
Interest is to bring a student into play the inherent power of
knowledge of active thinking, hunting. Had interest, study is not a
kind of burden, however one kind is enjoyed. In education practice,
want to notice to if the choice suits children age feature, be
inscribed, arouse the interest of student learning Chinese character,
those who make is willing learn.
The child of low grade is innocent and lively, be gregarious, love to
make friend. According to this one characteristic, when education,
can call land of new word figure ” of young guest of “ baby ” or
“ , let a student have a kind of friendly feeling. The process of
literacy also became the process that make friend or is accost young
guest subsequently. The appellation nature of kind nature called the
student's attention, the interest of study also is brought into play
Low grade student suffers the infection of emotional element the most
easily. Comply with the psychology of children, the life that joins a
student is real, clever activate all sorts of interesting
circumstances, can make the student is full of interest ground to be
thrown actively in the study of the Chinese character.
2. Commutation form ——“ plays ” middle school
Psychology considers to make clear: The intended attention of
elementary school children time is short, notice to prevail
innocently. According to this one feature, want to hold the interest
of student learning Chinese character in whole activity, cannot
undertake with onefold form only, can give the interest scintilla
that just ignites otherwise go out. Guide student commutation form,
satisfy the student's curiosity ceaselessly, it is the important step
that stimulative pupil learns. Game is the activity that the child
does it gladly. In classroom, the tie that the teacher wants to look
for accurate game and education content begins game, make a student
true “ moves ” to rise, accomplish the study in playing, in playing,
think, in playing, innovate.
When if be in,one grade of “ of education new course issues literacy
7” , the teacher can alternate the following activity coachs
education: Produce plate of text wrong upper part, let student
“ guess ” , “ to compare ” ; In be of one mind of understanding
“ everybody, children let when loess turns gold into the meaning
of ” “ builds ” , “ to perform ” . In making the student
participates in classroom actively, come, arouse study enthusiasm of
the student adequately. The age feature that is aimed at a student
and attention feature, in education, often should alternate differ
Teaching method undertakes consolidating literacy practices. When
reviewing new word order of strokes, can make with “ speak or sing
alternately the game of ” . If “ fights the order of strokes of ”
word, countersign is as follows: How does “ fight ” word to write?
“ fights ” word to write so: The dot orders in any case. This is
“ to countersign ” . Review group statement to be able to look for
friend ” with “ , “the term blossoms ” , “ picks the game such
as malic ” .
3. Teach methodological —— to learn to learn
Education is with trends the form appears come out, and result
criterion in the subjective world with student of static form consist
in, want to learn for children, can learn. In education, answer to
learn content according to what differ, coach student control studies
the method of the Chinese character and law. The Chinese character is
to belong to ideograph, among them 70% above is echoism word.
Accordingly, master one of keys that echoism word is task of literacy
of the elementary school that finish correctly.
In the education process of echoism word, want to notice to analyse
the token function by echoism glyph. If be in ” of “ river, river,
sea, “ runs, jump, jump ” in the education of word of two groups of
echoism, I am analysed early or late and divisional “ mixed
requirement student by water ” at 3 o'clock the token function by
word of “ sufficient ” . Tell children “ to the sense that
concerns with water showed by water ” at 3 o'clock, “ shows the
sense that as sufficient as “ ” or “ foot ” concern by
sufficient ” word. The student distinguished correctly these
radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese
dictionaries, can master well contain “ mixed by water ” at 3
o'clock the Chinese character by word of “ sufficient ” .
Childishness is pure, childishness is cherubic. Children are very
much see the brilliance that seems babyish idea is glaring however
wisdom. In literacy education, if the teacher can pave a road for the
student with the enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with build the
bridge, help student is searched piece implicit the Tong Qu in the
Chinese character, so the burden that literacy will be them no longer,
and can make a kind of fun.

Education paper,
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