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									Business affairs negotiates,

Model essay of specification of
business affairs negotiation

Business affairs negotiates, Model essay of specification of
business affairs negotiation

Model essay of specification of business affairs negotiation
One, setting of company of negotiation both sides
1, Party A company (company of Chinese foreign trade) analysis
Company of Chinese foreign trade held water 1978, it is union of the
first labour trade of Chinese, contract with international project,
imports and exports of whole set of equipment gives priority to the
large company of business. The company is in contemporary company
Processing structure, management undertook a series of reform below
mode frame, internationalization, industrial change, collectivize,
specialization construction is advanced steadily, stock of imports
and exports is become in be being established through initiating
finite fair
Department was obtained trade in negotiable securities the market is
direct the channel of financing, enlarged capital dimensions,
improved capital tie, the company is one of 500 companies with the
biggest specified number of countrywide imports and exports, connect
since 1996
Add is selected the United States " project news is recorded " judge
the whole world that give contractor of project of 225 the biggest
international. It is the omnibus industry group that market trade,
industry, science and technology, service is an organic whole.
Company hair
Raise tradition advantage and development strategy and program
organic union rises, aggrandizement management, control a venture,
the standard is run, deepen reform, with international, home two
markets are rely on, with whole set of equipment
Contract with technical imports and exports, project reach rent
manage, relevant service is pillar industry, siding with
comprehensive strength at present quality of stronger, asset
admirable, level of management is advanced, have achieve more by
The strategic goal of the group of the industry that cross a state of
new capacity and stronger competition ability is solid stride. During
the company moves ever successive and old by the United States "
project news record " the magazine chooses the whole world the
biggest 225
System of trade business credit appoints year of demonstrative unit,
2000-2002 to contract external outside contractor of domestic
international project, China company of enterprise of class A of
credence of project special award, pay taxes, AAA class credit
Honorary title. Company with faithfulness (the traditional morality
that represents a company) , harmonious (the scene connotation that
represents a company) , search (the mental orientaton that represents
a company) , the graph is treated (the end that represents a company
Result) for spirit of enterprise. Face future, reform pace will be
quickened into the group in, scrupulously abide by international
criterion with “ , offer excellent service ” to be a tenet,
continue to be mixed with government of world each country business
The economy that begins mutual benefit win-win on bigger range, wider
field, higher administrative levels, commerce and technology
cooperate, achieve happiness in all hand in hand tomorrow.
2, Party B company (3 water chestnut of Japanese weigh industry
company) analysis
3 water chestnut weigh labour, it is company of Japan's biggest war
industry production. The war industry that defended hall is accepted
oneself 2003 orders goods the forehead For 280 billion yen, first
what rank company of each war industry. Sino-Japanese after restoring
diplomatic relations, company of 3 water chestnut takes the
manufacturing research and development of mechanical equipment
seriously very much, the professional work that the company made
company future 4 years last year develops a plan, conveyed clearly
among them it is important to should devote oneself to to be in China,
Asia, North America and Europe to wait for 4 the great ambition that
the area extends business. The cooperation that wants conformity to
be in China especially, joint-stock and the sale serves a network,
key ground begins the professional work that is in China, with period
make more contribution for China. The company already established 18
companies and orgnaization in China now, employ this locality that
restrain 2200 employee and devotes oneself to business is changed. 3
water chestnut weigh labour to will continue to expand in Chinese
business henceforth.
2, negotiation theme reachs content.
1 theme: Those who solve Japan to import 5840 day of Chinese to
produce place of blemish of FP-148 van quality to cause is direct
problem of claim for compensation of as hand-in-hand as indirect loss
travel. Maintain bilateral and good long-term relationship.
2. Negotiation ground orders big public house of Beijing sweet hill.
3. Negotiation time: On December 30, 2007 ~2008 year on January 5.
4. Negotiation means: Formal group negotiates.
5. With the relevant material that controversy concerns:
The information information of survey of market of classics of A
Party A:
(1) case of FP-148 van defect is as follows.
Blemish                 Occurrence rate %
Tire crackle             10
Windshield is cracked broken         5
Circuit breakdown             30
Shake breaks rivet              20
Frame crackle             10
Have an above drawback       70
Party A has China to examine of mechanism examine video and issued
trade supervision letter (its statistic circumstance sees on) , its
quality blemish all goes out to guarantee now period inside.
(2) of concerned car trade circumstance
1) enter price quite 6.632 million yen (by RMB1=JPY16.58 plan foreign
currency) / ;
2) enter 5840 several quite;
3) this batches of van are produce to export China only, considered
Chinese viatic actual condition;
4) dilatation and curettage is full-bodied the contract provision of
quality problem is as follows:
A main part is like engine, shock absorber, frame to wait appear
great quality problem, day just needs overall the bag is changed or
part parcel is changed, transhipment of through cargo is expended
by                                       Day just pays;
Attaint of B run-of-mill spare parts and breakdown, its maintenance
just is in charge of by day, its cost of raw materials, upkeep pays
by day square specified number (guarantee period inside 2
years) ;                                        Guarantee period
outside by in just provide for oneself:
If the proportion that C has the car of an above blemish to occupy
gross is exceeded 5% , criterion day just should compensate for
Zhongfangzhi to receive pecuniary loss and secondhand Pecuniary
loss                                       , compensation of
immediate pecuniary loss of the 1000 pink with every car price it is
base plan, every exceed ratio of defects 5% , on indemnity rate of
immediate pecuniary loss                                        Rise
first gear.
(3) the come-and-go circumstance before Jiayi both sides
Party A ever counted big batch to order the car of Party B of beyond
the mark second, never had appeared such problem of serious big batch
quality, to the problem of a few quality that appears before, party B
all can appropriate   Solve, so before both sides trade come-and-go
case is good, also established good friendship relationship for this
B Party B gives the information of Party A information:
1) the fame that day just worries about a company very and figure are
damaged, have the intention that reconciles as soon as possible;
2) to indirect pecuniary loss, party A is the computation that
presses China Party B of methodological plan cipher out needs to
compensate for 7.6 billion yen, if press the computational method
with current international, criterion Party B needs to compensate for
5 billion yen;
3) should as soon as possible appropriate handles issue, win the
compensation of basic satisfaction, with appeasing the user
dissatisfaction to Party A company as soon as possible;
4) can have to handling issue of mass of vehicle 3 kinds Method
A repairs Japan of car carry back
Staff of group of B Party B takes maintenance will maintain to China
C uses the compensation of immediate pecuniary loss Yu Weixiu (Party
A provides for oneself) .
Its expense size is apparent: Plan one " plan 2 " plan 3.
3, negotiation group staff is comprised
Advocate talk: Xiao Yongsheng   Company negotiation full-fledged
Decision-maker: Scene of Li Na, Xu is unripe    The research analysis
of responsible and major problem and final and decision-making
Technical adviser: Guo Hongfang, Kang Kai    Director technology
detects, magnanimity and guidance
Counsel: Xing Xiao grants    Solve relevant law data and controversy
4, negotiation form (bilateral actor inferior position and interest)
1, interest of Party A core: What A asks because Party B is caused to
Party A,the other side pays inside the shortest time is direct with
indirect loss
The quality problem Party B that B has appeared to van should
undertake instructor and maintenance in time
C safeguards both sides for quite a long time good cooperation
Party A advantage: We have A abundant capital, top-ranking credit,
capacious country the market
Problem of B van quality basically is not perfected as a result of
the processing technique level of Party B cause, contract and market
research report and relevant record attest are occupied, we take
jural active advantageous position
Our company and second company have C put in long-term cooperation
experience, established good relationship, be Party B is important
with long client
D second company has agreed to undertake compensating just predicting
existence gap with us on capital and technology
E Party B to defend company image and reputation, the intent that
reconciles as soon as possible offers a solution
Party A inferior position: A second company is company of Japan's
biggest war industry production, in heavy industry machine equipment
respect has very big international to affect gender and authority
B country law and international law break the regulation of
computational respect to have a difference to indirect damage, the
interest that affects us possibly namely jural relevant regulation is
effective to the other side, the other side
C approves van originally production is special according to China
road condition is designed, if we retreat goods to will cause
significant loss to Party B, affect bilateral and long-term
cooperation badly to concern
The problem that D van appears produces character not completely to
measure a reason because of Party B, put in us to use undeserved
2, interest of Party B core: What A utmost ground reduces Party A to
cause is direct with indirect loss amount
B solves carry out to go to China with first-rate way and least
charge the quality problem of van
C peace negotiates, will bilateral loss falls lowest and hold
together cooperates for a long time relation
Party B advantage: Charge is calculated related A of the respect Law
is helpful for this square
B has explanatory authority and active right to equipment is used and
be being maintained, be in old place in this domain
C actual strength is quite abundant, sth used to one's own advantage
is particularly substantial, can bear losing cost
D and Party A cooperate for a long time can reduce a loss from
Party B inferior position: A is put objectively in product quality
problem, have advantageous evidence, not allow to deny
B this those trades the amount is large, amount is high, disastrous
C the other side is long-term partner, this matter reason may affect
bilateral feeling
5, negotiation target
1, strategic goal:
Peace negotiates, cogent those who solve Japan to import 5840 day of
Chinese to produce place of blemish of FP-148 van quality to cause is
direct with indirect loss, requirement day just sends professional
technology and maintenance technician processing       Safeguard the
van of existence quality problem, if possible sex grooms in China,one
batch has the technician of this level.
2, emotional goal: Through coordinating the process that settles
dispute, continue the good cooperation with hold together long-term
buyers and sellers concerns, deepen each other faith
3, target of claim for compensation: The immediate loss that strives
for us to go out via computation of market research and research and
indirect loss

Business affairs negotiates,
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