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Model essay of requisition of undergraduate poineering loan_3897 by heku


									The undergraduate does poineering work,

Model essay of requisition of
undergraduate poineering loan

The undergraduate does poineering work, Model essay of
requisition of undergraduate poineering loan

   Respectable municipal Party committee, municipal government leads:
   I call Xxx, give birth to grown hill, country of one's previous
experience, institute of normal school of graduation Heng Yang,
chinese character literature is professional. After graduating 2008
as a result of each respect reason, be in unemployed condition all
the time, recall the hardships of attend school, consider the anguish
that apply for, those who exhibit future is confused, touch my hearts
Bei cool to extremely. But, big hill, poor country bred me tough,
open-minded, go after outstanding disposition.
   Party and country urge the favourable policy that the
undergraduate does poineering work independently, severe financial
crisis and obtain employment situation, I chose to do poineering work
independently. Jiangsu runs quickly east, zhuhai is reached south,
chongqing runs on the west, north comes Liaoning, do poineering work
in seek all the time, now flounder individual plant continent do
poineering work afresh. In the social practice that is in person in
close all previous, I was accumulated certain poineering experience
and poineering thought, but, capital problem has been become now
numerous of the person that do poineering work like me restrict
bottleneck. I had thought homeward person, kin and friend prepare
borrow, it is to be not heard of any more almost, because of the
country really too poor. And my pa Mom offers my university to learn
had been to be heavily in debt, face annulus to block the family
circumstances that screen wall facing the gate of a Chinese house up,
they are more helpless.
   Because of capital problem, I had wanted to return barren big hill
cultivate land, also had wanted to work into the factory ……
abandons calculating. But see a country develop as before erst, look
into the express course that the society develops, the knowledge that
I cannot abandon using my and effort will change the think of a way
of oneself and big hill destiny, be being returned at least now
because of me is an undergraduate, it is a youth that should assume
social responsibility. Taking expect the opinion with selfishness,
application party and government concern a section can accord my 250
thousand yuan poineering loan fund, I remand by the quantity on time
certainly loan, expect a leader piously can accord consideration.
   Your's sincerely
   With high respect
   Wish a leader the job is happy, be healthy!
   Applicant: Xxx

The undergraduate does poineering work,

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