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									The speech stalks of grain,

Informal discussion, job expresses
the format that voice speech
stalks of grain

The speech stalks of grain, Informal discussion, job
expresses the format that voice speech stalks of grain

Informal discussion, job expresses the format that voice speech
stalks of grain
1. Overview
It is various Party and goverment officials, mass organization,
enterprise or business that the speech is done the style of a kind of
conference that the unit uses extensively, common ground is told, it
is the draft that makes a speech on the conference. It is the
concerns with the conference opinion that expresses a person to
represent this unit, organization or his to publish, view or
experience and circumstance.
Speech draft and speech produce the document that is same quality,
but some places also have some of distinction: The one's words that
customarily weighs this mechanism or upper body leader publishs on
the meeting is “ speech ” , and general staff attending the meeting
publishs written or parol is “ speech ” .
Speech draft can be to talk about experience of result experience,
introduction to teach a lesson, also can be proposal of report
circumstance, allegation.
2. Compose a point:
The format that the speech stalks of grain includes caption, text and
gift or letter commonly 3 parts:
(1) caption
Should mix by content of name of conference of the person that make a
speech, speech, speech article sort is fastened (speech) 4 element ”
comprises “ , also indicate only sometimes name of the person that
make a speech, conference and article sort are fastened, do not
provide form content in the line out in caption, return some to make
clear speech time with bracket.
(2) text
The text writing that the speech stalks of grain can be divided for 3
The first part, be equivalent to “ introductive ” or
“ foreword ” , common calls “ opening remarks ” . Write the
reason of the speech commonly, introduce subject, also some begin
have “ everybody the call that leader, everybody represents ” and
so on; Perhaps be opposite with Amphitryon identity in “ foreword ”
guest expresses to welcome, this wants to treat specific condition
and be decided.
The 2nd part is the main body part that the speech stalks of grain,
keep the specific content of the speech.
The 3rd part is terminal, but proper and wraparound, allege oneself
main viewpoint, also can write a few requirements to perhaps omit
this one part.
(3) inscribe author, date
This content mark is in a lot of moment under caption, before text.
The content that the speech stalks of grain is very rich, have
unified demand very hard. Will tell commonly, accomplish have a
definite object in view, center outstanding, distinct, language is
straightaway, little truism, it is good speech draft namely.
3. Exemple article
Comrade ××× about ×× Party and goverment officials develops town
The speech of circumstance of Party member of democratic appraise sth
through discussion
(19×× year day of × month ×× )
Provincial Party committee holds this meeting in ×× , communication
carries out the spirit of 13 central files, case that develops Party
member of democratic appraise sth through discussion, discuss how to
do well further this job, this will build the job to have immediate
stimulative effect to the party of the our city undoubtedly. Take the
opportunity, I am opposite on behalf of municipal Party committee,
municipal government in the leader comrade of group ministry, the
leader comrade of provincial Party committee and comrade of
leadership of city of ground of each history younger brother come the
our city is directive, express to welcome and be thanked!
Below, I with respect to the our city before paragraph Party and
goverment officials begins circumstance of Party member of democratic
appraise sth through discussion to make one brief report.
Party member of this our city democratic appraise sth through
discussion, it is to be on pilot last year foundation, according to
spirit of 13 central files and requirement of provincial Party
committee, from this year the middle ten days of a month began in
Feburary, the time that around used two many months (every unit takes
up broad Party member influences time two weeks actually) , caught
city, county above all (area) Party and goverment officials. Share
1004 ノ bluff? 174 general Party branch, branch, 42210 Party members
entered appraise sth through discussion. Whole and democratic
appraise sth through discussion is to divide study to rise, tell each
other to judge oneself, praise what 4 phase have organizational
system of processing, summary. The time that considers activity of
Party member of democratic appraise sth through discussion is finite,
cannot expect to solve all problems, can stress a focal point only.
Basis beforehand we undertake investigating an analysis to state of
team of mechanism Party member, the main line that carries out
executive party, for politics clean-fingered it is key of appraise
sth through discussion certainly with action of type of van of play
Party member. On the base that increases understanding in study
document, emphasize lead a Party member around the key problem that
should solve, began “ 5 tell 5 judge ” : Stress Party character,
judge communistic belief prison; Negotiate a line, the thought of the
main line that criticizes executive party is sturdy; Tell clean-
fingered, the awareness that judges clean-fingered self-discipline is
tall; Tell dedication, judge the purpose that serves for people to
lose; Tell discipline, the discipline that judge abide by is abide by
the law good.
Pass democratic appraise sth through discussion, obtained certain
gains, main show is in: (slightly)
The basic idea that I report Party member of this democratic appraise
sth through discussion below and main way:
1. Concentrated force quantity leads mechanism to grab from party
card above all. „„
2. Investigate case, thought to system of education, cheap politics
is built and deal with union of unqualified Party member undertakes,
undertake be administeringed integratedly to the problem that exists
within the party. „„
3. Emphasize administrative leading cadre starting work personally,
adopt concentration leader, concentration the time, method that
concentrates energy is organized meticulously.
4. From strict requirement, education of base oneself upon, do well
one person of “ is told, everybody judges ” . „„
5. From severe guard a pass, do good organization to deal with the
job. „„
Look always, activity of Party member of this democratic appraise sth
through discussion, because made great efforts, opened a good head,
also obtain certain result, but still cannot overestimate. Because be
compared from the problem that has solved and the problem that should
solve, difference is very big still, development also is lopsided.
Basically mirror in the problem that correspondence should solve,
some is solved any better, some is some poorer, especially broad
masses pays close attention to very, a few corrupt problems that
pressing requirement solves, far still did not get be solved
thoroughly and be disclosinged; Although the problem that must hold
to two tactics to catch to leaders of all levels included the job of
appraise sth through discussion, but did not put forward clearly to
object bourgeois liberalizing at that time problem, explain we lack
due political sensitivity. Because this cannot be satisfied at
acquired achievement. Ask to measure according to 13 central files at
the same time, some units level is not high, specific aim of job of
appraise sth through discussion is not strong, some problems are
solved not lucidly. Main reason is the leader not do one's best of
these units, force must enough, quality of appraise sth through
discussion is poorer. Also individual unit took cross the stage.
According to us check checks the case that accept to look, city
participates 149 times continuously in the unit, produce 86 units
that had gotten, occupy 57.8 % ; 25 better units, occupy 17.1 % ;
Effect is not apparent, belong to 30 common units to occupy 20.4 % ;
Poor, basically 7 units of make a gesture to give the impression of
doing sth, occupy 4.7 % , these took the unit of cross the stage,
remain to adopt measure to undertake making up a missed lesson.
From inside the practice of Party member of this democratic appraise
sth through discussion, we experience: 13 central files are
completely correct, accord with actual condition. If the organization
is carried out and not be to be dealt with perfunctorily seriously,
it is the significant step of the construction that new period
strengthens a party. At present we put the negative factor that has
corrupt slack really within the party, this is objective existence,
must take it seriously highly. But also must see the political line
that holds to a party at the same time, safeguard party constitution,
the positive factor of the tenet that holds to a party takes dominant
place after all, want us to work actively according to the deploy
central only, support takes the active power of dominant position
within the party, leave no stone unturned goes overcoming negative
factor, it is completely OK well-done.
Above report, the hope gets like-minded criticism coachs attending
the meeting. We absorb serious study each elder brother to carry the
advanced experience of ground city on the back, study further in
practice and explore, do one's best gets this job weller.

The speech stalks of grain,

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