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					Interview skill,

Foreign HR talks about interview

Interview skill, Foreign HR talks about interview note

   Be in Europe, a lot of transnational corporation and group to
social invite applications for a job famous advisory firm or
representative of office of invite applications for a job are
entrusted when employee. Look in industry employers, although means
of this kind of invite applications for a job is some costlier, but
have professional, authority and just sex, belong to calculable way.
   Recently, belgian each other this expert Mr Wei Ersi of office of
invite applications for a job, how to increase applicant's successful
odds, offerred a series of referenced proposals.
   Not one by one him enumerate record of formal schooling
   Mr Wei Ersi says, to apply for a job person should do clear what
profession to suit his most above all, and oneself interest place and
advantage. Should be browsed in great quantities next and collect the
essay of the company that with oneself major concerns, be good at
digging potential information from inside the report of media,
because of an enterprise recombine, remove, mean possibly have
opportunity of invite applications for a job. Once defined a goal,
should send mail connection directly to concerned enterprise, can
communicate through the phone even.
   To apply for a job person above all necessary is letter of an a
resume, to apply for a job. Mr Wei Ersi thinks, the resume that a
“ promotes him ” 9 pages paper is enough, expatiatory resume often
can be laid aside by conveniently of personnel of invite applications
for a job aside. Resume should avoid misprint, written or
mispronounced character; Want to stress oneself ability, nevertheless,
not in the past another of long record of formal schooling one
enumerate, but can highlight the important orgnaization that once had
assumed post or division from famous professor.
   Resume does not want gaudy, unfavorable belt the ornament of any
design, lest be regarded as by the server of the enterprise virus
rejection. Send resume while, should a brief to apply for a job
believes attach, summarize oneself target and desire, summarize
oneself experience and ability again. Do not give much home company
to send machine-made to apply for a job to believe at the same time,
meet otherwise not by pay attention to.
   Apply for an enterprise, want to read the website of this
enterprise repeatedly beforehand, advertent their with word and
diction. If “ challenges such word of ” , “ competition ” to
appear for many times, to apply for a job person might as well
oneself are elaborated to like “ in the letter challenge ” and
not ” of Wei “ competition.
   When interview, shoe is very important
   Mr Wei Ersi says: “ we very the behavior manner that notices to
observe applicant. After applicant comes to a room, I can notice when
to observing whether he waits for me to ask him to sit down, sit
again. ”
   A lot of to apply for a job person do not know, invite
applications for a job person the observation to dress especially
meticulous, everybody knows that everybody cannot be worn a beautiful
shirt and 5 Yan Liu Lubricious sock goes interview, although suit,
cravat appears a bit earnest, but best still move is installed.
   Shoe is very important. In a lot of invite applications for a job
person in the eye, shoe reflects the individual character that gives
a person. If leather shoes vamp wears away, can be regarded to be
carelessly neat and regardless of trival matters person; Leather
shoes is too trendy, can be regarded as to like conspicuous, the
working station of the bank that appears grave at need to to apply
for a job, advisory and so on is very adverse. In addition, the color
of the sock wants to match with the color of leather shoes, is not as
suitable as the suit.
   In addition, some companies still can let applicant answer a
series of questions before computer, can amount to 70 sometimes, with
exam its psychology quality, the nature that includes applicant and
the desire to do better. If exceed 15 minutes to fail to answer a
question, possible meeting is inspected indecisive person.
   Although informatization rate is general already very tall, some
companies or meeting let applicant holograph write a letter, ” of
“ Xi Menzi is in Belgian company idiomatic this kind of method, they
hope to survey immanent quality of applicant further from handwriting.
So, should maintain individual style, must not ignore oneself
handwriting, also be to meet otherwise of flaw be seeinged. Finally,
sign is very important, it is in on behalf of a person the figure
before others.

Interview skill,

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