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Configurable Power Supply System For Machine Components - Patent 6967854


The invention relates to a power supply system for supplying electrical power to a machine. The machine has a number of components, and each component needs to be connected an electrical power supply for operation.BACKGROUND AND PRIOR ARTMachines in the semiconductor assembly industry often have a number of electrically driven components, each of which requires an electrical supply in order to operate. These components have different functions, and may well have differentrequirements as regards voltage, current and/or consistency of power supply. The question of how to optimally supply power to these myriad components is of interest to the industry. An example of such a machine used for semiconductor assembly is anautomated die bonding machine, which is used to place semiconductor chips onto a carrier, such as a lead frame or substrate. It has, amongst its components, motors to drive a bond head and to drive a wafer table, optical components for monitoring thedie bonding process and logic circuitry to synchronize and manipulate the various components. The power supply system is usually rated in the 600 W to 4 kW range.According to current practice, each component or set of components is connected to a suitably-rated power supply module that is sufficient to serve the electrical power needs of the components connected to it. Each rated power supply module is aseparate device, and each separate module is compartmentalized and preferably stored adjacent each other at a location accessible to the components of the die bonding machine. Each module is designed to be able to supply enough electrical current forall permutations of power requirements. For example, a servomotor requires an initial surge in power input in order to start up the motor before stabilizing at a fairly constant continuous rating level once the load it is driving is moving. A powerrating that is sufficient to handle the subsequent constant rating as well as the initial motor surge load is t

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