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SUNY Upstate Medical University- OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID
APPLICATION FOR SUMMER 2009 WORK STUDY JOB DEADLINE : MARCH 1, 2009 45 awards available One of the Federal student aid programs is the Federal Work Study (FWS) program. The Financial Aid Office is now taking applications from our medical students who are interested in working this summer. Only currently enrolled MS I and Extended Curriculum students can apply. Please review the next attachment for details regarding the workstudy program.

If you are interested in the work-study program, please complete this application and return it to the Financial Aid Office. Because this is a Federal financial aid program, you must also file the 2009-2010 FAFSA. The 2009-2010 FAFSA is available January 1, 2009. A valid, processed FAFSA must be received by the financial office no later than March 1st. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY 45 awards are available. The FIRST 45 FWS applications received by March 1st with a valid, processed 2009-2010 FAFSA will be considered for the award. If more than 45 applications are received, those applicants will be placed on a waiting list. If a recipient declines their award, the next applicant on the list will be considered.


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RETURN THIS APPLICATION TO THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE. You can return via e-mail to or drop off at the office located in the CAB, Room 202. If you send by e-mail, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application.

How do I qualify for the award? This award is based on financial need. You must file a 2009-2010 FAFSA and the enclosed application. How many students will receive the work-study award? For Summer 2009 we can fund up to 45 students. How much can I earn from FWS? Social security will be deducted from your pay. The net earnings after the social security withholding are approximately $3500. You may check with our Payroll Office if you have questions regarding other Federal or State withholding taxes. What kinds of jobs are available? Positions are Research Assistants with an Upstate faculty member as your supervisor. Each job is unique and may have a variety of responsibilities. Some samples of past jobs were: assisting in projects with potential for authorship on publications, working directly with patients and reviewing cases, updating and designing websites, and working with community agencies, such as CNY Poison Control or Medical Examiner’s Office. How do I find a job? The Research Development Office has solicited the faculty for research and work projects. The list of jobs are available in their office, 1254 Weiskotten Hall and on their website: If a job is not listed and you know of a doctor that is working on a project, you may have that doctor complete a “job description” form. It will be then be reviewed for the work study program. You will receive this form when finalizing your work-study paperwork in May. When do I start working? The program begins July 1. Can I start working sooner? The program is funded fully by Federal money. The funds are not available until July 1st. You can start working before July Only IF the department you are working for is willing to pay you. You would arrange that with the faculty FWS supervisor. How long do I have to work? The job begins July 1 and ends August 14. You are expected to work full time, approximately 40 hours per week.


When will I find out if I receive the work-study award ? Work Study Notification Letters will be sent out during a time between March 15th and April 15th. How does FWS impact my financial aid for 2009-2010? FWS is a program of Federal student financial aid, and must be coordinated with other aid you receive. You are given a budget that will include living costs for the two months in the summer. Your FWS earnings become one of your financial aid resources that help you meet your total costs for your 12-month budget. This is how the budget and your financial aid are calculated: • • Your living allowance budget is increased. For students who worked Summer 2008, their budget was increased $2607 for the additional two months of that summer. Your FWS award is part of your financial aid in your new increased budget. The amount you earn over and above the summer living expense allowance will reduce your overall loan indebtedness, starting with the Unsubsidized Stafford:

Example #1 $3500 approximate net earnings ( Work study award minus social security tax) -$2607 increased living allowance for Summer 2008 ----------$ 893 You would apply this amount toward your Fall/Spring expenses. Because this is financial aid you earn, you borrow less in loans.

Example #2: The 2008/09 budgets for 2nd year Medical Students and samples of financial aid Academic Year budget 8/25/2008- 6/30/2009 MS II Budget $41,444 Loans $41,444 Total financial aid $41,444 Summer + Academic Year budget 7/1/2008- 6/30/2009 MSII FWS Budget $44,331 FWS award $ 3,780 Loans $40,551 Total financial aid $44,331

REMEMBER: THERE ARE ONLY 45 AWARDS. The FIRST 45 work- study applications received by March 1st with a valid, processed 2009-2010 FAFSA will be considered for the award.


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