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									  ANJC Presents January Regional Programs

ANJC Regions have scheduled the following programs in Jan. '09 on different dates
posted below. If interested in attending please sign-up, asap.

Special Note: Since southern region recently scheduled a meeting, their next one will
be sometime in April covering a different topic...

Topic: Peak Performance Strategy Session - Unleash the Power Within....
Presenter: Mike Mataraza - National Speaker from the Anthony Robbins Company.
This 1+ hour workshop will provide strategies and communication skills used by the
world’s top achievers to attain outstanding success and fulfillment.

Areas covered include:
         Improved performance
         The Power of Focus
         Increase Patient Volume; Increase Revenues
         Lower Stress
         Improve Relationships
         Obtain Higher Work Satisfaction

         January 14th (NE) - Holiday Inn, Saddle Brook, NJ
         January 22nd (NW) - Snuffy's Scotch Plains, NJ
         January 28th (Central) - Holiday Inn, Tinton Falls, NJ

If using credit cards then fax to 908.722.5677; if mailing in check send to ANJC HQ.
 Names of ANJC member/staff                                  Indicate   program attending
                                                                  Jan   14 (NE) - Holiday Inn, Saddle Brook
                                                                  Jan   22 (NW) - Snuffy's Scotch Plains
                                                                  Jan   28 (Central) - Holiday Inn, Tinton Falls

 City                                             Phone                                   Email

 Fee - $15 (includes dinner)                        Credit Card or      Debit Card          Visa    MC      AMX    Discover

 Card #                                                                    Exp Date

   Check                          Please make payable to ANJC and mail to headquarters.

 The undersigned authorizes ANJC to charge the credit card/debit card in the amount indicated.

 Signature __________________________________________                                    Date ___________________

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