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									The benefits of semi-precious stones (2)
 the natural color of the uneven distribution of crystal violet,
irregular distribution of the sheet, there are gas-liquid inclusion;
synthetic crystal color purple uniform, and the center sub Jingjing
 natural crystal and smoky quartz crystal also yellow and other
colors, blue or orange if it is, it is artificially change the color.
Crystal and natural crystal changed color difference is the color of
bright crystals change color uniformity, which can not see the
irregular flakes chromophore. Use of artificial crystal ornaments to
color will gradually fade after longer time, loss of decoration and
appreciation value.
 observe the sun, natural crystal jewelry in any case high, you can
see faint stripes or even small catkin-like texture; and leave the
jewelry in general is defective crystal crystal glass smelting slag or
recycled, and polished colored by copy made, the front of the sun can
not see the uniform stripe and the catkins like texture.
 in the sun, natural crystal jewelry from every point of view,
radiation can be a beautiful luster, and crystal jewelry is no such
false glory.
 natural crystal refractive index is 1.54; fake crystal refractive
index is generally less than 1.00, or with natural crystal refractive
index varies significantly.

Blond, Huang Fajing

With golden or yellow needle-like or hair-like content objects,
composed of titanium dioxide.
Lucky blond poly gas can, but also defends the role of evil. Excluding
the crystal hair crystal energy than the more powerful and mighty, can
enhance a person's faith, confidence, decisive force, ambitious people
need most in need of courage to wear the crystal.
Golden sun shade the corresponding wheel, can help the stomach and
other digestive organs, stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder,
pancreas, or skin, diaphragm (respiratory system) are useful.
Crystal green hair, green hair

Crystal inside the green hair green hair is actinolite or green
tourmaline, actinolite is more common in the name suggests men Viagra
for the effectiveness of yo! But also of wealth, a very rare crystal
green hair, and now can not find new mines had been discontinued.
Green hair crystal can provoke positive wealth, make a successful
career, sparking fighting spirit, to accept the challenge, breaking
new ground, to enhance promotion opportunities for a raise. Unemployed
people in the easy to find a good job. Business trip when traveling
abroad, get honored to help get a good chance of accidents, but also
allows the heart sandals also open to accept and distribute more love.
Green hair crystal is the heart chakra of the gland for the heart,
lungs, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes. It is said that the use of
green or pink shade can be painful treatment, heart disease, high
blood pressure, breathing difficulties, nervousness, insomnia, anger,
paranoia, cancer, particularly in the treatment of cancer is best to
use green. Because of inclusion within the green hair crystal as
actinolite, it also helps the reproductive system, and the power of
the crystal hair crystal energy than not include stronger, so the
effects are particularly good!

Crystal red hair, red hair

With red hair-like needle or of inclusion, composed of titanium
dioxide. Redder colors are, the more rare, the higher the value.
Red hair crystal strength and confidence to help increase the source
of emotional comfort, warmth divergent characteristics of women
moving. To improve poor communication within the personality, to
strengthen Yixing Yuan and let others take the initiative to work with
you close to bring good luck.
Corresponding to sea round, adjust the female hormone, helps the
reproductive system, treat women's diseases, only by the pain, blood
reconcile, hormonal disorders of the menopause women have effect.
Treatment of frigidity, infertility, menopause, weakness, low blood
pressure, skin not shiny, fragile sensitive and so on. For some men,
the prostate gland, prostate and testis, and other related
reproductive system, bladder, nervous system also helps!

Crystal black

Inclusion in a black needle-like or hair-like substance, the majority
of black tourmaline (black tourmaline), modern looks very cool! Most
crystal hair crystal more turbid, dark hair perfectly clear crystal is
very rare, the price is very high.
Jing, also known as leader of black stone, man who took charge of
charisma increase, so that the centripetal force deployed to
strengthen and help the cause. Evil defends, absorption symptoms of
illness, can be an effective talisman absorb all negative energy,
anti-witch curse, black magic and so on.
Corresponding to sea round, can be guided to the next three rounds of
gas. Yongnaoguodu of office workers often or creative professionals
who have a good balance of role.

Silver crystal, silver, titanium crystal

Hair-like or needle with the silver or silver-white hair, composed of
titanium dioxide.
Lucky white shade can gather gas, and the white light is the mother of
seven colors of light, all the power, by the white evolution, spread
from, the highest energy of the universe. Excluding the crystal hair
crystal energy than the more powerful and mighty, can enhance a
person's faith, confidence, decisive force, ambitious people need most
in need of courage to wear the crystal.
Corresponding to the top round, the operation of the brain help to
motivate each person is part of the masculine male power, but also eye
and ear diseases has improved some of the functions.

Baifa Jing, rabbit hair

Hair-like or needle with the white or silver hair, composed of
titanium dioxide.
White evil defends the role of the crystal often than not contain more
mighty hair crystal energy, but crystal thin rabbit hair is soft and
thick of inclusion in a more moderate magnetic field can strengthen
the power of prophecy. Lucky white light can gather gas, and the white
light is the mother of seven colors of light, all the power, by the
white evolution, spread from, the highest energy of the universe. Can
enhance a person's faith, confidence, decisive force, ambitious people
need most in need of courage to wear the crystal.
Corresponding to the top round, the operation of the brain help to
motivate each person is part of the masculine male power, but also eye
and ear diseases has improved some of the functions.

Crystal blue hair, blue hair

Hair-like or needle with the blue or gray and blue hair, composed of
titanium dioxide. Disk access to Crystal for many years, natural
crystal blue hair is rare, the recent three or four new mines have not
seen it! Blue said the crystal produced in Brazil is only one area,
but every digging will collapse, the blue hair is very small grain
production, the price is high, a crystal connoisseur of Crystal Dreams
Blue hair crystal could enhance one's faith, confidence, resolute
strength and resolve of depression and emotional distress, people can
open big and achieve their goals.
Corresponding throat chakra, to strengthen the eloquence of the
bronchus, vocal cord, digestive tract, thyroid, throat beneficial.

Crystal White

White crystals are usually within a natural Binglie clouds, does not
affect the magnetic field. Less ice fog because the proportion of
white crystals are rare, the price is much higher.
Crystal Crystal is the king of white, like white-hot as the sun,
including the orange, yellow, indigo, violet seven kinds of light and
color, is the most balanced and most abundant energy, can be applied
in the various chakras, a variety of conditions, on behalf of wishful
successful .
Corresponding to the top round, to help EEG, strong increase in
learning ability, increased memory, a good marriage, good luck,
improve spirituality, town house, evil, remove the symptoms of
illness, Body, poly blessing, change feng shui.

Citrine, smoky quartz, smoky quartz, black crystal

Known as citrine, light brown, dark brown or gray-brown smoky quartz
known, deep color to the opaque black crystal or smoky quartz.
Citrine main spiritual development, strengthen the body functions
submarine Lun, calm emotions, migraine, insomnia, stuffy head,
eliminating aggregate of, symptoms of illness, stress, and strengthen
the vitality, is the patron saint of human health. The magnetic field
strength than the average crystal, crystal energy and the backbone is
similar to firing down. Disease of women, or male sexual function, and
reproductive organs may use weak magnetic fields to strengthen their
role. Can enhance immune function, the human cells active,
well-developed capacity for regeneration, wound healing faster, slow
down the rate of aging and restore vitality.
Corresponding to sea round, to help people in the complex human
relations, the situation, the proper analysis, emotional stability,
and to appropriate response. Calm, can overcome the pessimism, bad
mood, and spiritual calm the raging waves.

Obsidian, Rainbow Obsidian, a black volcanic glass

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, is one of the Buddhist Qibao.
Some of which very little when illuminated with a colored gloss,
called rainbow obsidian, the price is very high! Mayan temple in
Mexico, used to do animal or statue of the eye or weapon, mask.
Obsidian staunch strong energy, can be evil, the town house. Has a
strong ability to ward off evil, and can strongly absorb the negative
energy, avoid unclean things.
Corresponding to sea round, can eliminate symptoms of illness, sewage,
Mei Qi, bringing health. The human body can lead to the next three
rounds of air can be strong and kidney, absorption symptoms of
illness, treatment of infertility, to help sleep. Enhance its own gas
fields, the implementation of the body, balance, help to improve
metabolism and immunity.

Citrine, topaz tea

Cheng natural transparent yellow citrine, as sweet as honey water Zizi
Huang Chengming the net, very beautiful. Some have had cloudy and
natural ice cracks, has become increasingly rare. Now many are in the
market heated from the heat treatment of amethyst citrine, crystal
experienced only way to identify experts.
Citrine main side wealth, can help made a fortune, in addition to
non-core business of getting money well. For example: to buy lottery
tickets, stocks, funds, which are speculative investments, or likely
to have a windfall, the city is like the war party friends best
friend. Qingming can promote the intellectual, learning new knowledge
to strengthen the capacity of absorption. Individual ambitions
stirred, so that the wearer positive proactive!
Corresponds to the sun gear, can help the stomach and other digestive
organs, stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even the
skin, diaphragm (respiratory system) are useful.
If the meteorite with the green energy of the Czech Republic - Dr.
Ching-choi, this combination of positive and partial financial all
strokes, is the stealing of money a family the best partner!

Amber, honey wax

Is due to the formation of amber resin of pine trees shed to the
ground so as to form blocks, tens of thousands of years by the changes
of nature, resulting in yellow or yellow transparent liquor, internal
gas bubble or other minerals and other debris, sometimes insects body,
excrement and so on. Beeswax is also a kind of amber, but beeswax was
opaque, and the different characteristics of amber, so often people
mistaken for two different gems.
Because the reasons and process of amber was thought to have come from
Mother Earth's stability and strength, also have adjustable, and male
and female, yin and yang, the function, so that when people are
thinking more sensitive feel. Can be evil defends the West in ancient
times used as the slayer of his evil props, warm to the touch when
holding a symbol of some kind of energy release.
Golden amber in Chinese medicine theory, the gas has been given the
function of a tranquilizer, and can prevent infection and
sterilization, it will also be made to use Hong ring or incense. It
was also ground into a powder used only nosebleed, burns or bruises,
but said the most effective is that preventing the throat, as well as
other respiratory diseases, so often made in the throat chakra falls
to sub-hanging nearby. In addition to the stomach discomfort is also
soothing and even the promotion of liver and kidney cell activation.

Tiger Eye, Huang Jinhu eye, tiger eye stone

Tiger Eye is a symbol of the Indians as the most prestigious sacred
stone. The fine texture and golden brown, making the beads change in
the angle of golden light flow, very beautiful Oh! Eagle Eye Tiger Eye
stone and quartz belong to a cat's eye, usually black and yellow and
white colors, like tiger stripes, there are black and white, known as
the Blue Tiger Eye or Hawk Eye stone.
Tiger Eye Tiger Eye-like activity as energy, can inspire the courage
to bring confidence, brave and generous people, and expand business
pattern. Contribute to the cause of consistent and will not run out of
steam. Golden flow of energy can also bring together the wealth more
efficiently! May also improve attention and concentration, to keep the
mind flexible.
Corresponds to the sun wheel, umbilical round, after the discomfort of
overeating have to re-clean and adjust the function of the body and
can bring a warm feeling. Can rapidly improve cold symptoms and asthma
and bronchitis, but also able to use her own energy to strengthen
joints and bones, to appease the metabolism of the nervous system

Powder, Lotus Crystal, Star rose quartz, rose quartz
Powder with a beautiful pink color, usually with little natural white
moire, the color is due to the sake of titanium and manganese.
Transparent rose quartz is very rare, may produce a single light
source toward the six-lane Astral effects, called "Star Powder", the
price is not low.
Powder can enhance the popularity, creating marriage, Ping Xu
emotions, improve relationships, for love. Can enhance the emotional,
to help the pursuit of love, precious stones, also known as
Valentine's gems. Orator wear can enhance interaction with the
audience a sense. Business establishments or persons out of place
frequently, put teeth powder could reconcile the gas transport, and
promote successful transaction.
Corresponds to the heart chakra, can be on the heart, lungs, immune
system, lymph nodes, thymus function help, said to be painful, heart
disease, high blood pressure, nervousness, insomnia, anger, relief and
other physiological phenomena function.

Red tourmaline, rose tourmaline, red tourmaline

Tourmaline Rose wine has bright red, pink and pink, sometimes natural
ice cracks. Tourmaline products as well as a ring surface is often
used to calculate the unit price of carats, blinking and moving
without losing the ruby is a precious gem. Legend has longevity and
effectiveness of sleep.
Rose Tourmaline can evoke inner love, and sublimated into
compassionate people that love mercy, to make things more emotional,
and can provoke the message of love. Hand tourmaline reflect, and
often make people happy in the haze of scan to get a brighter future
happiness and well-being, poor communication or the popularity of bad
people, you can improve their communication and self-balancing
Corresponds to the heart chakra, can be an impact on the metabolism
and gland, especially help the heart.

Green tourmaline, green tourmaline
There are emerald green tourmaline green, dark green variety of blue
and shades of color, sometimes natural ice cracks. Tourmaline products
as well as a ring surface is often used to carats for the unit price,
is a precious gem. Legend has longevity and effectiveness of sleep.
Green tourmaline help to balance the green light have attracted the
wealth effect, make people feel happy, make money and gas.
Corresponds to the heart, intestinal peristalsis could be more smooth,
even with the accumulated filth intestinal decomposition (excluding
stool) role.

Phantom Green Phantom, moss crystals, the Crystal Garden

Phantom includes green ash and other volcanic mud of inclusion, in
transparent white crystal, the surface, such as clouds, plants,
whirlpool and even the pyramids and other natural vision.
Phantom Lord is financial. Purification of the mind, to make sound
career and gradually achieve the ideal goal. A high degree of cohesion
forces of wealth, the use of seven arrays, energy cohesion stronger.
Energy is particularly strong help those who practice qigong, and
valuable for collection, containing a variety of colors of minerals,
like landscape painting-like.
Corresponds to the heart chakra of the gland for the heart, lungs,
immune system, thymus, lymph nodes, is said to cure heartache, heart
disease, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, nervousness,
insomnia, anger, paranoia, cancer, in particular, the best cancer
treatment is green. Generally, white light can be used to treat any
disease, but white is too nourishing, it will enrich cancer cells,
only the green cells to select only healthy supply of nutrients. Green
in the center of the spectrum is the most balanced colors. While under
pressure, took the green Phantom meditation full of body, can relieve
the tension to relax.

Blue tourmaline, blue tourmaline

Very, very rare blue tourmaline, blue sky from blue to have,
tourmaline is the most rare of all the colors, can be met without
resort. Tourmaline products as well as a ring surface is often used to
carats for the unit price, is a precious gem. Legend has longevity
and effectiveness of sleep.
The blue field blue tourmaline makes mind clear, emotional stability,
in particular, strengthen the ability to predict the induction force
and well-informed.
Corresponding throat chakra, and indigo-colored tourmaline is mapped
to the eyebrow can be round, have the effect of eye pain in ear, nose,
can also relieve headaches and balance the seabed wheel unbalance the

Watermelon tourmaline, red and green tourmaline, red-green tourmaline

Red and green symbiotic called watermelon tourmaline tourmaline is
very rare. The most famous is the history of Empress Dowager Cixi's
favorite sinking, watermelon tourmaline, purple skin green flesh.
Empress Dowager Cixi is said to sleep, the pillow is placed under the
Fengyun watermelon tourmaline.
Green and red energy metabolism and can balance the glands occurs, and
can open up blocked energy centers, so that the operation of human
energy to maintain regular rail operation. Therefore said to have a
preventive effect on cancer.


Amethyst by containing divalent manganese and iron minerals and the
formation of a beautiful purple, usually natural or white clouds
containing ice cracks in which the United States amethyst very, very
rare, usually small particles to carat pricing. Amethyst producing
area of Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, Sambia, South Africa produced the
best quality, color from red violet to blue-purple wine has, the fire
Amethyst main function is "intelligent and love", also known as
"energy stone" or "guardian of love stone." Attention can enhance
memory and help test operation. The two can be developed third eye
between the eyebrows, which can stimulate the brain, stimulate
creativity, increase people's confidence. And the interaction between
men and women together and the wearer's own emotional stability role.
Like the prodigal of the family can also be impulse shopping, to be
miserly financial purposes.
The corresponding eyebrow wheel and crown, the brain lesions and
improve the role of aging, for headache, migraine and other symptoms
also have a soothing effect.

Zijing Dong, Jing-dong treasury, Uruguay purple druse

Amethyst rough mined in Brazil is the ball, the outer layer of agate,
a profile and purple flashing two became intrinsic druse Dizijingdong.
Both sides of the crystal cave are yin and yang, hand probe in the
hole, the sensitive person may feel the warm side is the magnetic
energy, on the other side is cool, the magnetic field energy. If the
entire collection to a pair Zi Jingdong, but very lucky, because had
already been broken up early in the origin of separate trafficking.
Uruguay is mostly purple druse was massive, darker color than purple,
particles is also smaller. The magnetic field energy size and color is
no absolute relationship, but people tend to feel more beautiful deep
purple, so purple amethyst color than the market price is also higher.
Zi Jingdong a poly gasification evil, the role of wealth and fortune,
so widely used as to improve the feng shui feng shui stone mansion. Zi
Jingdong different size, shape, also have their own characteristics.
If the five elements to classify the following categories:
(A) payment type - a triangular type, as the ancient bell-like, down
the narrow width.
(B) of the wood type - was slender type, such as tree trunks in
(C) water type - was below the stability, the top model for irregular
waves, the most rare.
(Iv) the fire-type - a little like gold type, under the narrow width
of the triangle, but the top of the more intense type of gold, like
the flame-like shape.
(E) soil type - boxy, honest and calm, also known as bag-type.
It is said that in a room, if belonging to the five kinds of metal,
wood, water, fire, earth, Zi Jingdong appropriate placement, fire
adobe, native gold, gold water, and water trees, stripping for love.
Soon students will be able to become the Bureau of Pente, the clock
real dragon, and their offspring Fukuzawa infinite, the home will be a
champion in the children and grandchildren before Oh!

Crystal clusters, white druse

Jing Wang has said the white crystal, the type appears to druse energy
was strong and radioactive, is the town residence evil the best
option. Put a white druse the entrance, not only can avoid stuff does
not come clean on the outside wall facing the knife from the house De,
a street or elevator doors, etc. and ghosts, there are excellent
defends role. Select druse should be noted that if the overall shape
of beauty, Czochralski thoroughly enough, bright enough.

Crystal column

Crystal endless column useful natural energy to release high-frequency
oscillations of high energy, to improve their surrounding environment,
particularly strong launch, anti-thief, villain, town house, the
servant to obey.

Seven array, array Seven Star of David

Seven Star triangular matrix is based on matrix method, made by two
overlapping triangles, the formation of hexagonal star called the Star
of David or Seal of Solomon. Seven array could gather the energy, the
energy of the seven spar with together, so that the magnetic field to
the limit. To the town house, placed in the financial position and
help you all wishes come true, the feedback is very fast!

White crystal ball

White crystal ball can absorb the gas from all sides, so there is the
town house, to eliminate radiation, evil, worship Buddha, to bring
good fortune in vivo.

Amethyst ball

Interpersonal harmony amethyst ball can help strengthen the feelings
of transport (friends, family, love), can also open intelligence, to
help test operation. The right side of the desk or put an amethyst
amethyst ball seven ball array, their popularity and the working
atmosphere of harmony is very helpful Oh! (Left to put a Phantom or a
locust crystal boules, can help the smooth development of the work!)

Yellow crystal ball

The most famous is the yellow crystal ball enrichment, Lucky, in
particular the partial financial part. Often buy lottery or with
friends touch three times, most prefer to put their own financial
position at home teeth yellow crystal ball, very effective!

Amethyst Pillow

Amethyst Pillow used to treat insomnia, development of smart, remove
distractions, emotional stability, those who use too much brain.
Especially the elderly is not easy to sleep, and very effective in
enhancing the quality of sleep!

Pillow White Crystal

White crystal pillow can help remove the symptoms of illness, promote
blood circulation, purify the body.


Pyramid could gather the energy of the universe's largest, doubling
the magnetic field, the role of a pledge.
White crystal pyramid

Disaster information, consumer industry, seeking money, eliminate
negative energy and improve the positive energy, put the bed to bring
good luck.

Phantom Pyramid

Disaster information, consumer industry, seeking money, eliminate
negative energy and improve the positive energy, put the bed to bring
good luck.

Amethyst Pyramid

Creativity, inspiration, rational force, to reduce suffering
disappointment in love, improve relationships and create a better

Topaz pyramid

Wealth, Treasure, depressed into positive change.

Shade with the seven chakras correspond

 red light - corresponding to sea round, the main reproductive system,
adrenal gland, small intestine, anus, to help others down to earth,
more intuitive and vitality.
 orange - the corresponding umbilical round, the main ovary, seminal
vesicle and other parts of the reproductive organs, increase
creativity, energy and sexuality.
 yellow light - the corresponding sun gear, the main stomach, liver,
pancreas, kidney, digestive and nervous system, can enhance the
ability to feel emotions. Incurs financial.
 green light - corresponding to the heart chakra, the main heart,
lung, thymus, hand, arm, control of blood circulation, can practice
the true meaning of love, the release of pent-up emotional trauma, and
attracting love.
 blue light - corresponding to throat chakra, the main thyroid,
throat, mouth, will enhance the eloquence and communication skills, a
sore throat!
 purplish blue (indigo) Shade - Correspondence between the eyebrows
round, the main pituitary gland (pineal gland), left eye, nose, ears,
can strengthen the third eye psychic ability to predict the strength,
improve sleep quality.
 the purple light or white light - corresponding to the top round, the
main size of the brain, central nervous system, eyes, brain activity
can enhance and stimulate inspiration.

Crystal dual tip

Crystal column headed crystals are known as dual-tip sharp crystal,
very rare, and between two sophisticated, more powerful energy field
with together, for the treatment of diseases, air conductivity, with
input and output to reach into me, and I into the realm. So many
qigong master or a crystal therapists like to use double-pointed laser

Crystal common degaussing method

The crystal with memory function, so any hand a new crystal, may
contain the remnants of the former primary energy. Workers from
mining, packaging, transport, shipping, loading the aircraft, into the
customs, into the warehouse, unpacking, wholesale, retail, eventually
finding a few hands I do not know, I do not know these people are
healthy, pure thought, if good, then, of course, no problem The
question is, who is also not clear before the hand is good or bad.
Therefore, it is best to be "degaussing" look.
Some people, in the crystal to get some ore without degaussing, or
will be dizziness, heart palpitations, or will, or will be random
dream, or be depressed, is likely to be left behind before the primary
reasons for negative energy.
Some people, to get crystal, will be happy, be excited, will innocence
big time, will whim, inspired masterpiece, the same meaning, there is
the residual energy left before the primary. But, fortunately some of
the latter than the former.
Degaussing is to eliminate the remnants of the former primary energy,
so that to restore its original appearance crystal, which is between
heaven and earth it was that kind of memory was originally neither
good nor evil energy. Energy, turned out to be neutral, crystal is
neutral. However, the tendency of the universe and the evolution of
the human soul, the direction is towards a positive, active, upward,
so the crystal energy, but also to help the beings toward the
positive, positive, upward direction in the evolution.
Crystal degaussing method used:
1. Druse, degaussing method geode - Whitewater druse placed in Zi
Jingdong or, at least four hours or more.
2. Solar irradiation - to allow natural sunlight to recharge crystal
degaussing is best the best the midday sun, the sun can be four hours.
3. Degaussing method Moonlight Star - Moonlight Star power is
relatively soft, flexible crystal for degaussing, for example, rose
quartz, amethyst ... etc.
4. Degaussing method salt water - is very powerful degaussing method,
the magnetic field in one fell swoop both the good and bad degaussing
out, usually when the owner can do for a salt water degaussing, must
use water thoroughly rinse Oh!
5. Net Hong degaussing method - the net is far and Buddha, Hong
session, a symbol of strength through time and space, burning
sandalwood powder that comes out of the gas, enough to help a house
clean crystal is demagnetized.
6. Temple fire method - devout Buddhist, Taoist friends can go to
often go to the temple, as if seeking the same way as amulets, to
around three times above the incense, pray sincerely.
7. Degaussing method with Buddhist music - often to listen to Buddhist
scriptures are crystal can achieve subtle effects of Oh!
8. Guru plus Steal channeling text - to cultivate successful blessing
of the guru, is also an effective method, but be careful the kind of
half-face or bad faith of God stick black sheep of the Master in
disguise Oh believers! Otherwise, not a blessing, anti-victim.
9. Buddha No. degaussing method - there are friends in the practice
can also be chanted Buddhist sutras with a crystal, not only
degaussing charge, to help cultivate the power of crystal Oh well!

Sense of natural crystal stone pipe identification method

Now on the market, many fake fish in the natural crystal jewelry, if
the purchase mistake will be deceived.
True and false recognition of natural crystal jewelry in the following
1. Seeing: the formation of natural crystals and other minerals on the
subject to the influence of impurities, the total contains some
impurities. In any case advanced natural crystal, the sun could be
seen observing faint stripes or even small catkin-like substance. The
fake crystal mostly the crystal residue with a defective, broken glass
melting practice regeneration, after polishing, coloring process copy
from, there is no uniform stripes, catkin-like substance.
2. Tongue licking: Even the hot dog days in summer, with the tongue
licking the surface of the natural crystal jewelry, a cool feeling;
there is no fake.
3. Lighting: Natural crystal jewelry heel in a sunlight, regardless of
the perspective from which it can emit a beautiful luster; fake
crystal jewelry is not.
4. Hardness: hardness of natural crystal, jewelry gently with a stone
in the program about and will not leave marks; if left streak, crystal
jewelry is fake.
Synthetic and natural crystal crystal identification methods:
1, the hardness of natural crystal hardness than the synthetic
crystals, hence the natural crystal can be drawn prints on the glass,
and synthetic crystals are not.
2, the vast majority of natural crystal necklace or a crystal ball,
there will always be a flaw, put them into the water immersion or a
proposal, a few grains with the naked eye will be beaded or crystal
ball in certain places, see reflective surfaces of small micro cracks.
Or gas-liquid surface flocculent inclusions. The inclusions in
synthetic crystals is the root less clear within the dry, almost did
not see any flaws.
3, some of the color of the crystal in nature is almost non-existent,
so one can conclude that these colors are synthetic or additive, such
as: blue, green, two-color (a crystal with 2 or 2 more than the color)
China's current jewelry market is still a bit confusing, even shoddy
synthetic gemstones as natural stones is widespread, especially in
natural crystal market, it is to remind you when you need to buy
natural crystal clear head!
Five characteristics of grain: memory, storage, expansion, conversion,
      Just bought the crystal, because crystal will remember how it
all contact with people and things, so a crystal may retain the
original stone mine workers, miners, merchants, porters, retailers or
carving mill master, and so the memory, and perhaps some bad memory,
or even affect the crystal holders, so clean, natural crystal and the
crystal must be there to help the owner clean it to be useful,
otherwise vain effort, and do not believe the so-called master of
blessing, they only take the opportunity to pit your money!
      Crystal wearing a long time, or use crystal therapy, tends to
attract negative energy, so also do crystals purification Oh! Also
known as degaussing method! Can restore the original magnetic field.
General cleaning for about 1 month time on it! If it is used to cure
diseases, then we should clean once a week. Also, when the crystal
feels a sticky feeling, remember to clean up it!
      Solar purification method: the use of direct sunlight,
preferably in the morning to about noon the sun is the most
appropriate, about 2 hours, if not careful it does not matter over
time, but be sure to come back before sunset. (Amethyst and rose
quartz should not be! Will fade)
      Moonlight purification method: I heard that the best use of
the full moon, the sun is better (using day, month, the best method of
degaussing ions, can degaussing, but also to enhance the crystal
      Soak salt: use sea salt, that is, coarse salt, with a clean
pollution-free water to soak overnight, then the next day and clean
water will clean, this method for crystal metal or rope, the less
useful because salt will corrode the metal or rope Oh! Clean water or
mineral water can be used in general RO reverse osmosis or distilled
water can be.
       Close to natural law: when traveling, it will be crystal
placed in the water and close to nature, to add energy.
       In the earth: you can not use a clean water flow through the
soil, buried in about 3-10 days, because the soil is a strong
reproductive capacity, but can capture toxins, and blown into the
tremendous energy; If you worry about dirty out, plant fiber cloth can
be used to wrap, and then buried in the earth.
       Buried in the snow: This can also be, as long as clean snow,
in the nature of the rain, snow, light, streams, etc., can make
crystal purification.
       Using druse: on druse, crystal cave, the use of chemicals
cluster, the release of the positive magnetic field geode crystal
clear negative energy, let it recharge, storage time of about one
night can be.
       Czochralski crystal clean natural hexagonal: Hexagonal
Czochralski tip of his particularly strong part of the gas field, you
can use to make four hexagonal Czochralski purification, also belong
to one of a very effective purification. First, the four hex placed
within the Czochralski toward the tip, four were decorations position,
such as the East and West, respectively, such placement, the middle
position would be kept to clean the crystal, so placement of a night
on it.
       Essential oils resonance: use of resonance with the crystal
can be essential oils, using aromatherapy essential oil bottle heating
fumigation (the crystal perfume bottle The hollow cover at about 2 cm
square) crystal 1 hour, it is very good to restore precious energy
       Crystal purification process, although the salt effect of
wonders, but the positive and negative energy be demagnetized, the
need for salt purification addition to minimize the use of outside.
Such as the use of obsidian with the right hand used to absorb
negative energy discharged from the body to absorb symptoms of
illness, is more appropriate to use sea salt purification; left with
yellow crystals used to ask the wealth, then should not use sea salt
       Illness or a bad mood, it will pass the frequency of the
crystal on the poor, if you can, it is best not to wear a temporary
crystal, when the emotional or physical health improved when cleaning
up the crystal, so that more negative energy and body for too long
       Although purified, to a location of a place at home, whether
for long years, and often see the crystal covered with dust, and even
spider webs, the middle if it had an unpleasant, arguing and ensure
crystal frequency will be absorbed and converted to enlarge output,
would have the occasional fight, after buying a crystal into often
quarrel, were supposed to use to improve the family crystal frequency,
crystal has become a negative influence, so more than a month to clean
each time.
       Bedroom house crystal display should be avoided, except
purple, white, pink, and so far as is was three crystal crystal ball
or round beads, crystal should not be placed in the other bedroom.
White crystal
"Spiritual function"
 all the colors, the energy complex, with counterweights display of
memory and storage capabilities.
 energy to expand the function; conveyed the energy, guidance came in
effect, help to telepathy.
 yang field is radioactive, can break up negative energy, to prevent
the chi around.
 enhance spiritual gas, so that peace of mind, harmonious and
 body too much negative energy, resulting in sick, white crystal
magnetic field can improve the flow of negative energy, purifying the
body, restore vitality and health.
"Spiritual function and effectiveness"
 calm sedative effects, especially amethyst pillow at night to sleep,
for insomnia and nightmares effective.
 help develop their potential, such as the sixth sense, intuition,
etc., to enhance the spirituality and wisdom.
 Table noble, strong true love, commitment and for the expression of
affection between men and women exchange token.
 is a crown chakra and third eye corresponds to the energy, can
enhance memory, and amnesia, the elderly dementia effective.
 mental concentration, thinking to improve, things capacity
"Zi Jingdong"
, also known as feng shui stone, its internal Czochralski-intensive,
the energy of each vibration can be condensed inside another justice,
if the built-in white druse or Quartz ball sharp strong magnetic field
can be harmony, harmony, making the best magnetic field.
Crystal Dreams (Green Phantom Crystal, crystal white ghost)


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