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					Tao Tao
    Said the financial crisis came, the quality of life and life will
change with the arrival of the storm, yesterday, said his students to
listen to a fund of thirty thousand dollars when the stock market, and
now have only three thousand dollars already. Two months have done
their market well, in fact not done well, but nothing to do, the
economic downturn, how will the market do it, income is also taken for
granted. We all have nothing to do all day playing on the unit.

   In fact, we are similar, our company is doing very well, it might
be coming off-season, for us to sell for the life of this class of
people than sitting in the office more influence, how much direct
impact on wages of sales How much income. Prices rising, living
standards are improved, and the company's revenue did not grow up of
course we do not pay up. Fortunately, Everybody management company to
the problem of eating, no money to buy clothes to wear uniforms, the
pressure is relatively less. Just do not know when this crisis will
Huanguo Lai crisis When will the economy start to rebound

    The boss said this morning, listening to the city's fierce house
prices fall, more than thirteen hundred a square, do not know is not
true, my colleagues have heard the last of a house price dropped by to
buy a house, the results ran the city, price of the house is not
found. Severe price fall in big cities and small cities is not so
obvious, we all felt the house should be dropped, bought a two bedroom
house to two hundred thousand, a thousand a month, before you, this
life is enough to earn the house earned, not to say that supporting
the elderly, child. So now young people do not want to have children
is understandable, where, as we were young, 100 dollars can feed a
family of four are now 1,000 dollars is very difficult to feed a
person, on a five hospitals to be linked to a number money, not to say
What kind of medicine, and money do not take medicine. The most angry
is that the government not taking medication disease. The results were
not to be dead, and being mad at the ......

  We are the generation of happiness are, in fact, only God knows is
the worst after 70. We are in grade school, others do not give money
to college, our college, not a primary school, when not giving money.
We do not study had never been seen a job is assigned, the house is
public, and when we do the work when the work is your own, the house
is never finally make some money ....... can not afford to see a red
flag stock , would like to take the opportunity to take an old-age
insurance. The results go back to the original post did not come out,
hand, back to the original initial ......

In fact, we could hang on the mirror.

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