; Only a little bit of elegance
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Only a little bit of elegance


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									Only a little bit of elegance
"Elegant dress life lesson", (day) light wild peaches, CITIC
Publishing House published in July 2009

Japanese fashion godmother wrote a book light peach field, called
"elegant dress life lesson." What attracts me most is its cover, and
title each other, diagonally placed white pattern iron chairs,
chatting casually looks back on an umbrella, the umbrella handle of a
thin, classic FOX umbrella , looked elegant, comfortable, quiet,

Maybe this is out of fashion want to convey meaning, temperament,
natural, quiet Yifen Fang, chaos head coarse clothes, do not cover
national color.

The back cover, the same blue-gray hue, a pair of ballet shoes quiet
light gray, which is the ultimate goal of all women: always be able to
wear ballet shoes for women, and age.

The book's tone is so light, not something carved, the smiling,
revealing a touch of elegant fragrance.

Like this book with over the years about the pursuit of personal
style. Elegant, sounds really good word. There was a time, I obsessed
over Ada endorsement of a clothing brand called moiselle, which is
characterized by an extremely feminine, ribbon lace encrusted clothes,
fabrics, mostly chiffon, elegant and moving, primarily to soft pink
color , shades of pink, and even neutral pink jeans are embroidered
with tiny flowers, looks Jiaoqiao moving. Lady-like play was not
favored, and will turn to Calvin Klein's subglottic vote, then, the
famous American fashion designer Calvin Klein, Kate Moss brought China
into the elegantly chic, Calvin Klein store to open . Kate Moss
wearing thin plate the various Calvin Klein dress and full of modern,
simple, beautiful and elegant atmosphere, completely different from
her interpretation of Gianni Versace
The eclectic extravagance and exaggeration Gucci avant-garde.
Immediately, a gratuitous sense of identity will be created.

But after a couple of years, these two brands of clothes I took a
sideline, the pressure to the bottom, because I suddenly find that
they have a common flaw, that is too provocative, not elegant.

Over the years, many of the values of people and things have changed,
but consistently that equal elegance and comfortable, low-key, subtle
and simple, there are articles in this book left me deep impression,
the title is "gently "about a woman in Milan, in the corridor, he
pulled off his pale pink linen coat, that moment, lightly coat a
strong sense of beauty fluttering. Original, elegant clothes are not
expensive, but clean, emitting a refreshing mix of temperament.

Any time, less is more, simple is beautiful.

I love the novelist Yi Shu, she described the woman has always been
very calm, tri-color clothing, but black and white ash, white shirt,
khaki pants, flat shoes, the whims of nature. Color slightly
complicated, it was she made fun of the circus big thief, and pink is
the color of the British Queen Mother to wear, most people can not do
so aloof, easily can try.

Men's clothing as well. Plain dark suit and white shirt, tie, plus the
most pleasing, without too much modification, men of learning and
training is the best decorations, watches Dream Car beauty, are

Europeans have always advocating tired da, devitalized taste, is the
fear of someone, and things, too blatantly, like seven or eight
o'clock in the morning sun, dazzling.

Or simply some good subtle.

I will always remember the movie "Rose's story" in the speech of the
Pu Chow Ka-ming, that slender figure wearing a dark gray coat Kaisi
Mi, Qing Jue Qi long straight, with shares aloof from the world of
taste, exciting, sad, distressed.

Forget "Hei Bao" in the newly born famous Li Yanshan the graceful,
wearing a white length straight coat, standing on the campus of
England in winter, delicate little face not a trace of joy content.
"Winter Sonata" in Choi Ji-woo, also wearing a windbreaker so simple
and neat, no decoration, but filling intellectual beauty.

However, a rather perplexing problem is that ordinary like you and me,
as men today still need to charge forward, everyone Lu Zhishen
general, quick to pull Chuiyangliu played down, squeeze the hustle and
bustle of the crowd in the fight rush speed efficiency wished he could
have an infinite universe shaped bag, hold all the possessions, the
more wear the better clothes, hurried out for the sleeves of a pull,
pack a carry, emergency fire fire battle, where the word Gude Shang

Katharine Hepburn when the 40's, how handsome, wavy hair, shirt
sleeves rolled up a little, wide leg trousers, tied with flat heels,
rustling heroic, infinite charm, which today are less than the number
of teen idol stars. Princess of Monaco during his lifetime love grace
kelly handbag by Hermes, it is a very old ladder side arm in arm angle
bags, the only features are a little switch at the lock. She also
likes Hermes scarf, gently cover living hair, a bow to play in the
chin. Any dress, from the young, beautiful, extraordinary woman do to
temperament, are nice. Yongzhisufen for those of us who do do this
dress as soon as you can work in "Story of Qiu Ju."

So read this book on the proposal is placed on the coffee table at
home, bed side, at leisure, in the sunny afternoon, Wei Wan goldfish,
rest for a moment before, looking through the fingertips, the taste of
some, sigh few times, while envy, longing for a, and then discard it
and continue to depressed workers to form in the case of Du.

But maybe the fact that not so pessimistic. At least white shirt,
pearl earrings, traditional style umbrella, this was regarded as a
classic optical field, Ms. Peach's head with a line, we still
repairing affordable.

See "Shanghai Jinzhiyuye", the famous department stores Wing

Secretary Miss Guo Jiasi Guowan Ying, was elegant and beautiful like
Dixian, diamonds, pearls, roses, wedding wonderful, perfect, his face
no shadow. However, a sudden reversal of fate, two years later, no
smile on her face, a sheltered, wealth and status, all gone with the
wind. Women have their own destiny, but the woman because she met the
fate of the majority of what kind of man. She was a man to live up to
the onslaught of cataclysms, widowed, criticism, reform through labor,
humiliation, past that sharp onion, dig ponds, laying cement, wash the
toilet. M u0026 C's hosting the Games endured the hanging as if people
never stepped foot in the smile on the face, and she died in 1998, is
commendable that such a suffering received her 90-year-old, still
beautiful, elegant, pride and dignity. This is truly elegant bones.

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