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									Mr. Wang Huayu's new book "dispatch legal practice
guidelines," published!
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Wang Hua Yu L: "Human resources management utility must toolbox.
Rar - system, contracts, processes, forms, examples and
interpretation", China Legal Publishing House in July 2009
edition (the first mainland China Legal Publishing House by a
professional Under the new labor law published by the human resources
management tool)
Wang Hua Yu and said: "Labor Contract Law and Case fine solution
practical operation", China Legal Publishing House May 2008
edition (Beijing Xidan Book Building single-frame swing reactor hot,
China Legal Press, 2008, 2009 champion continued sales of similar
books )
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September 18, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao signed the State Council Order
No. 535, promulgated the "Regulations for the Implementation of
Labour Contract Law", the regulations come into force from the
date of release. "Implementing regulations" will make the
appropriate dispatch and other new regulations, combined with business
relevance of the current employment patterns AFP dispatch outsourcing
options and the legislative and practical difficulties, Mr. Wang Huayu
and Mr. Wan Jiang China Legal Publishing House asked him to accept,
preparation of "legal practice guidelines dispatch," a book.
The book sent from the service into question the origin and
development, combined with legislative situation in Mainland China and
the dispatch, "Labor Contract Law" and "implementing
regulations" new regulations for labor units, labor dispatch
business and dispatched workers are given the relevant laws
recommendations. Reading through the articles, case studies and
practical guidance on other aspects to the context of the new law and
its practical operation dispatch to do the most in-depth analysis and
understanding. 290,000 word book, price 48.00 yuan.

????Appendix 1: Recommended language
????Appendix 2: List
????Appendix 3: About
Appendix 1: Recommended language
Well-known university professor of law, human resource industry elite,
well-known executive recruitment website, 500 foreign legal
consultants, and other well-known minister of state-owned enterprises
jointly recommended by the personnel
Author of the book from the dispatch origin to the point, in the
longitudinal dispatch described the development of Mainland China and
the horizontal comparison of the basic context of the labor sending
countries in the world legislation regulation practice, the
combination of just promulgation of the "Labor Contract Law"
and " implementing regulations ", by theoretical analysis,
interpretation of articles and case illustrates the combination of
precision solutions approach to the labor dispatch service provider
and the employer shall provide a practical and workable solutions and
practical coping strategies.
- Institute of Labor and Personnel Renmin University of China
Professor Cheng Yan Yuen
A very long time, the dispatch of human resources industry is a hot
topic widely discussed, "Labor Contract Law" published after
the implementation of, this discussion continues to heat up. Can be
expected, including the dispatch of human resources services,
including outsourcing, in Mainland China still has a vast market
prospects and development. Author of this book, mainland China a
detailed analysis of labor temporary employment legislation and
detailed discussion of human resource practitioners and provides a
legal level, practice-oriented reference and recommendations.
- 2008 Human Resource Expo Asia chief planner, Ingmar (China) Ltd
In the context of the new labor law, the dispatch is not just a
problem of human resources and employment patterns, but also to the
laws and regulations on the concept of informal employment legislation
and regulatory principles. The Mainland of China promulgated the
"Labor Contract Law" was necessary for dispatching the
constraints and limitations, is a positive policy guidance, and aims
to promote the healthy development of dispatching. With this book,
readers can understand the dispatch of development in China and the
regulatory process, and get some practice in China.
- Vice President Zhang Tingwen ChinaHR
With the "Labor Contract Law" and its "implementing
regulations" promulgated one after another, how to build a
harmonious labor relations in China, multinational corporations must
face. With a solid book of theory, combined with years of service for
all types of business experience, in a targeted manner on the
practical problems related to dispatching were explained in simple
terms, both for staffing firms and employment units, or for dispatched
workers, have a good reference value.
- Adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd. General Counsel Shuhai
As a book of business clients, we book the authors provide
professional consulting services business standards and practices of
the books written by the practicality and feasibility have a deep
understanding of. This book both for the current dispatch dispatch
enterprises to develop and regulate the daily operations of the
business or employment of, and ways companies use the labor
dispatching and daily labor management, have provided many useful,
constructive countermeasures and suggestions.
- MBA, Human Resources and Chairman of China United Engineering
Corporation Law Ministers flood audit
Appendix 2: List
Under the new legal framework for labor dispatch
- The contract between freedom and law enforcement
Chapter dispatching background and status of development
Section of informal employment, labor relations and labor dispatch
First, the contemporary changes in work patterns of new
Case 1: Shanghai, China as the representative of the rapid development
of non-standard labor relations
Second, informal employment and labor dispatch
Third, informal employment, labor and industrial relations to send the
new development
Labor Dispatching Status, Problems and Solutions
??First, the Chinese mainland's development status dispatch
Case 2: Jiangsu Suzhou Singapore Industrial Park, dispatching the
relevant research data
Second, the Chinese mainland dispatch problems
Third, the Chinese mainland dispatch Development Strategy
Labor Contract Law Section and Labor dispatch
First, the "Labor Contract Law" labor dispatch idea of a
chapter of the Regulation
Second, the "Labor Contract Law" labor dispatch special
section of the specific provisions
Third, the "Labor Contract Law Implementation Regulations"
special provisions for dispatching
Chapter dispatching methods and related employment
Section dispatch services and employment
First, the concept and characteristics of employment
Second, mainland China's development of employment agencies
Third, labor and employment agency to send the difference between
Case 3: employment agencies and services and their legal
responsibility to send the difference
Labor Dispatching and corporate loan
First, the meaning of corporate loan
Second, labor and business seconded to send the difference between
Section III and the personnel agency dispatch
First, the concept and content of the personnel agency
Second, the significance of personnel agency
Third, the personnel agency and the difference between dispatching
Case 4: Personnel agency and the difference between dispatching
Section IV dispatch services and contract
First, the meaning of contract
Second, the contract associated with the labor dispatch
Third, the contract and the difference between dispatching
Case 5: contract construction and the difference between dispatching
Section V and human resources outsourcing dispatch
First, the meaning of outsourcing, development and characteristics
Second, human resources outsourcing
Third, human resources outsourcing and personnel agency, the dispatch
of the difference and
Chapter dispatching legal relationship
Section tripartite relationship dispatching
A dispatch entity and is the legal relationship between the dispatched
Second, labor dispatching units and the relationships between units
Case 6: dispatching services between the existence of the facts?
Third, employers and the relationship between the dispatched workers
Case 7: a dispatched employee's analysis of labor relations
Labor Dispatching employer liability
First, the labor dispatch of employer liability
Second, the labor theory of employer liability sent contend
Third, the "Labor Contract Law" and the allocation of
responsibilities of employers
Case 8: Labor Dispatch accountability in the workers compensation
Section III of the contract labor dispatch
First, the labor dispatch of the labor contract
Second, labor and employment contracts
Third, the placement agreement
Case 9: Service to send the labor contract between the dispatching
agreement with the
Liability Section dispatching
First, an overview of legal liability dispatch
Second, the dispatch of the dispatch unit of the responsibility
Third, the dispatch unit of the responsibility of the labor
Fourth, the dispatch of the responsibility of the dispatched workers
Chapter IV of the operating rules of the dispatch
Section set up unit labor dispatch
First, the relevant provisions of the world
Second, the "Labor Contract Law," the relevant provisions of
Case 10: Service to send the company's legal business qualification
Labor Dispatching the scope and duration
First, the scope of labor dispatch
Second, the dispatch period
Case 11: Promoters send credit card company and the labor contract
Section III is the management and use of dispatched workers
First, the Employment Contracts
Second, the management of dispatched workers
Case 12: The three-way relationship between dispatch and
Case 13: hotel management company to manage the dispatched workers
In the fourth quarter to lift dispatching rules and return mechanism
First, the lifting of rules of the dispatched workers
Second, the lifting of rules for labor dispatch
Third, the employment unit to lift mechanism and rules of back
Case 14: dispatching responsibilities of employers in
V regional dispatch, sent from the sending and re-
First, the regional dispatch
Case 15: the principal identified in the regional labor dispatch,
arbitration and legal applicability of the governing
Second, since the sending and re-send
Case 16: Ningbo Master of sudden death without the family claims
- Turn to send the parties bear the legal responsibility of
Chapter dispatch and worker protections
Dispatch services with the Fair Employment Section
First, the labor dispatch and fair employment
Case 17: Steven Michael Kelley v. case of transport companies and
Second, the dispatch of the profit and pay restraint
Third, labor and equal pay to send
Case 18: Microsoft's employee stock options with the Vizcaino lawsuit
Case 19: A staff of multinational companies in China distinction
between the nature of welfare practice is illegal?
Labor Dispatching and Protection of Labor Standards
First, the labor dispatch and Protection of Labor Standards
Second, the placement agreement with the Labor Standards Law
Case 20: The controversial case of dispatch of medical workers
Third, the employment protection of the Labor Standards Management
Case 21: "Phase III" for women workers were not competent to
cancel the labor contract case
Section dispatching and labor security
First, the labor dispatch with the labor safety protection
Second, the placement agreement with the Labor Safety Law
Third, the employment of labor security management
Case 22: Dispute over the dispatched workers injured
Section IV and the collective rights dispatch
First, the labor dispatch and collective bargaining
Case 23: Labor is required to send workers to form trade unions
Second, the exercise of the right of workers to collective bargaining
Third, the labor contract law and collective bargaining labor dispatch
Case 24: dispatch of employee dissatisfaction with employment salary
requirements of the labor contract signed another case of unit
Case 25: Asahi Broadcasting Corporation Staff Union to send the case
of collective bargaining
Chapter VI Legal Measures dispatching
Section conversion strategy Staffing firms
??First, the cost strategy professional strategy into
??Case 26: After the implementation of the new law there is no need to
dispatch business conduct?
Second, the dominant operating according to the tripartite
Third, a risk assessment mechanism for handling
Case 27: How to dispatch companies serve customers through innovation,
Section II of the Road Enterprises against the employment
??First, the rational use of dispatched workers
Case 28: The new law requires the context of whether a company to send
Case 29: General Electric Company, the use of informal employment
Second, labor management to send staff
Third, the legal risk of the special precautions
Case 30: Select the legal costs of different employment patterns
Section III dispatched workers and trade unions rights ideas
First, the labor dispatch of labor dispute
Second, dispatched workers and trade union rights of the typical
Third, understanding and rights of legal provisions to start thinking
Appendix I: Text dispatching operation
???1, sample placement agreements (examples)
??2, sent samples of the labor contract employees (example)
3, employment contract sample employment units (example)
Appendix II: dispatching relevant laws and regulations
1, the PRC Labor Contract Law (excerpt)
2, the PRC Labour Contract Law Implementing Regulations (excerpt)
3, the PRC Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration (excerpt)
Main references
The legal interests of the game to explore the logic behind
- Open the practical operation of the Pandora's dispatch box
(On behalf of the postscript)
Appendix 3: About
Wang Hua Yu labor law and labor relations management experts, senior
consultant and senior trainer. Management Consulting Shanghai Co.,
Ltd. draw rain chief consultant and general manager. Labor Law online founder, chief expert, "labor relations"
editor. He graduated from Wuhan University School of Law Economic Law,
LL.M., outstanding student. Shanghai Institute of Labour Law
Professional Labor Committee, Shanghai Municipal Law Taxation Law
Research Director, "Human Resources" special column
contributor. The World Bank, the NPC Financial and Economic Committee,
the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, Ministry of Education
and other levels of government and institutions entrusted to
enterprises and research a number of commercial legislation. He
published "Labor Contract Law and Case fine solution practical
operation" (China Legal Publishing House May 2008 edition),
"Labor Contract Law and the Implementing Rules and Strategies in
Reading" (China Legal Publishing House in October 2008 edition),
and other human resources and labor law practice more than monographs.
Panasonic, Epson, Canon, Fujifilm, Philips, Asus, dozens of well-known
multinational companies and foreign-invested enterprises to provide
services year-round labor consultants and House, tens of thousands of
human resource managers and business managers have listened to The
labor law and labor relations management courses.
E-mail: @
Wan Jiang, labor law and labor relations management experts, senior
lawyers. Management Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd. draw rain senior
consultant, case and Research Center Executive Director. Online consultant labor law, "labor relations"
deputy managing editor. He graduated from Wuhan University School of
Law Economic Law, Master of Law. China is now the University of
Political Science and Law PhD. Participate in the NPC Financial and
Economic Committee, the SASAC, the State Council Legislative Affairs
Office, the Justice Department, China Securities Regulatory Commission
and other agencies at all levels of government and enterprises and
commissioned research a number of commercial legislation. Long service
in the multinational companies and foreign-invested enterprises, good
corporate governance from the position to resolve labor relations and
integration of enterprise architecture and gives professional legal
advice report.
E-mail: john.wan @
Personnel reported that Mr. Wang Huayu Market Review Series
Comments of the talent market report: scores overtime Know?
The second report reviews the talent market: dismissal of a pregnant
female worker = Minesweeper?
Talent market report three: dismissal of employee misconduct, upper
case carefully
Talent market report four: illegal employment, former employees settle
scores carefully
Talent market report five: Students practice: Forget sign the
agreement to buy the insurance
Seven of the talent market report: staff, "support for minor
illnesses", the enterprise can not do anything?
Report of eight job market: job-hopping staff supposed to bring trade
Nine reported that the talent market: year-end awards former employee
can recover it?
Report of ten talent market: employees do not refuse to transfer
competent Kong, country?
Round Table Discussion of the eleven laws: the provisions of the
Disarmament Commission, Shanghai, the latest point and should
Round Table Discussion on the second and regulations:
"three" female workers management practices
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eiving, human
enlightenment, enlighten the mind of beneficiaries, augmented
knowledge, training body and mind, broad open-minded, from east to
west and far more than millions Those who follow the South Division
so, daily instruction, Qinling teachings, and even more is the Most
Excellent, adding the blessed!
Association and the ten essential things the jungle under the auspices
of the College President in Nan, young and old members of student no
hierarchy, no points at home, monks, are all fellow classmate, like
brothers, like brothers, just like a harmonious prosperous family, The
Mr. South revered parents is common. In the minds of many students,
she is not high, usually always wore a normal hit rate, the southern
foot pair of shoes teacher, is both odd bones clean, elegant look,
brow the light of wisdom looming human Buddhas , but also of adequacy,
educated car, profound academic dean, or indifferent to fame and
fortune, no smell of, never quiet mellow affection and kindness
transcended the elderly, but more is always smiling, love and care
than biological parents, "it had been no less than "the strict teacher
Good heart, Mr. South, has always been a good fiscal sense light,
compassion, often homes have been human. Association membership dues
is always NT 20 yuan, although the members have repeatedly proposed
increase, but the total was rejected, Mr.. Association of funding
despite the very constraints, but every year students still have to
donate a lot of raw cold-funded scholarships, benefits, generous
sponsors charity and public welfare undertakings, and sometimes some
of the monks of the petty cash support, the President shall be the
calendar year in funding will depend on Institute to teach in various
universities and teaching salaries, the income to maintain the works.
The identity of Mr. Tantric guru for the empowerment of the disciples
received the support envelopes never open to see, in the event the
visiting children to hand it out to anyone to open the drawer. Taste
of President of the fraternity, known for all parents for their
parents, sons and daughters for their own children to the world, then
the Court of training is very strict natural children, the children
can meng, San Yin, a Peng, GCS are lively, intelligent and
extraordinary, After graduating from college, the training of their
self-reliance. Today, they struggle themselves overseas, have been
"Friends of the world who, reading the book world," Mr. South wind
quite ancient chivalry, "guest of honor always full, not empty bottles
of wine", where the visiting guests, regardless of gender and age,
social status, are left to eat, is the delivery The man, to collection
of the President, Southern Division also let them meal before you go.
Where were all used to entertain guests good food wine, often I open
four or five tables, sir himself several decades, afternoon and
evening meals to eat a small bowl of the sweet potato porridge,
assorted dishes just taste it, wine is almost Cars do not stick. The
South division is unusually busy day of work, lecture, reception,
teaching boxing, bowing, chanting, Zen, meditation, conference, and
correspondence dealing with the night but also inspect the whole
building, to be the dead of night, sitting on the book can only City,
reading and writing, often "do not sleep in his study, the lonely Yin
Deng Xiao-color temporary" rush in and start a new day.
Mr. addicted to the book became an addiction, the rich collection of
books, reading much beyond the reach of the world. The possession of
the book, the self-Qin down to the Republic of China, the historical
books, poetry, song Fu, Buddhist classics, biographies, the world
economy, foreign history, geography, philosophy monographs, national
political commentator, Chinese and Western medicine, modern science
and technology, and even Chinese and foreign art, music , called the
collection of martial arts ... ... AGF's library. Read more both Mr.
and fast, Yimushixing, Guomuchengsong, casually quoted, it is amazing,
honest days of longitudinal data, the very people who can and are.
Focus on Chinese traditional culture, the culmination of Mr. South,
the moral article, renowned the world over, who caught the attention.
United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Canada,
Belgium, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries a
number of prestigious universities, experts, scholars and students of
both sexes, admired Chinese culture, Chong Jingnan learning division
of the character, have to visit, learning. Mr. South is always with
sincerity, courtesy, focused teaching, did not focus on costs, not
asking for anything, so a lot of learning or interaction from the
South Division of the Western, by the influence of Chinese culture and
gradually into the realm of life of Eastern culture , and the South
division with his son if the family members. A German student studies
abroad, the more south China's bow firms bid farewell gift, when it
was still tearful, reluctant to leave. Confucian teacher to students
in Canada, Mr. Wen Hao sects, less than a year, than we have many
Chinese people still in China, his courtesy, professionalism
gregarious, and diligence, gentle, called the Western Confucian,
affected by the Chinese filial piety, study period He also managed to
widowed mother received the Taiwan Tourism. After studies abroad, Wen
Hao Ru as Commissioner of the Canadian Ministry of Culture, the public
more than the leisure, the "Analects," translated into French, to
extensive cultivation. Venezuelan scholar of Zen calligraphy and
painting are good at and easy management of a deep interest to learn,
he came to Taiwan to learn from a teacher study the I Ching, by Mr.
Qin Zhi and strict examination, personally signed by the President of
the competency certificate of overseas professors to learn a piece of
paper. Management is pleased to return easily reached, taught at the
National University of Venezuela, the Chinese Book of Changes
full-time course.
Registration of journalists came to New York giant Kappler American
Zen, Buddhist name, the net round big heart, his disciples across the
five continents, to find the root of Zen, Kappler rate, Mr. Baker and
his disciples as Sen to visit the Zen monks female Shite Professor
Nan. Two evening night long talk, the card's convinced, benefited,
leaving hugged the South Division, moved to a say, "I can not come
back." After returning home, Kappler highly praised the South Division
is a port of modern enlightenment are rare, a great Zen master of the
contemporary, and often about his and other places in Europe and
America Zen disciples, constantly ask for advice to the South Division
at the interview.
To a "history of science and technology in China" and the world-famous
British scholar Joseph Needham on Taoism is very respected academic,
to write this masterpiece, he had made a special trip to Taiwan to
visit to ask about the academic aspects of Taoist knowledge and
information. Mr. Chen Lifu, accompanied him at the interview,
Professor Nan, meet under the interview quite well, talking about more
than three hours still a great time, glad that they like into the
Baoshan, Diego won the treasure, and finally the line is not in vain
Wanlitiaotiao .
1985 summer season, was invited to take on the U.S. Southern flight,
arrived in Washington, established the "Institute of things",
dedicated to communication between Eastern and Western cultures, where
the promotion of Chinese III contains inherent academic. Living in
America during the visit almost every day, many of the guests,
including Americans, British, French, German, some Japanese, Egyptian
and U.S. by the Chinese, compatriots living in America ... ... the
majority of scholars, professors, there are generals,
parliamentarians, politicians and business tycoons, they not only come
to ask the Chinese culture and Buddhist knowledge, the topic is also
often related to economic, philosophy, religion and international
relations, etc., come piety, respect, travel time joy, satisfaction,
focused Mr. Yu's knowledge, accomplishment and endless charm.
Mr. South also see some small staff, small restaurant owner, black,
and so temporary workers, the South Division with their joy ride
together, punch line after another, laughing, they said: "I'm so happy
listening to the teacher talk, we listening to the jokes they know a
lot of sense. "
Dead Poets Society, Baicao James Well, South contained more than fifty
teachers who educate their works to benefit when the world will also
Zebei future generations the benefit of milk had the honor title of
law were in, how can the number of terms

Qi Long days back according to the Central Plains Information

III contains living in America, do not miss Nan Chinese homeland day
bad idea, at age Bingyin, Mid-Autumn moon, sir sleepless nights, oral
accounts is a must to comfort the homesick; "Heritage and a muddy
landscape, the moon and in overseas door. Million Inquiries Qi Long
days, when looking back according to the Central Plains "
In fact, even greater than living in America during the thirty years,
Mr. brigade units, because of "Stirring scatter but not the kindly
face," often "a few times in dreams to the home," never made life
every birthday, and follow the teachings of the Buddha, the birthday
is called "mother of difficult days", each of the days, recollections
are poems such as "Dimba hard at home and heard the drought," a poem
that goes: "Filial Jiashan flying dream, the hand self-immolation
self-Shan Hong tears. of Temple Buddha statues for the spring re-Rip
off protection cover. "Filial love and passion in the V to the
Township, touching. For President, the thoughts of parents and
attachment to homeland and can not be unified from the points of
harmony, long and deep indemnity, the old and indemnity Benedict.
Period in the United States, South protege of Mr. endless stream in
Taiwan, and mainland students studied in the U.S. also have worship in
the Ha, sir, care for each youth, to all inspiring. Wenzhou City
leaders aware of the situation in the United States, Mr., then made a
special trip to visit the Xiangxian predecessors, and welcomed the
return of contribution to the effort, Mr.. Mr. reform and open policy
on the mainland has long been recognized in recent years, Mr. Deng
Xiaoping importance of agriculture particularly pleased with the move,
and that reform must avoid "money" and other ills, but should be real
investment, the latest advanced technology, does Shu Benefiting the
people to achieve the purpose.
In 1988, Mr. South moved to Hong Kong, the CPC Wenzhou Municipal
Committee and other directors before visiting the DPRK, Mr. eager to
advocate, promote Sun Yat-sen "building strategy" mentioned in the
Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, to facilitate the western Zhejiang fourteen
million people. Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway in Zhejiang Province from 1915
to the Northern long-Corruption within the government to make
recommendations to the proposal to the NPC in 1984, Zhejiang Province,
the construction of the road, and was instructed by Mr. Deng Xiaoping,
seven years a few times, "stillborn", but because high mountains and
swift rivers, the investment is too high and ran aground. Mr. common
people in mind, for the benefit of their homeland, invigorating the
Chinese nation, difficulties and dangers, went so far as Fat willing
heart, generously promised to come forward gave birth Jinhua-Wenzhou
Railway who spin together with his disciples founded the Hong Kong
Industrial Co., Ltd. Ying and Writing "on Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway's
humble opinion, "a paper delivery person in charge of Wenzhou City,
Zhejiang Province, and information. Soon, the mainland approved
multi-agency, joint venture of the Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway Development
Company officially registered, together $ 12,860,000 profit company is
also into the early stages.
December 18, 1992, Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway held a groundbreaking
ceremony, thousands of people coming to participate in automatic, all
Eshouchenqing, mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan media also have
reported. The construction of railway construction, although
difficult, yin absolutely determined, Diego Xianliang Ce, full
support. At 7:00 on August 8, 1997 5, Jinhua-Wenzhou railway line, 14
million people in southwestern Zhejiang hoping for nearly a century
dream come true. Jubilant celebrations among the people, the State
Department sent a congratulatory message to show our warm
At the moment, infinite joy, Mr. South served its decision
immediately, but also road in China, Hong Kong Industrial Co., Ltd.
joint surplus all of the shares transferred to the place and write a
poem, poem reads: "Railway has been paved, Hidden Anxiety Italy is not
flat. the world must Avenue, where only the envy of car dealers "At
this point, the South, would like to have more of a Northern Song Daru
Mr. Zhang Hengqu said:" The heart of the world stand for the pepole
destiny, is holy to continue secret, for eternal peace open. "He
should be in the materialistic, restless modern industrial society to
revive Chinese traditional humanistic spirit, for the hearts of
mankind laying of a harmonious and orderly, smooth and healthy
Almost simultaneously with the birth of Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, the
South spread like wildfire in China works, Mr., wave after another.
Unity Press, Beijing took the lead following the launch in 1989, Mr.
South "sit monasticism and immortal" after 1990, in publishing the
prestigious Shanghai Fudan University Press unwilling people, the
grand launch of the three authoritative book, Mr. "The Analects of
Confucius Do not cut, "" Introduction to Zen and the Road "and"
historical experience. " The latter is also the President Lectures,
Zhao Rui retrieve the book "After the length," Liu Xiang "Warring
States", Heng Fan, "the world must be subject to" the essence of the
success or failure of the reference to an instance of the rise and
fall of history, brilliant expositions of the Zhi Shi employment,
anti- Discrimination evil evil way, and "Plain book", "grandfather Art
of War", "Yin Fu Jing," step Chuanjiang, supplemented by one hundred
and fifty historical stories, for readers through the history of
co-reference, from which realized the business, others , the true
meaning of life skills. The number of books published, immediately
caused a sensation, after several print, still in short supply.
The winter of 1991, the Shanghai Buddhist bookstore recovery began,
the believers will launch domestic long look south to the President
five Buddhist book "How to repair permit Buddhism," "Goddess of Mercy
and the Quan Yin Method," "A Buddhist's belief," " Leng Yan Dayi this
release "and" righteous cause this release Lankavatara. " Publishing
Leader Mr. Zhou Jiajun described in the preamble published when the
origin of King said: "The South is known as goodwill, Professor of
Buddhist bookstore, a deep edge. Shanghai this summer, read about the
restoration of Buddhist Bookstore, Johnson zealous, that is, the
company commissioned the nerd culture to Shanghai Buddhist Books
Contact Publishing, in order to support affinity Dafa facilities to
show bookstore celebration and support. Shanghai Buddhist bookstore to
meet the needs of the majority of believers, in order to promote the
Dhamma, the interests of life, and also efforts to promote this. is
cause Most Excellent , story rather, would like to record a few words,
and talk that order, were stained with legal interest. "
Mr. South, "How to repair card Dharma" and other important Buddhist
writings published in the mainland after by the monks and Buddhist
scholars welcomed the public and many times still hard to buy printed
and seek, often have not read a book in hand, and good friends and
family Friends of the ten men have been waiting in the post. In view
of this, nerd culture reauthorization in 1993 of influential Beijing
Normal University Press published in simplified characters, "How to
repair permit Buddhism," published less than a year, he released three
million volumes.
"How to repair card Dharma" was originally called "mix cards were
close sequence repair tact", in order to avoid confusion with the
other by the theory, was changed to the more facile the title now.
This book, Mr. South Spring in Taipei in 1978 during the retreat
retreat, Chouxia disciples at home and abroad by a series of lectures,
total of Eighteen of the actual card Buddhist repair steps, and
specific guidelines are brilliantly explained, is someone who has the
absolute language. Particularly rare, the book is the way to the
practice of confusion, the rough, and the unconscious errors, are all
point out, and fifty kinds of yin sutra spoken by the magic realm of
the great hidden secret of free co-cultivation plate care out of the
Buddhists is indeed valuable.
The book was officially published in 1989 in Taiwan so far have been
published much more than version. In 1990, the book that caused the
United States academia, the U.S. translation of the two brothers, one
of the world famous Jesse Keli Rui proceed immediately translated
into English and published in the United States. Jesse Keli Rui's
brother Thomas Keli Rui is translated by Mr. South, "Introduction to
Zen and Tao", and has been submitted for publication. Thomas disciples
in the Southern division, "How to repair permit Buddhism," the
preamble of the English translation of a letter Zhuoli package,
talking about their brothers in 1980, Professor Nan began to read
books, that the South's academic profound, each facility, both
theories, there are positive for the rare contemporary.
In mainland China, "Nan hot", the Beijing Yanshan Publishing House
published a "Taoist Tantric and Oriental mysticism", the China
International Culture Publishing Company is published by Mr. South,
"Mencius bypass" and "I said," China Esperanto Press and Fudan
University Press, Mr. South also launched a grand series of writings,
the mainland, "Nan hot" to a new height ... ...

Tsz Wan YANG Zhi Lu Huayu for spring

Mr. South moved to Hong Kong, the residence becomes a hot spot in
Taiwan, the United States between the flies when the pupil old
friends, political and business heavyweights from time to time the
mainland to visit Zen ascetics around the world to pay more
correspondence Chi, always ask. As past President, painstaking,
dedicated treatment, a letter will be complex, their view of their
situation, very touching. While in Taiwan, the Chiang Ching-kuo Mr.
Zeng Xiang had to ask for, Taipei political figures such as Wang
Sheng, Ma Ji Zhuang, Xiao affairs, Cui Tao, Liu Anqi, Liao Zushu so
on, have worship Mr. Yu, Fu-yin stop talking not talk about politics,
only to promote traditional Chinese culture to have any, insatiable in
learning, tireless in teaching and example to the interests of the
world beings.
Three days of the first lunar month in 1993, Xiamen, South Putuo
Temple is more intense than usual festive atmosphere, and many have
come from all over the mainland, there are many people from the United
States, Canada, France, Taiwan and Hong Kong made a special trip to
participate in organized here an entirely new sort of meditation
practice. Particularly striking is that the activities of the host Nan
meditation President, South Putuo Temple abbot, Master Miao-old Cham
repeated invitation, for the first time back to the homeland after an
absence of forty years.
Chinese tradition of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism the school
bears a very rich meaning in human life sciences, and how to make it
flourish in modern society, Chinese culture has always been an
important issue on, to which Mr. Nam has carried out long for decades
of exploration and practice. The meditation activities, that is, Mr.
Southern spirit of the modern scientific form of the ancient Buddhist
meditation session conducted by a practice practice. For this event,
the National Vice Chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association Zhao
Lay personally written to congratulate the CPC Xiamen Municipal
Government held a large banquet for this.
Turn of the century, by the chairman of Mr. Nam, Hong Kong
International Foundation, in view of Taiwan and Hong Kong and other
places have been carrying out the "Children Reading" campaign has
brought millions of children benefit from the Chinese nation,
"monumental" dollars, ordered to " Children's Introduction to Chinese
Culture "activities to the Chinese mainland and the world to promote,
is to preserve the Chinese context, the development potential of
children and mold elegant sentiment. Foundation will carefully
compiled classic text of Chinese ancient poetry, English culture,
teaching and children's Introduction to "mental arithmetic" reading
materials free of charge to children, and to send experts to
counseling, the effect is quite good. According to incomplete
statistics, so far, at home and abroad have been tens of millions of
children from the urine as a friend to saints, and classical
counterparts, bound to a lifetime. More importantly, this activity
also effectively promote the whole society of traditional Chinese
culture, identity and return power to the Wei Jue.
At the same time, Mr. South sights on his caring directly related to
social and economic development in many areas. In mid-October 2004,
Tsinghua University in Shanghai executive seminars, invited Mr. South
to the speech. Series of four hours, Mr. Nam this ancient metaphor,
witty remarks on contemporary Chinese society and economic issues into
a deep analysis, and proposed strategy to deal with these problems,
the insights that the audience, Mr. Southern guests breathtaking.
September 28, 2005, is the culmination of Confucius anniversary of the
birth of 2556, this day, Mr. Southern was invited to a successful
business from across the country who made a brilliant speech, the
topic is still the traditional Chinese culture. In his speech, Mr.
eloquent, witty humor, both easy to understand, and thought-provoking.
Mr. brilliantly pointed out that many people do not know what "cause",
where "business" is defined in the "Book of Changes, Department of
Communication," where it clearly tells us that "the measures give the
people of the world, that the cause. "

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