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					Knowledge of the printing system
Concept Paper
1. What is generous on paper?
Specifications 889 * 1193 (mm) for the generous paper.
2. What are degrees of paper?
Size 787 * 1092 (mm) for the positive degree paper.
3. How to calculate the number of paper to open?
Fold the paper will all be off, off the paper and then fold the four

Measurement of paper
1. What is the unit of measurement of paper?
Order or volume.
2. What is the web?
To the entire roll into a cylinder.
3. How many sheets of paper for that?
An order of 500 sheets of paper. (Some countries have made 1000 a
piece of paper)
4. And that is how to convert paper?
Usually a volume equivalent to about 10 orders.
5. In what measure the thickness of paper?
Weight. (Grams more, on thick paper)
Six. What weight that?
Weight that a piece of paper weight per square meter.
The regular size

Business card
Horizontal version: 90 * 55mm <side angle> 85 * 54mm
Vertical version: 50 * 90mm <side angle> 54 * 85mm
Party Edition: 90 * 90mm 90 * 95mm

IC card 85x54MM

Three-fold ad
Standard Size: (A4) 210mm x 285mm

General brochure
Standard Size: (A4) 210mm x 285mm

Paper envelope
Standard Size: 220mm x 305mm

Standard Size: 540mm x 380mm

Standard Size: 8 Open 376mm x 265mm

4 Open 540mm x 380mm

Standard Size: 400mm x 285mm x 80mm

Stationery note:
Standard Size: 185mm x 260mm 210mm x 285mm

Are degrees of paper: 787 ¡Á 1092mm
Open a few (positive degrees) Dimensions (mm)
Open all 781 ¡Á 1086
530 ¡Á 760 3 2 open open 362 ¡Á 781
390 ¡Á 543 6 4 open open 362 ¡Á 390
8 open 271 ¡Á 390
16 Open 195 ¡Á 271
Note: The finished size = paper size - trim size

Generosity of paper: 850 * 1168mm
Open a few (positive degrees) Dimensions (mm)
Open all 844 ¡Á 1162
581 ¡Á 844 3 2 open open 387 ¡Á 844
4 open open 422 ¡Á 581 6 387 ¡Á 422
8 open 290 ¡Á 422
Note: The finished size = Paper size - trim size

Common format size (unit: mm)
Folio Size: 787 x 1092
Off: 736 x 520
4 open: 520 x 368
8 open: 368 x 260
16 Open: 260 x 184
32 Open: 184 x 130

Folio size (generous): 850 x 1168
Off: 570 x 840
4 Open: 420 x 570
8 open: 285 x 420
16 Open: 210 x 285
32 open: 203 x 140

Are degrees of paper: 787 ¡Á 1092mm
Open a few (positive degrees) Dimensions (mm)
Open all 781 ¡Á 1086
2 open 530 ¡Á 760
3 Open 362 ¡Á 781
4 Open 390 ¡Á 543
6 open 362 ¡Á 390
8 open 271 ¡Á 390
16 Open 195 ¡Á 271
Note: The finished size = paper size - trim size

Generosity of paper: 850 * 1168mm
Open a few (positive degrees) Dimensions (mm)
Open all 844 ¡Á 1162
2 open 581 ¡Á 844
3 Open 387 ¡Á 844
4 Open 422 ¡Á 581
6 open 387 ¡Á 422
8 open 290 ¡Á 422
Note: The finished size = paper size - trim size

16 Open
Tatu: 210 ¡Á 285
Are degrees: 185 ¡Á 260
8 open
Tatu: 285 ¡Á 420
Positive degree: 260 ¡Á 370

4 Open
Tatu: 420 ¡Á 570
Positive degree: 370 ¡Á 540

2 Open
Tatu: 570 ¡Á 840
Positive degree: 540 ¡Á 740

Fully open
Large: 889 ¡Á 1194
Small: 787 ¡Á 109 art paper
The paint, adhesives and coating auxiliary materials, special
equipment by coating the surface of the board, after drying,
calendering after the formation of a layer of clean paper, dense
coating, surface properties and printing properties were good coated
paper . Are used for cigarette, label, carton, etc..

Offset Paper
Mainly single-sided offset paper. Smooth white paper, but the
brightness, tightness, smoothness less than the coated paper. Super
calendar of offset paper, its smoothness, tightness, pressure light
than ordinary offset paper is good, printed text, graphics and yellow
after wall paper into paperboard cartons.

Label paper
White business paper, printed in good, used to make trademark sign.
Kraft paper
Including cardboard, Cement Bag Paper, high strength corrugated, brown
cardboard. Softwood Kraft kraft paper is the texture of the paste made
of tough, high strength, high-strength paper was brown wrapping paper,
from which it can be divided into single light, double light, there
are stripes, no stripes, etc. variety, quality requirement is slightly
different. Mainly for the production of small brown paper bag, paper
bags and industrial products, textiles, daily necessities of the inner
package. Kraft paper is divided into U, A, B3 grades.

Corrugated paper
Corrugated in the production process to be pressed into corrugated
shape, made of corrugated cardboard since it will provide flexible,
flat compressive strength, vertical compression strength and impact
performance. Corrugated paper, paper formation, thickness to be
consistent, can not have wrinkles, cracks and holes and other papers
disease, or failure to increase the production process of breakage and
affect product quality.

Sack similar to the kraft paper, mostly softwood kraft pulp to
produce, also mixed with some of the domestic pulp, cotton stalk pulp,
rag pulp, so sack the high mechanical strength, generally used to
produce cement, pesticides, fertilizers and other industrial bags.
Suitable for filling the requirements of the time, Sack require a
certain air permeability and greater elongation.

Cellophane widely used an internal mount and decorative wrapping
paper. Transparency makes it clear goods on the interior surface, and
later coated with moisture, impermeable, gas-tight, sealing and other
properties, play a good protection for goods. Compared with ordinary
plastic, it has not static electricity, dust, and good kink
resistance. Cellophane with white, color and so on.
White Card
Is a flat paper, its surface smooth and firm texture.

White Board
White Board White Board and one-sided white board is divided into
two-sided, double-sided white board only when used for high-grade
packaging, they use a single-sided white board carton generally, such
as the production of cigarettes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food,
stationery and other packaging products box.

Composite paper
Adhesives to paper, cardboard and other plastic, aluminum foil, cloth
and other layers together to obtain composite processing paper.
Complex processing of paper can not only improve appearance and
performance of paper and paperboard and intensity, leading to improve
water, moisture, oil, incense and other properties of airtight
security, will also be heat sealing nature of light resistance, heat
resistance and so on. Methods of production of composite paper wet,
dry, heat integration process methods such as extrusion compound.

Printing Paper
Dedicated to printing paper. End-use can be divided into: newsprint,
books paper, cover paper, securities certificates of compliance. By
printing methods can be divided into letterpress printing paper,
gravure paper, offset printing paper, etc..

Printing Paper
Include color printing box, color printing carton.

Moisture-proof paper
Painted in the middle of two layers of asphalt base paper made of
wrapping paper. Mainly for the packaging of cigarettes moisture, also
can be used as fruit packing. Moisture-proof paper has some moisture
capacity, the humidity rate of the smallest in more than 15%, good
moisture-proof paper coating uniformity, strong adhesion, no cracking
and tar paper layer off penetration phenomena, heat degree of not less
than 85 degrees, should not be odor, so as not to affect the quality
of cigarettes, but no longer use the paper packaging of cigarettes.

Paper products
Including paper products, paper products, printing, Paper Packaging
machinery, paper products processing, packaging products.

Including pharmaceutical packaging, silk boxes, colored gift box, roof
type of milk packaging, paper and plastic color box.

Fine ÍßÀã
Also known as E-type thin corrugated cardboard, good stiffness,
usually as a sales package for the production of carton; also
available separately for use of E-type ampoule buffer separated
corrugated paper.

Yellow cardboard
Also known as cardboard cardboard straw yellow color, yellow, shoes,
mainly for general carton packaging, hardware and some cheap
commodity, with a fine layer of printed paper label affixed surface,
also used to package such as clothing and knitwear. Production of
yellow cardboard material is 100% true colors of Lime straw pulp or
wheat straw and waste paper.

Cardboard Box
Corrugated cardboard boxes used for the surface layer, it is made of
cardboard box after box surface, thus requiring high pressure
cardboard boxes, folding, tensile, wear resistance, strength and other
performance and expose some water resistance, toughness paper strong
while the rich, but also must have good appearance properties and

Shopping bag
Including paper shopping bags, set up a handle. Shopping bag required
strength, to printing, general use made of kraft paper, there are ribs
in the handle peripherals, but also art coated paper with high
quantitative (coated offset printing paper) is made after the
beautiful decor by color printing can be repeated repeated use.

When using multi-layer paper bags to moisture, in the middle by adding
plastic or paper bag asphalt damp paper.

Cement Bag
Including composite Cement Bag, Woven Cement Bag, Cement Bag Paper.

It is paper, cloth, plastic film to the substrate, then uniformly
coated onto the wet adhesive on the substrate made of paper tape,
cloth tape, heat-sensitive adhesive tape, pressure sensitive type
adhesive tape, is a substrate, adhesives, release agents of three

Composite cans
Composite can be developed quickly in recent years a new type of
packaging products. It cardboard, plastic film, aluminum foil is made
by a certain way around the tube, then seal the metal, or plastic
cover, made barrier, good oil resistance of the composite water tank,
widely used in food, oil and paste, liquid materials packaging,
alternative metal, glass jars used, which will help waste disposal,
while reducing packaging costs.

Molded Pulp
Including the egg tray, fruit tray. It is based on waste paper as raw
material, add some chemicals, and then the use of different models of
products made of various shapes, used as eggs, fruit, sophisticated
devices and break fragile glass, ceramics, handicrafts, etc. Packaging
cushion, good cushioning protection. Production of pulp molding
technology and equipment developed rapidly, the basic process is a
stock preparation, molding, drying three processes.
Self-adhesive paper
More use of high strength white paper for the base paper, coated
paper, stickers and a sticker. Purpose: Self-adhesive paper, printing
trademarks and logos ¼ã.

Color Packaging
Color, including color packaging carton, corrugated color packaging,
paper and plastic color packing boxes.

Glass, cardboard
Is a flat paper, which both sides shiny.

Aluminum Foil Backing
Aluminum Foil Backing: include vacuum Metallized paper. The paper and
aluminum foil together with the adhesive compound, made mount. More
for cigarettes, candy and other packaging.

Corrugated Box
Corrugated board after cutting, creasing, staples or sticky box made
of corrugated boxes. Corrugated is the most widely used packaging
products, the amount has been the first in a variety of packaging
products. Including the calcium blank corrugated box.

Corrugated cardboard
Including the honeycomb. Will be processed into thick corrugated shape
after a certain way and paperboard together to form multi-layer
corrugated cardboard is called.

Other paper packaging
Including palpable boxes, computer paper, transparent paper packing,
refrigerated containers, transport packaging, fertilizer bags, water
tape coated paper, wood pulp, color printing paper, cigarette paper,
paper packaging materials, paper and plastic packaging products,
calcium blank sheet lining, Silk packaging, button boxes, injection
boxes, pharmaceutical packaging, tar paper, tissue paper, metal lock
packaging, sodium silicate, hemp packaging products, plastic envelope,
inner supporting cells, clothing pallets, kraft paper bags

Paper Packaging Products
Include cartons, boxes, bags and so on.

Small corrugated box
With D, E corrugated carton produced, said two small cardboard boxes

Preflight / output of ten main issues

1 character wrong or missing (the output side missing fonts)

2, image chromatic problems

3, binding problem

4, the file is incomplete or not work

5, the whole page layout program, EPS, TIFF file size of large

6, small color areas are not converted into the right color mode

7, the file format (the output may cause chaos)

8, TIFF files are not converting from RGB mode yellow product Qinghei
four-color mode

9, less bleeding

10, originally used to format the storage media does not.

Scan Resolution (dpi) = line screens (lpi) * magnification

Newspaper: 85lpi

Color Magazine: 133,150 or 175lpi
Art Album: 200lpi

Make a general cover of the book 300-350dpi is enough ~ ~

2 m * 1 m be close view of the billboards in the design and size and
how DPI?

Do the original large, that is 200cm * 100cm, pixels 72dpi/inch can.
Pixels high and no longer used because the photo machine pixels on a
different picture. If your machine is slow, you can set the resolution
50--70DPI/INCH, although a little small, a bit jagged, but the
accuracy is not high Inkjet is insignificant.

What is "film"?

Film! Is the film, is printing an indispensable part. So that the
computer's digital information into physical information of the key
steps converge.

But now digital printing around the corner, I believe that before long
the film that things would have served its purpose

Scan Resolution (dpi) = line screens (lpi) * amplification factor

Newspaper: 85lpi

Color Magazine: 133,150 or 175lpi

Art Album: 200lpi

Make a general cover of the book 300-350dpi is enough ~ ~

In the PS, an image size is 103MM * 103MM (including bleeding) then
saved as a TIFF, the import into AI, the page set number?
Moldings are using spot color, right?

103mm, moldings for the registering color (ie, 4-color)

What the slides?

Is positive, while the film camera's photos generally negative,
reversal film as a slide, as seen in the film's original colors.

When converted to CMYK to RGB in photoshop and acdsee big difference
between watching the color printing where the color-based after it?

Close to photoshop more, but not entirely consistent.

How much color printing image DPI?

If the monochrome BITMAP format, then suggested that at least 1000DPI,
if gray, then 300 is enough. 150dpi printing press made much worse,
copperplate should also be 300dpi.

Overlay, overprint, trapping how to distinguish?

Trapping: a color is printed first, and then another right at the top
of India

Trapping: the transfer of parts of two colors makes trapping at the
time may have offset printing to produce white or color aliasing
edges, trapping is the transfer of the places with the handover of the
two colors permeate each other a little , would not produce white

The general process of how printing is like? Out how the cost of film

1. In the PS in the base map like good, text, and frame what to do as
far as possible in vector software.
2. Stay good bleeding.

3. Transfected song text, save to disk when it is best kept a low EPS
or export a version of the text

4. The film is from 150 to 200 yuan off, do not fully open up, because
the light of the disks on the 700, where the price is the price of a
piece, a piece refers to 4 colors, CMYK, 4 pieces.

5. Get the printing, the machine color, it is best watched workers
adjusted gradually to the Indian one pair of one pair to the color of
satisfaction, had agreed to open India.

6. Cutting. Call it a day.

PS, You might try printing to one-stop service to help you go to the
film, since it cheaper.

Common font size and the number of pounds conversion table

Number / pounds

Small V / 9 lbs

V / 10.5 lbs

Little on the 4th / 12 lbs

On the 4th / 16 lbs

Small Three / 18 lbs

III / 24 pounds
Small II / 28 lbs

II / 32 lbs

Little One / 36 lbs

One / 42 lbs


Simply put: Do not do, and the final document image size as large as
the final cut is needed, therefore, must overflow file should be a
part of imagery, cutting edge will not leak when the white side, and
overflow part is called bleeding.

Bleeding cut to finished product will not appear in the waste, where I
have your attention, bleeding of the settings are different in
general, the packaging (wine box design) bleeding is 5mm, the design
of books hemorrhage in 3mm, printing of bleeding is 10mm.

Internal bleeding and haemorrhage, respectively. 5cm internal bleeding
for example, have left the screen up and down about 5cm of the edge,
really bleeding edge blank, fake bleeding yes Huamian extended to
bleeding areas, but not upon the image subject; external bleeding Jiu
Shi screen larger than the actual size is around the screen outside
extension. These are printing on to the practice of printing

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