Library Survey for Gaming Programs by marcjackson


									                       Library Survey for Performer Grant

The __________ Library is receiving a grant to offer additional performers this
summer. In order to get this grant, we have to show that attending these
programs was a positive experience for people in the community. Please answer
any of the questions below that seem appropriate to your experience at the
library and help us continue to get grants for other programs. Parents, please
answer for younger children. Thanks.

   1. How did attending performers’ programs at the library increase your
      knowledge or skills? Please explain.

   2. Do you have a different attitude toward the library since you took part in
      these programs?

   3. Did attending a performer’s program help to meet your family’s need for

   4. Please tell us any other positive experience you had while attending
      programs at the library.

   5. Did you have a library card before you came to these programs?
       Yes     No

   If you answered No, did you get a card? Yes      No

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