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									Mobile marketing can refer to either the traditional form of making use of moving
billboards and road shows or the more advanced form of using cell phones. Since the
millennium began, mobile marketing though cell phone has become very popular. Short
message service, popularly known as SMS, has made this type of marketing much easier.

Initially, some problems were encountered as unwanted information was being sent out.
Most of the SMS that were passed around was spam and it received an international
negative media response. This was due to the fact that some of the advertisers had bought
list of mobile users and began sending them unsolicited messages. These advertisers were
stopped when strict security measures and laws were passed. The marketing industry saw
the potential of mobile marketing and fully utilized it. The mobile service providers
coded guidelines and laws that later became a legal advertising channel. The Mobile
Marketing Association and Interactive Advertising Bureau also came up with guidelines
for the proper functioning of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing quickly became popular in Asia and Europe due to its novelty. In
Europe alone, hundreds of millions of pounds have been invested in SMS advertising.
Now SMS has become the most famous type of mobile marketing. Because of the
popularity of short codes, this method has become much easier, creating a new way to
reach out to potential customers. Now mobile short codes are looked upon as mobile
domain names by global advertisers, as their brands are advertised whenever a message is

In America, the first SMS short code campaign was started in 2002. It is easier to send
complete information with short codes, which are usually numbers assigned to mobile
operators of a particular location, which they use for brand campaigning and other
purposes. They contain few words. These numbers are scrutinized by the service provider
and all messages are monitored to ensure that they remain original.

Like opt-in emails, customers have to opt for SMSes in order for advertisers to send more
promotions. Some mobile operators ask for a double opt-in form from the receiver.
Making opting out easier for the customer. When the customer wishes to terminate
receiving messages, they have to send the word "STOP" via SMS. All these guidelines
have been laid by the Mobile Marketing Association.

Service providers provide customers with the option of sending SMS to email addresses,
while others offer mobile games and ringtones, which are used for promotional purposes.
This has lead to the invention of MMS or Multi-media Message Service, which can send
short promotional videos and animations. Bluetooth is another good technology that was
developed in 2003, and many companies in Europe have found it useful. When a message
is send via Bluetooth, the receiver has to accept the incoming message, making this
method legitimate. The message transfer speed is high and is also free due to its radio-
based technology.

The method of sending out SMS advertisements based on geographical location is known
as location based service. The customer is tracked by a GPS chip built into the phone.
Radiolocation signals from the nearest cell phone towers are used for this purpose.

Mobile marketing is a safe marketing strategy, as it is customer opted. The short message
sent through this method is known as mobile originated or MO message. If the
advertisement is done through a call, the call is known as mobile terminated or MT
message. The rise in the number of mobile phone users makes this method very

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