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					Go to a strange city ......
  Go to a strange city ......

   Cipian dedicated to all the same as Kohane, young, dreams,
courage, courage to positive breakthroughs, feelings dare, go to a
strange city to find their own dreams, their own space, their cause,
their attribution friends. Sincerely hope to give you some help. The
same is true for my friends to help me.

    Go to a strange city, unfamiliar geography, language barriers,
work flow, and the price cheap, living anxiety, taste not, few
friends, the point of psychological loneliness to solitude, you will
begin to read, "Homeward Bound."

Your heart is a city. You do not live in a strange city, you live
inside your mind. The city was a reflection of your heart: your soft,
soft cities: you rigid, hardened city; you open the city to a rich:
you alone, the city closed; your passion, the city-friendly; you cold,
the city will not almost human.
How to stay down in a city, the heart down, like a home How to
quickly find someone else's city and build their own home, friendship
and happiness to enjoy the city, from "I can adapt to the city" to
"the city needs I " money is not the problem - here, have a strange
new life and communication guide for your reference.
Buy a city map, and then go through it. Car, taxi, car, bike or on
foot, will do.
To quickly familiar with the landmarks of the city to join the city
The cost of the phone number for the number of the city, the global
pass, Shenzhouxing, M-Zone, China Unicom, will do. Printed on business
cards, and inform all acquaintances.
In this city a real-name bank passbook, you accumulate wealth in this
city from starting.
If you live in the city's native population have been provided
temporary residence permits need to do, although this is sucks, you
still do it as soon as possible.
To find a job. At least you have a Mail Address from.
If you did not find a temporary job, or want to rest a while, and went
to rent a post office near the mailbox exclusively for you, so that
communication can have a fixed address.
Postcards sent to all over the city, and then received a postcard back
ends of the earth, inscribed in the city of your address.
When traveling abroad, the travel point of postcards sent to friends
of the city, also remember to send one to your own address in the
Install a fixed telephone, so that your family and friends in your
phone off, you can also find you.
Regularly with his family and close friends call home, tell your
current situation and progress of the city.
Took to the streets to find on the flavor of boutiques, restaurants,
sports facilities, leisure facilities, does not use the service when
you patronize; they have the opportunity to be your spirit can rest
the "third space."
Street beat city, if not published in the press, but also on the web.
Published an article in the local newspaper, or even send letters to
the editor in the supplement edition version.
Make girlfriends or buddies. Often, you can listen to on the line.
Then, find girlfriends shopping, looking for drinking buddies.
Participate in peer party. Not to quit, but you do not fall behind in
the professional.
Participate in the local house church gathering. Where can I ran into
some selfless philosophy of life and lovers.
With people sharing the house, a roommate friends become your friends.
To open a party at his residence, even pajamas party. Do not be afraid
after the clean up the room, plan a festive fun.
Develop a hobby to hobby to friends, as indicated in the new East
Course, playing badminton or golf, sing sing K or local opera.
Lianshu Zangtian Shuo's "friends" and Emil's "friends" two songs in
KTV-on-demand when you can integrate into the chorus. Homesick when
you can sing "Huijia see."
To each on different occasions with photos of people, posted on the
wall: one year, that wall is you smile in the city, and that the wall
might not posted.
Go to the library, English horn, intimate gatherings, star concert,
like you find the taste and mood of strangers, play with them.
To the antique market, the old book stalls, the public square, garden
in the city, old town morning exercise to get to know the field, they
are wise and patient chatting, just like the embodiment of the city,
can tell you about the city's historical anecdotes.
Volunteer organizations to participate in the city, for the disabled,
children and people in need volunteer.
City History Museum to stroll the city, the city was there in the
past; to the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall of the city stroll, the
future of the city was there; you are like the masters of the city _
like to see the city's structure and appearance clearly.
Hotline call to the mayor, the city reflects the problems you
experience. Reception at the mayor, taking the time to talk to the
mayor talk.
Nominees to run in the district you live in the owners committee and
actively participate in real estate management, maintenance, and
neighbors their rights.
Every time I'm back, with hands the letter to colleagues, to share
with the field in the Office of the specialty dishes.
With the new colleagues, do not forget the old colleagues.
Learning the local dialect, and local language with miles of fun.
Pumping of the city smoke, drink wine and beer in this city.
With the local girls dating.
With the neighborhood, neighbors, security, taxi drivers, landlords,
shopkeepers, company front ... ... and all for you people who say
hello, remember to thank and praise.
Red envelopes ready to participate in a local friend's wedding.
Establish several spheres: colleagues circle, local circle of friends,
the opposite sex ring, ring-loving, professional circle, circle of
false friends, neighbors circle, consumption loop.
Fellow will participate in is not recommended, where there is indeed a
fellow with the taste of the warmth with words, but easily degenerate
into the interests of small groups, and not suitable for you into the
Life of the city to open a blog, writing experience city life; and
you'll get an unexpected link.
Forum postings in the city to participate in the city topic debate,
defense-oriented city, or write Twins comparison quote.
Greedy, look SouFun activities on the community BBS, called FB.
No program, the group of the city to find Douban.com, programs, or
initiate the introduction of participation in programs.
Internet cafes do not stay all right. 2 yuan / hour, 5 yuan / night
Internet access fees package is cheap, but the day of your life time
by two great cities the price of storage out of thirty is really not
Lend money to friends, rivers and lakes emergency. Do not push him to
the loan-sharking company.
Help a friend move, and do physical labor. Do not make him onto the
moving company.
To a stranger directions, tell him Yimianzhijiao warmth.
Please foreign friends to dinner, and a tour guide for them.
Able to do so, your father and mother will then come, if only to stay
a while. They can feel your mature, play, and "landlord of
In this city to buy a personal accident insurance, the beneficiary
write your parents. If you should happen to something, the insurance
payments are also considered pioneers such as your parents, filial
Mortgage your future in the city, an advance on the city's confidence
in your mortgage to buy a suite, even if only three to four square
meters, even second-hand housing, the city you can be considered a
permanent foothold.

Finally, in the city to complete the employment, development, buy a
house, settle in, get married, have children of various matters. This
way, you are no longer passing moment, but in your second home, has
become a matter of course the public.

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